2020 Bumbleride Indie Release Date

2020 Bumbleride Indie Release Date

Bumbleride is adding some new colors to their fleet of strollers in 2020. The Bumbleride Indie will not see any functional changes in 2020.

New colors of the Bumbleride Indie are:

  • Clay (pictured on the Era below)
  • Seaglass

Colors that will be continuing in 2020:

  • Maritime Blue
  • Matte Black
  • Camp Green
  • Dawn Grey (will be all grey in 2020)

Bumbleride is discontinuing a few of the current colors, so if these are your favorites get them fast.

Colors that will be discontinued in 2020:

  • Tourmaline Wave
  • Dawn Grey Mint
  • Dawn Grey Coral

The Dawn Grey Mint and Dawn Grey Coral will change to an all Dawn Grey seat in 2020 on all Bumbleride strollers.

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About the Bumbleride Indie:

The Bumbleride Indie presents the perfect hybrid stroller durable enough for jogging, yet convenient enough for everyday use. The Bumbleride Indie does share similarities with traditional jogging stroller with air-filled rubber tires, but folds up in one easy, compact step. The Bumbleride Indie could easily be the only stroller you will ever need thanks to its 3-year warranty and use from birth to 55 lbs. The Bumbleride Indie can easily attach to a number of compatible car seats, or a bassinet to keep your infant cozy and comfortable.

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