Car Seat Safety Checks: Where to Get You Car Seat Inspected

Dad installing Nuna Rava

The most important thing you can do before your baby arrives is to install your car seat properly. A correctly installed car seat and properly buckled baby can save your child’s life. But how do you know if it’s installed correctly?

First and foremost, get familiar with your car seat manual! We suggest having both partners read thru it a couple of times before installation and again during installation. Do not throw it out once the car seat is installed either! Did you know many car seats actually have a storage built into the seat for the manual? This is great because you will need it again and again as you make adjustments when your child grows. This is especially true for the convertible car seat (the next stage car seat after infant), which your child will use for many years!

After you’ve read thru the manual a few times, and installed it, there are places that will do car seat safety checks to inspect and make sure it is properly secured! These include select fire stations, select highway patrols or police stations, CPSTs (Car Seat Passenger Safety Technicians), and local baby gear stores with CPSTs on staff like Strolleria

Inside Strolleria store

If you are local to us in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can now make car seat installation appointments! We have two CPST team members on staff that are happy to help. If you're interested in making an appointment click here! At Strolleria, we understand the importance of ensuring your child's safety on the road, and are here to make sure your little ones travel securely. 

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