Do Sound Machines Really Help?

 Hatch light on a shelf with a couple other wooden toys

Yes they really do! Sound or sleep machines, specifically designed for children like the Hatch or Yogasleep, can be helpful for many parents in creating a conducive sleep environment from the beginning. Sleep machines produce white noise or other calming sounds that mimic the womb, providing a consistent background noise that can drown out other environmental or household sounds. Plus incorporating a sleep machine into a baby's bedtime routine can establish positive sleep associations and signal that it's time to relax and sleep! Many babies find the gentle sounds comforting, contributing to a sense of security.

Also, many sound machines made for babies and children include a nightlight. Often you can program the light to turn colors at certain times of the day to signal it's time to rise or time to sleep and stay in bed! These are great for toddlers or older kids to help them know when it's time to start the day. 

When using a sleep machine for a baby, follow safety guidelines, such as placing the machine away from the crib to avoid direct contact with the baby and choosing an appropriate volume level.

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