Does the Nuna TRIV fit in an overhead bin?

Does the Nuna TRIV fit in an overhead bin?

Although the new Nuna TRIV is Nuna's lightest weight stroller with a reversible seat - making it an excellent, full-featured stroller option for travel - it does not fold compactly enough to fit in an overhead bin.

Carry-on dimensions vary by airline. The average dimension requirements for carry-on luggage is usually recommended to be 22 x 14 x 9 inches, whereas the TRIV dimensions when folded measure 25.3"L x 21"W x 17.5"H.

Here is a collection of several travel strollers which can fit in many overhead bins when traveling, which can be a helpful feature for the frequent traveler!

When traveling with your Nuna TRIV, consider using the Nuna Universal Wheeled Travel Bag to protect the stroller along the way.

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