Can I run with a Nuna stroller?

Can I run with a Nuna stroller?

No, Nuna strollers are not intended or safe for running. 

Although most Nuna strollers feature sturdy, all-terrain wheels, it is not encouraged to run or jog with Nuna strollers for multiple reasons.

Can a Nuna stroller be used for jogging?

Nuna strollers do not have these features typically seen on strollers that are designed for jogging:

  • Single, swiveling front wheel which assists in maneuvering tight turns or locks for increased stability while running or on uneven terrain
  • Large, air-filled rubber tires to absorb maximum shock
  • An aerodynamic stroller frame with a built-in seat
  • Wrist strap providing additional brake safety when running at a decline

To ensure your child is secure and safe while running, we recommend using a stroller that has been designed specifically for running and tested to absorb shock while running.

Does Nuna make a jogging stroller?

No, Nuna does not make jogging strollers at this time.

Nuna strollers are durable and include all-terrain tires and all-wheel suspension, but they are not designed to sustain the impact of running. The wheels of a jogging stroller are similar to a bicycle tire and will be air-filled as opposed to the foam-filled wheels on Nuna strollers.

Some Nuna strollers such as the Nuna MIXX, Nuna TRIV and Nuna Demi Grow are also designed with removable seats that detach from two points on the sides of the frame. Your baby may feel more movement within the seat, as it not built into the frame like a jogging stroller seat is. 

Nuna strollers are great options for everyday use but we encourage you to purchase a stroller specifically designed for jogging to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. 

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