Can The Cybex Priam Be A Double Stroller?

 Cybex Priam with bassinet

No, the Cybex Priam cannot become a double stroller. The Cybex Priam is Cybex’s top of the line single stroller. It’s fashionable and functional featuring leather-look details and durable, luxurious fabrics. However, while it does not hold two seats, Cybex does offer a Kid Board for an older sibling to rest their legs and hitch a ride! This is the perfect solution for an older toddler who wants independence, but still gets tired. We usually find a 3-3.5+ year old mature enough to handle a ride-on-board.

If you're in the market for a true double stroller, Cybex does make one! The Cybex Gazelle S2 is their convertible double stroller that has the ability to grow with your family and transform from a single to a double stroller. The Gazelle S2 features two identical seats each able to hold 50 pounds in a tandem configuration. Plus there are no adapters needed to transform the stroller like other convertible strollers! 

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