Does the UPPAbaby VISTA Ever Go On Sale?

does the uppababy vista ever go on sale

You've probably noticed that every retailer is selling the UPPAbaby VISTA for the same price. That's because UPPAbaby sets the prices and sale periods for all retailers nationwide.

As a luxury product, the UPPAbaby isn't discounted very often—but it sometimes goes on sale during these times of year:

  • Black Friday: UPPAbaby has allowed a sale on the VISTA during recent Black Friday weeks.
  • Model year changes: UPPAbaby allows previous stroller models to be discounted when a new model is released. A new model is not necessarily released every year. Typically, new models are launched in February or March of the new year.

Another way to save on your purchase of an UPPAbaby VISTA: Buy your stroller from Strolleria, which offers free shipping and does not charge sales tax outside of our home state of Arizona.

Depending on the tax rate in your area, you can save as much as much as $90 by purchasing from Strolleria over a national retailer like Amazon, BuyBuy Baby or Nordstrom, which charge sales tax in most states.

Strolleria also offers a $100 gift card when you complete $1,000 in purchases from a Strolleria registry.

This page will be updated when the UPPAbaby VISTA goes on sale. To learn about upcoming promotions, contact us at or 480-442-9433.

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