Can You Buy the UPPAbaby Vista Without the Bassinet?

Mother using a UPPAbaby Vista in an Urban Enviroment

Can you buy the UPPAbaby Vista without the bassinet? The answer is no: Because UPPAbaby packages the stroller and the bassinet in the same box, the Vista is sold with both items by all retailers.

But you may find the bassinet more useful than you thought. A bassinet allows your baby to lie completely flat, which is better for her neck and spine than the slightly curved positioning created by an infant car seat.

With its large mesh ventilation panel and pop-out sunshade, the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet also offers far more air flow and sun protection than a car seat, which with its protective foam is prone to making babies hot and sweaty.

The bassinet is also safe for overnight sleeping, either by placing it on a flat surface or on the UPPAbaby bassinet stand (which later converts into a laundry hamper!) That means if baby falls asleep on your walk, it's OK to leave her in the bassinet until she wakes up—unlike the car seat, which isn't safe for extended sleeping.

The sleep-safe bassinet also comes in handy for a number of situations involving naps away from home: Bring it with you to Grandma's house, to a restaurant, or on a weekend getaway to reduce the amount of baby gear you'll need to haul with you.

Still sure you don't need a bassinet? Consider the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller, which does not include the bassinet and costs $350 less than the Vista.

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