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The Top 10 Strollers for Newborns: A Review and Comparison

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    As you eagerly await the arrival of your little one, the adventure of parenthood beckons. However, navigating the multitude of stroller options can be a bit overwhelming when trying to find the perfect one. Even for those who have narrowed down their preferences to a favorite stroller brand, the array of models within that brand can add to the confusion. This article aims to simplify the process by spotlighting the top 10 strollers for newborns. Our curated list focuses on strollers tailored to meet the unique needs of newborns, featuring designs meticulously crafted to enhance the ease of adapting to life with a new baby. Read on to learn about our favorite newborn strollers from Bugaboo, Bumbleride, Nuna, Silver Cross, and UPPAbaby.

    What features make a stroller approved for use from birth?

     UPPAbaby Vista V2

    While many stroller models offer additional accessories that can be separately purchased to cater to newborns, our list focuses on strollers that are inherently newborn-friendly right out of the box. So, what defines a newborn-friendly stroller? Traditionally, expectant parents often seek the ideal travel system, comprising a stroller paired with an infant car seat. A common misconception is that the baby will primarily ride in their infant car seat when using a stroller. This belief leads to confusion when baby begins to outgrow their infant car seat, prompting parents to wonder when it's time for the stroller seat.

    Contrary to this misconception, many strollers come equipped with a seat ready for use from birth, and this option is actually preferable over relying solely on an infant car seat. Combining an infant car seat with a stroller offers families an obvious convenience, perfect for quick errands, doctor appointments, ect. However, it's crucial to limit baby's time in their infant car seat. Unless baby needs to be transported by a vehicle, there is no reason to strap them into an infant car seat for stroller use. Strollers should provide a comfortable alternative for walks around the neighborhood, free from the confines of the infant car seat.

    For optimal newborn strolling, the ideal environment involves a lay-flat position. Newborns benefit from lying flat as much as possible, promoting proper spine development and ensuring open airways. Therefore, choosing a stroller with either a fully flat recline or an included bassinet is essential for seamless stroller use from birth.

    What is the best travel stroller for a newborn? Silver Cross Jet4:

    Silver Cross Jet4

    A travel stroller is an essential piece of equipment that parents should have ready for use from the day their baby arrives! These compact strollers are perfect for on-the-go suburban families, occupying minimal trunk space, and are equally valuable for city families navigating public transportation. Their versatility extends beyond traditional travel, offering convenience for day-to-day life as well!

    Our top choice for a travel stroller catering to newborns is the Silver Cross Jet4. As the oldest stroller manufacturer, Silver Cross has earned an exceptional reputation and the trust of parents worldwide. Renowned for providing premium quality, the Silver Cross Jet4 lives up to the esteemed Silver Cross name. This micro-stroller earns its spot on our list because it is the only travel-sized stroller offering a fully flat recline, creating a snug environment suitable for use from birth. Additionally, it features a generous sun canopy providing UPF 50+ protection. The Jet4 guarantees a fit in overhead bins, making it an ideal travel companion. Moreover, it is infant car seat compatible (adapters sold separately), allowing seamless pairing with the most popular models. Notably, Silver Cross has demonstrated a commitment to sourcing sustainable materials, the Jet4 an excellent choice for eco-conscious families!

    Silver Cross has parents on-the-go covered with accessories like an included rain cover, and separately sold Jet Pod Footmuff and Bug Net.

     For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Jet4 refer to our page >>>here

    What is the best full size, single stroller for a newborn? Bugaboo Fox 5 vs. Nuna MIXX Next:

     A full-size stroller is what most parents envision for transporting their baby day in and day out, from birth and beyond! These strollers are fully featured, offering all the desired bells and whistles, and provide robust reliability. In this section, we will concentrate on single strollers, addressing the immediate needs of parents who prioritize their upcoming newborn over anticipating future considerations.

