Are Bugaboo canopies interchangeable?

Are Bugaboo canopies interchangeable?

Each Bugaboo stroller model has its own unique design, so the canopies are not interchangeable between all strollers.

However, the Bugaboo Fox stroller and the Cameleon3 stroller share a similar design, so the canopies for those models are interchangeable.

The canopies for the Bugaboo Donkey, Bugaboo Bee and Bugaboo Ant strollers cannot be used on other models.

An extendable sun canopy is included with purchase of any Bugaboo complete stroller, but you can also purchase canopies separately if you want to refresh the look of your stroller. 

Bugaboo also offers a series of Breezy Sun Canopies, which are sold separately and include large ventilation panels to let in the breeze while strolling in warm weather.

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