Does the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Come with Adapters Included?

 Double Vista V2 with a third child and ride on board

No, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 does not typically come with adapters, unless you purchase the twin bundle or other Vista V2 Double Travel systems. Otherwise, the adapters are sold separately and are not needed until you convert your stroller into double mode. The adapters are necessary to be able to set up your Vista V2 in all the different configurations. The Upper Adapters are necessary to raise the top seat to allow for space for the bottom seat. The 2024 Lower Adapters are for the bassinet, UPPAbaby infant car seats and the RumbleSeat V2+

With the twin bundle, you do receive the Upper and Lower Adapters (as well as a RumbleSeat V2+ and second bassinet). Note that the RumbleSeat V2+ will work with the 2024 Lower Adapters. 

For a look at what adapters you need to make your Vista V2 a double stroller, read here

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