Can you jog with the Nuna MIXX?

 Can you jog with the Nuna MIXX

The Nuna MIXX is not designed or intended for jogging or running.

Designed with large, hearty wheels and all-wheel suspension, the Nuna MIXX can help you across varied terrain from the city and suburbs to rural environments, and has a front-wheel lock option ideal for beaches and other tricky surfaces.

Despite these features, we do not recommend the MIXX for jogging or running. We'll explore some of the reasons for this, and what you can look for in a jogging stroller.


Jogging strollers tend to look very similar to each other because they share several important features. Most noticeably, jogging strollers have large wheels with air-filled tires like a bicycle, and tend to have three wheels: two in back, and one in front for an aerodynamic design.

Also look for a jogging stroller with a fixed or lockable front wheel to prevent swerving while running, as well as a stroller seat built into the frame and facing forward.

Can you jog with the Nuna MIXX

To ensure that you and your little one are safe and comfortable when exercising, it is our recommendation to only run with a stroller designed and tested specifically with running in mind. Running with a stroller not intended for that use may put undue stress on the frame, while being uncomfortable—and potentially unsafe—or you and your child.

It may be tempting to skip the jogging stroller and use your everyday stroller when working out, but there are notable differences between the Nuna MIXX and a true jogging stroller.


Because the MIXX is designed with large, all-terrain tires and has noticeable suspension with bright red shocks, it can handle a wide variety of terrain when strolling, and in that way appears similar to jogging stroller wheels. However, unlike jogging strollers with resilient air-filled tires, the MIXX wheels are foam filled. When running or jogging, you'll want a true jogging stroller with large, bicycle-like tires to properly absorb the extra impact and other forces from higher speeds.

Another key difference between the MIXX and a jogging stroller is the design of the toddler seat. The Nuna MIXX seat has a hinge on the seat back so that the entire seat can be reclined nearly flat, from seat back to footrest, which allows the MIXX to be used from infancy. However, this means that the seat back is more susceptible to movement, which would be uncomfortable for your little one if running with the MIXX. Jogging stroller seats typically consist of a single unit, usually built into the stroller frame itself, for a streamlined design that minimizes movement for your child.

So can you run with the Nuna MIXX stroller? We do not recommend running or jogging with the Nuna MIXX for the reasons detailed above. While the MIXX will support and grow with your child from birth to toddlerhood, and will keep you smoothly strolling from the mall to the zoo and beyond, it's not designed for high speeds. Whether jogging in your neighborhood or training for a 5K, a true jogging stroller will keep you and your little one secure and comfortable for miles to come.

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