Nuna Car Seats with RELX Base

Nuna Car Seats with RELX Base

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    In Spring of 2020, Nuna added two more infant car seat models to their PIPA line, both of which include an updated base that simplifies installation while adding comfort for your baby.

    The PIPA RX and PIPA Lite R come with Nuna’s new RELX base (pronounced like “relax”), which offers four recline positions and increased adjustability to customize the fit for both your baby and your vehicle. 

    Then towards the end of 2021, Nuna introduced their latest model, the PIPA Lite RX, which builds on the features of all the earlier PIPA models. Features unique to the PIPA Lite RX include an adjustable headrest with non-rethread harness, magnetic harness buckle holders, and a matte black finish handle.

    Take a look at the RELX base in the video below.

    The RELX base is also sold separately and fits all Nuna infant car seat models and manufacture dates.

    These models and base are available for purchase at Strolleria:

    • RELX base
    • PIPA RX in Birch, Camel, Caviar, Granite, Hazelwood, and Lagoon
    • PIPA Lite R in Caviar or Granite
    • PIPA Lite RX in Camel, Caviar, Frost, Granite, Hazelwood, Lagoon, and Riveted

    See the differences between all Nuna infant car seat models in this Nuna PIPA Series comparison.

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    3 products
    Nuna PIPA Lite RX Infant Car Seat and RELX Base
    Nuna PIPA RX Infant Car Seat and RELX Base
    Nuna PIPA RELX Infant Car Seat Base - PIPA / PIPA RX / PIPA Lite / PIPA Lite R / PIPA Lite LX / PIPA Lite RX