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Thule Urban Glide Single and Double Strollers with Nuna PIPA Car Seats

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    With the use of a car seat adapter, you can easy attach a Nuna PIPA Series car seat to the Thule Urban Glide 3 single strollers. The Urban Glide 3 double stroller uses this adapter to attach a Nuna PIPA Series car seat.

    It is recommended to use the adapters above designed specifically for Nuna/Cybex/Maxi-Cosi car seats, but you can also use the Thule Universal Car Seat Adapter (single / double) for the Urban Glide strollers.

    Please note jogging is not recommended with infants, and suggested to consult your pediatrician beforehand.

    The PIPA RX and PIPA Aire RX both feature the RELX car seat base. The PIPA urbn is a completely baseless car seat, but will work with the same strollers as the other PIPA models.

    See our comparison between the car seat models to see which one fits best with your family needs, or watch our video review below.

    How to use the Nuna PIPA on the Thule Urban Glide 

    First, attach the Thule's car seat adapter onto the Urban Glide single stroller in order to connect it with your PIPA car seat. Line up each post adapter on the stroller frame with the little black studs, and secure them by fitting the designated adapter holes over each stud. Then, fasten down the blue tabs. Your adapter is safe to use when it is properly installed and the blue tabs are securely locked into place.

    You can only install the PIPA with the Thule Car Seat Adapter on the left side of the Urban Glide double stroller, when facing the front of the stroller. Open the velcro and zipper on the center seat divider to expose the integrated car seat adapter ridge. One post adapter will attach over this black ridge centered between the seats, while the other adapter will line up with the little black stud on the left side of the frame—push down the blue tabs to close so that the adapters are secured into place.

    When placing your PIPA on the Urban Glide stroller, face the car seat toward the handlebar, and insert the post adapters into each side of the car seat handle. Push down until you hear both sides click into place, and verify that the car seat is securely attached to the stroller by gently lifting up on the car seat handle.

    Watch the video below for an overview of the Thule Urban Glide stroller and how to attach the car seat adapters.

    If you are using the Thule Universal Car Seat Adapter for your Urban Glide stroller, to fasten your PIPA on the adapter—face the car seat toward the handlebar and adjust to the appropriate recline, then buckle the seat strap over the car seat and pull the strap tight. Check that your car seat is securely attached by gently lifting up on the car seat handle, and you're all set to go!

    Shop the Thule Urban Glide and Nuna PIPA travel systems below or check out the full list of compatible car seats for alternative options.

    7 products