Does the Nuna PIPA come with an infant insert?

baby riding in the car in Nuna PIPA seat

Yes, an infant insert is included with purchase of any of the Nuna PIPA infant car seat models.

When you purchase your car seat, the insert arrives pre-attached so that your car seat is ready for baby to use from birth.

While all of the Nuna PIPA models come with an infant insert, the insert looks a little different depending on which model you purchase. See the differences between the Nuna PIPA series car seats here.

The Nuna PIPA Aire RX also comes with a second set of inserts - a certified organic insert - in case of a laundry emergency or fabric preference.

Do I need to purchase an infant insert for the Nuna PIPA models?

While you do not need to purchase an additional infant insert—and you cannot use two inserts on the car seat—you might want to have a spare when you're washing the original insert.

Nuna makes an organic cotton PIPA series infant insert available for purchase separately, which includes the body support and low birth weight pillow (for use with a newborn 4-11 lbs), head rest, and harness and buckle pads.

Picture of Nuna PIPA insert


When should I remove the Nuna PIPA infant insert?

All Nuna PIPA models come with a low birth weight pillow, located inside the body support, but the instructions for removing the pillow or infant insert vary by model.

For the PIPA Aire RX and PIPA Urbn models, you can remove the low birth weight pillow from a velcro-closed pouch on the backside of the insert when baby reaches 11 lbs. You'll then have the option to continue using the infant insert body support past 11 pounds as long as it helps improve your baby's comfort while buckled in.

For the PIPA RX, the low birth weight pillow is sewn into the body support so isn't easily removed; for this model, you'll need to remove the entire body support insert when your baby reaches 11 lbs or otherwise is able to be snugly buckled into their car seat.

Here is a look at the different infant insert styles by model:

Three different Nuna PIPA models

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