Black Friday Mima Xari Sport Sale 2020

Black Friday Sale 2019 Mima Xari Sport

We will update this page when 2020 Black Friday sales are announced on the Mima Xari Sport stroller at Strolleria!

If you have questions about the Mima Xari Sport or Black Friday, contact Strolleria by starting a live chat, e-mailing us at or calling 480-442-9433.

About Mima Xari Sport

The Mima Xari Sport is the newest full sized stroller from Mima. The Xari sport brings a larger seat, more athletic fabrics and an adjustable footrest to make this stroller more comfortable for older children.

Unlike the original Xari, the Sport does not include a carrycot which makes this stroller lighter than its predecessors. The Mima Xari Sport offers three recline positions and an adjustable seat height to bring baby closer to you.

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