Does Cybex Make a Double Stroller? | Cybex Gazelle Stroller

Double Cybex Gazelle S2

Yes, Cybex does make one convertible double stroller - the Gazelle. The Gazelle S2 seamlessly transitions from a single to a double stroller with no additional adapters required. The Gazelle S2 can be used as a single with the included reversible toddler seat, a bassinet, or a car seat. You can even move the toddler seat to the lower position and click the included shopping basket on the top position for busy days out on the town!

Cybex Gazelle S2 in multiple configurations

Once you’re ready to use the Cybex Gazelle S2 in double mode, you simply purchase the second seat (if you purchased as a single at first) to attach to the bottom of the stroller. Unlike other convertible strollers, no additional adapters are needed!

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