Do the UPPAbaby Loic and Bryce Colors Get Dirty?

Does Uppababy Loic and Bryce get dirty

UPPAbaby uses easy-to-clean fabrics for all Vista and Cruz fashions, including the two white colors of the stroller: Loic White and Bryce White Marl for the Vista, Cruz, and Ridge.

In addition to Loic (discontinued in 2019) and Bryce (discontinued in 2022), UPPAbaby also offers several lighter-colored fabrics including Alice Dusty Pink, which is a soft canvas material, Stella Brushed Grey Melange with raised fibers for a soft texture, Anthony Grey and White Chenille, and Declan Oat Melange which is the same denim-like material seen on Gregory, Gwen, Greyson, and other Melange fabrics.

All of these beautiful colors are designed with kids in mind, so although lighter fabric colors may show certain stains and marks more noticeably than others, most everyday spills can be easily removed with a gentle detergent.

UPPAbaby uses a sturdy, woven textile, and placement of the lighter colored fabrics are only found on parts of the stroller your child probably won't touch: the seat backing, canopy fabric, and bassinet materials. 

The toddler seat, the part of the stroller most prone to juice box spills and sticky hands, is made with a dark grey polyester fabric that more easily repels and hides stains.

How do I wash the UPPAbaby Vista or UPPAbaby Cruz fabrics?

For daily upkeep and quick clean-ups of life’s messes, UPPAbaby recommends using a gentle fabric cleaner or detergent, such as BuggyLOVE, liquid dish soap like Dawn, or Method all-purpose cleaner. See UPPAbaby's Tune-Up DIY page for a comparison of the cleaners' performance on sunscreen stains.

If you encounter a tougher stain, the canopy and seat fabric can be removed from the frame to soak in diluted detergent. UPPAbaby recommends filling a sink or tub with water and 3-4 capfuls of gentle detergent. 

To preserve the tailored shape of the fabrics, the freshly cleaned seat and canopy fabrics should air dry.

Here is a video demonstrating how to remove textiles from your Vista or Cruz.

What are the UPPAbaby stroller fabrics made of?

The UPPAbaby Cruz from 2017 to present, including the Loic fabric, has polyester fabric for the toddler seat, with padding made of polyurethane foam. All 2018-later models include a 100% full-grain leather handlebar and bumper bar.

The UPPAbaby Vista toddler seat and bassinet are polyester, and the bassinet is lined with a cotton/nylon/poly blend with padding made of polyurethane foam. All 2018-later models include a 100% full-grain leather handlebar and bumper bar.

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