    Bugaboo Fox 5

    Let's begin with the Bugaboo Fox 5Bugaboo is renowned for delivering top-notch quality and performance. The Fox 5 earns its place on our list thanks to its included sleep-rated bassinet. This bassinet provides the perfect newborn environment, ensuring the utmost comfort and protection for the baby during strolls. Suitable for use from birth to 6 months, the bassinet features an aerated 3D comfort mattress made from innovative 3D mesh, a ventilation panel for optimal airflow, and a large extendable sun canopy with UPF 50+ protection and a peek-a-boo panel. Additionally, the Fox 5 bassinet can be paired with the Bugaboo Bassinet Stand, serving as a versatile bedside or travel bassinet. If you're fortunate enough to lull your baby to sleep during an afternoon stroll, simply detach the bassinet from the stroller with your baby in tow. Transport your little one seamlessly into your home and onto the Bugaboo Bassinet Stand, allowing nap time to continue undisturbed. The Fox 5 also includes infant car seat adapters, making it easy to create a travel system with leading infant car seat brands. The Bugaboo Fox 5 is made for long neighborhood strolls, navigating city side walks and tough enough to handle any bump in the road!

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Fox 5 refer >>>here

    Other features we love about the Bugaboo Fox 5 include: All wheel suspension with two wheel sand and snow mode, reversible stroller seat for use up to 50lbs, one handed fold, no-rethread harness and elevated seat/bassinet height.

    Nuna MIXX Next

    If you're delving into the world of baby gear, you're likely becoming acquainted with the brand Nuna. Nuna's infant car seats rank among the highest-rated in the US. Catering to the diverse lifestyle needs of modern parents, Nuna offers a full line of strollers, their newborn-ready full-size single option is the Mixx Next. If you've opted for a Nuna PIPA infant car seat and desire a cohesive brand experience, the Nuna Mixx Next fulfills all expectations. It includes a Nuna ring adapter specifically designed for seamless transitions with Nuna PIPA infant car seats.

    Moreover, the Nuna Mixx Next stands out for newborns due to its fully flat recline. The seat can be adjusted to mimic a faux bassinet environment. Equipped with a Bamboo insert, the Mixx Next seat offers versatility, allowing removal of its insert to reveal its summer seat. The seat's mesh backing ensures premium airflow, keeping the baby cool in warmer climates. The Mixx Next canopy provides UPF 50+ protection with an extendable eyeshade and mesh ventilation panels.

    Other features we love about the Nuna Mixx Next include: All wheel suspension, magnetic harness, and compact fold with the seat in either orientation.

    Nuna MIXX Next

    What is the best mid-size, light-weight stroller for a newborn? Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Stroller and Bassinet vs. Nuna TAVO Next:

    If a full-size stroller is a bit more than you need, but a compact travel stroller isn't quite enough, there is a category of strollers that falls right in between! These mid-size, lightweight strollers are perfect for families with smaller trunks, those wary of lifting too much weight, or in need of an easy-to-manage stroller for public transit. In this section, we will compare the Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Stroller with Bassinet and the Nuna TAVO Next.

    Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Stroller with Bassinet

    As previously mentioned, parents can expect premium quality and performance from their Bugaboo strollers. Despite the Dragonfly weighing in under 20 lbs, it remains robust enough to navigate broken city sidewalks with ease. The Dragonfly is available in two configurations, with the bassinet and without, earning its place on our list as the Complete Stroller with Bassinet.

    If you've been paying attention, you can probably guess that we admire the Dragonfly for newborns due to its bassinet. Similar to the Bugaboo Fox 5, the Dragonfly bassinet is approved for overnight sleep when paired with the Bugaboo Bassinet Stand. The Dragonfly stands out for city life with unparalleled convenience, featuring a one-handed fold and a unique ability to be folded with the bassinet attached! The Dragonfly also includes infant car seat adapters, providing the flexibility for a variety of possible pairings with different infant car seats.

    Other features we love about the Bugaboo Dragonfly Complete Stroller with Bassinet: Reversible stroller seat can hold up to 50lbs, stroller can be folded with the seat in either orientation, quick-click extra soft harness, aerated mattress, extendable canopy with UPF50+ protection and peek-a-boo window.

