Are Nuna car seats safe?

Are Nuna car seats safe?

Nuna car seats are considered some of the safest car seat choices on the market.

Models including the PIPA series infant car seatsRAVA convertible car seat and AACE booster seat are best sellers known for safety features that go above and beyond U.S. safety standards.

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Is the Nuna PIPA safe?

All car seats in the Nuna PIPA series are among the safest infant car seats you could choose for your child.

The Nuna PIPA and Nuna PIPA Lite models are rated "best" by Consumer Reports, whose independent crash testing ranks car seats on a "good, better, best" scale.

Although the other models in the PIPA series (PIPA RX, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite RX and PIPA Lite LX) were not ranked, we can assume that these car seats would receive the same grade considering their similar features.

Learn about the differences between the six Nuna PIPA models in this comparison.

All Nuna infant car seats use a steel-reinforced load leg, a metal anchor that extends from the base of the car seat to the floor of your vehicle for additional stability.

The infant car seats with load legs on the market are all rated "best" by Consumer Reports, which found that the feature can reduce risk of head injury by 46 percent.

Nuna says the steel load leg lessens forward rotation in event of a crash by up to 90 percent. In addition to the load leg, the PIPA base utilizes rigid (metal) LATCH connectors, which Nuna says are 50 percent stronger than a typical flexible (belt) LATCH connector.

Are Nuna car seats safe


Is the Nuna PIPA Lite safe?

The four Nuna PIPA Lite car seats—PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite LX and PIPA Lite RX—use different materials than the original PIPA but offer no differences in safety.

The PIPA is made with EPS foam, which is seen in most car seats and is not flexible. The PIPA Lite models use a new type of proprietary, lightweight foam called Aeroflex.

Aeroflex is a flexible EPP foam which compresses in a way that absorbs and disperses energy away from your little one. While most car seats consist of an inflexible EPS foam within a thick plastic shell, the thin plastic walls of the PIPA Lite car seats have been fused with foam to create a one-of-a-kind seat that's light but strong.

Are Nuna car seats safe?

Is the Nuna RAVA safe? 

The Nuna RAVA convertible car seat is designed to keep your child safer—and more comfortable—for longer. 

The RAVA exceeds American safety standards with its all-steel frame, energy-absorbing foam, side-impact protection pods and a reinforced belt path.

With the RAVA, your child can sit in the safest rear-facing position for a longer period of time, compared with other convertible car seats. The rear-facing weight limit for the RAVA is 50 pounds, and the pop-out footrest adds two inches of leg room for improved comfort. 

A favorite feature of the RAVA is its intuitive installation: A correctly installed car seat is a safe car seat, and Nuna made that easy with the RAVA design.

Underneath the seat pad of the RAVA is a door that opens to allow the car's seat belt to be threaded through and buckled on the other side. Once you close the door, the seat is safely installed. The rear-facing belt path is color-coded in blue, and the forward-facing belt path is color-coded in red, so they are easily distinguished.

Are Nuna car seats safe

Is the Nuna AACE safe?

The Nuna AACE starts as a high-back booster and converts to a backless booster to grow with your child during their transition from pre-schooler to pre-teen. Its structure allows your child to grow up and out, thanks to a 3-position seat depth and 9-position adjustable headrest, simultaneously expanding the shoulder area as it's raised.

In high-back booster mode, take advantage of side-impact protection pods and energy-absorbing foam, and ensure the booster is always correctly installed using the belt positioner and color-coded indicators.

Are Nuna car seats safe

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