Does the Doona come with a base?

does the doona come with a base

Yes, the Doona includes a car seat base with purchase.

You'll want to keep this base in your primary vehicle for everyday use and may wish to purchase a separate Doona base for other vehicles.

The Doona can be installed in a vehicle without the base, using only a seatbelt, making it convenient for travel and taxis.

See the video below for a look at how to install the Doona car seat base using the LATCH connectors.


Not just an infant car seat, the Doona is an infant car seat and stroller in one. The Doona has built-in wheels that tuck out of the way when you're in the car and are easily set up in stroller mode when you're ready for your outing.

Using the included infant insert, the Doona supports your newborn from 4 pounds, thanks to an ergonomic infant insert with breathable bamboo charcoal fabric to help baby regulate their body temperature. Designed to support babies up to 35 pounds or 32" tall, typically around 12 months, the Doona is ideal for the frequent traveller.

Since it is first and foremost a car seat, the Doona complies with and exceeds United States and European safety standards. Safety features include double walls that provide higher side-impact protection and an adjustable handle that doubles as an anti-rebound bar for additional stability.

Install your Doona with the included base in your primary vehicle, purchase a separate base for other vehicles, or install without the base using vehicle seatbelts when you're traveling or taking taxis.

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