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Dragonfly refer >>>here

    Nuna TAVO Next

    The Nuna TAVO Next provides parents with a budget-friendly mid-size option from Nuna. This user-friendly stroller seamlessly combines luxury and simplicity. Sharing many similar features with the Mixx Next, the TAVO Next earns its spot on our list due to its newborn friendly recline. Much like the Mixx Next, its seat can be fully reclined and manipulated to create a bassinet environment. While the seat is not reversible, it offers several advantages - the TAVO Next provides an adapterless connection and is directly compatible with Nuna PIPA infant car seats. Additionally, the TAVO Next boasts a quick one-step, one-handed fold for added convenience.

    Other features we love about the Nuna TAVO Next: All-season seat, oversized UPF50+ canopy with mesh ventilation panels, no-rethread magnetic harness, and all wheel suspension.

    What is the best all-terrain stroller for a newborn? Bumbleride Indie:

    Bumbleride Indie

    Outdoor enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that they don't have to halt their adventures with the arrival of their baby. The Bumbleride Indie allows active parents to maintain their accustomed lifestyles and bring their baby wherever they go! The Bumbleride Indie's 3-wheel design, all-wheel suspension, and air-filled tires guarantee a smooth ride for the baby even over the roughest terrain. Its fully flat recline makes it perfect for newborns. The adjustable footrest can be pushed upward, and fabric panels can be snapped into place to enclose the seat, creating a faux bassinet out of the stroller seat. The extra-large canopy offers full coverage and SPF 45+ sun protection. Bumbleride also offers infant car seat adapters sold separately, facilitating the creation of a travel system. Whether you're a beach lover, trail walker, or nature enthusiast, the Bumbleride Indie is an inspired activities partner!

    Other features we love about the Bumbleride Indie: Aluminum lightweight frame, quick one step fold, interior pockets and backseat zippered pouch, ventilated backrest, and wrist strap.

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Indie refer >>>here

    What is the best convertible, single to double stroller, for a newborn? Bugaboo Donkey5 vs. UPPAbaby Vista V2:

    As overwhelming as it may seem to plan for baby #1, considering baby #2 before baby #1 even arrives might appear outrageous. However, single-to-double convertible strollers can be a savvy investment for parents looking to quickly expand their families. For those who like to plan ahead, the Bugaboo Donkey5 and UPPAbaby Vista V2 provide significant value. These options come boxed as single strollers with everything needed for baby #1. In preparation for the arrival of baby #2, only conversion pieces are needed—a much more economical choice compared to purchasing a single stroller for the firstborn and then following up with a separate double stroller purchase.

    Both the Bugaboo Donkey5 and UPPAbaby Vista V2 earn a spot on our list due to their inclusion of sleep-rated bassinets. Notably, both brands also provide bassinet stands sold separately, allowing their bassinets to serve double duty—on-the-go and at home. We've already highlighted the convenience of seamlessly transitioning napping babies from stroller time to nap time, emphasizing that stroller bassinets make life with newborns remarkably easy. It's worth mentioning again!

    Bugaboo Donkey5

    The Bugaboo Donkey5's design is exceptionally unique due to its ability to convert from a single stroller to a side-by-side double stroller. This design feature gives it a shorter stroller frame compared to other convertible stroller options, making it incredibly maneuverable. The Donkey5 also boasts a favorite feature among parents - its side luggage basket. With this innovative side-luggage basket, and all-terrain wheels with all wheel suspension, the Donkey5 proves to be an amazingly versatile option, excelling at farmers markets, beach outings, and serving as a primary mode of transportation for city dwellers.

    Other features we love about the Donkey5: Infant car seat compatible (adapters sold separately), elevated seat position, two wheel mode for sand and snow, reversible seat holds up to 50lbs, bassinet ventilation panels, and extendable sun canopy with ventilation window and SPF50+ protection.

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Donkey5 refer >>>here

    UPPAbaby Vista V2

    UPPAbaby is one of the most distinguished brands in the US, largely due to its Vista stroller. The Vista V2 offers quality and ease of use. Alongside its sleep-rated bassinet, the Vista also provides direct compatibility with UPPAbaby Infant Car Seats, eliminating the need for car seat adapters. This best-in-class model features a reversible stroller seat and a sizable storage basket with a 30lb weight capacity. The Vista V2 easily folds into a standing position in one smooth motion. When the time comes, this convertible stroller transforms into an inline double stroller, offering various configuration options. Its large, never-flat tires and all-wheel suspension allow for a smooth and comfortable ride for the baby wherever the road leads.

    Other features we love about the Vista V2 stroller: Height-adjustable canopy and adjustable footrest, oversized canopy with zip-out fabric extension two ventilation panels and SPF50+ protection.

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Vista V2 refer >>>here

    What is the best double stroller for a newborn? Bumbleride Indie Twin:

    Bumbleride Indie Twin

    For families transitioning from a single stroller to a double to comfortably accommodate two little passengers, the Bumbleride Indie Twin is an excellent choice for a newborn and an older sibling. Similar to its single stroller counterpart, the Indie Twin boasts large, air-filled wheels with rubberized tread and all-wheel suspension. This stroller allows curious toddlers to sit up and take in the world while newborns comfortably nap next to them. With its fully flat recline and the ability to create a bassinet-style seat, the Indie Twin keeps newborns cozy on every outing.

    The Indie Twin provides a smooth ride over grass for trips to the park, through sand for long beach walks, and everywhere in between. In addition to its newborn-ready recline, the Indie Twin is also infant car seat compatible — it can even hold two infant car seats side by side, earning its name as Bumbleride's Twin stroller!

    Other features we love about the Indie Twin: Aluminum lightweight frame, water repellent fabrics, Interior and backseat pockets, ventilated backrest, wrist strap, extra-large canopy with ventilation panels and magnetic closure peek-a-boo window with SPF45+ protection.

    For a full list of infant car seats compatible with the Indie Twin refer >>>here

    What is the most innovative stroller for newborns? Doona Infant Car Seat + Stroller:

    Doona Infant Car Seat + Stroller

    The Doona Infant Car Seat + Stroller wins as the most innovative stroller for newborns. As its name suggests, the Doona, effortlessly transitions from a car seat to a stroller. It includes a base, and its versatility extends to a European belt path, allowing for secure baseless installation using a seat belt—an especially convenient feature for travel and public transit. When set up for vehicle transportation, the Doona's wheels are stowed, and its handlebar is compact. Upon removal, the wheels quickly deploy, and the handlebar extends, transforming it into stroller mode. Notably, each element contributing to its stroller functionality also serves a dual purpose in enhancing car seat safety. The stroller legs are designed for energy absorption, the wheels provide additional side-impact protection, and the handlebar can be positioned to act as an anti-rebound bar.

    The Doona Infant Car Seat + Stroller provides unmatched convenience for first-time parents navigating public transportation, jet-setting families, and those with multiple children who are constantly on the move, seamlessly transitioning in and out of the car.

    What is the best stroller for newborns?


    If you've reached the end of this article, it should be evident why all of our top 10 newborn strollers made it to our list. Each of these strollers represents a best-in-class option, and with our diverse selection, there's sure to be one that aligns with each family's specific lifestyle needs. When considering a significant investment like a stroller, it's crucial to assess your family's unique needs.

    What works for your sister, best friend, or neighbor may not be the best fit for your family. Prioritizing where you'll use the stroller is key—do you need large wheels for navigating rough terrain, or will you primarily use your stroller on smooth and paved surfaces? Does a heavier stroller seem intimidating? Do you take comfort in planning for the future? Do you anticipate frequent traveling? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your options, make an informed decision, and ultimately get the most value and utility out of your gear.

    Check out these comparisons for a deeper look into each stroller featured in this article:


    Strolleria is dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. If you have more questions about the best strollers for newborns feel free to chat us or email us at customercare@strolleria.com.

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