Veer Cruiser XL All-Terrain Wagon vs. WonderFold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon Comparison

Veer Cruiser XL All-Terrain Wagon vs. WonderFold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon Comparison

Let the adventures begin with a wagon fit for the whole family! Wagons are certainly trending right now and for very good reason. They provide a hassle-free solution for squirmy toddlers who crave more room and may not love being strapped down in a stroller. Toddlers see a wagon as an adventure and parents love the peaceful, happy ride plus the additional storage one provides. From grocery hauls to beach trips and everything in between, a wagon may be the answer for your family!

In this article, two of the best selling wagons will go head to head: the Veer Cruiser XL All-Terrain Wagon and the WonderFold W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon. Both hold up to four children at once, and offer amazing features to make your life with multiple children easier. Hopefully this comparison will help you decide which one makes the most sense for your lifestyle! 



Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Video 

Check out our YouTube video below comparing the Veer cruiser models, and the WonderFold wagons!

Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Pricing

    The Veer Cruiser XL is priced slightly less than the WonderFold W4 LUXE, however, it does not come with any canopies or an extra storage basket. The WonderFold W4 comes with a few more items like a canopy, detachable basket, pull strap, and the 5-point harness seats (versus the 3-point harness seats of the Veer Cruiser XL). The Veer is more customizable, however, everything comes "a la carte."

    For current pricing, follow the link to each product: 

    And some customizable options with the Veer Cruiser XL: 

    Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Specifications 

    Due to their high cargo carrying capacity (up to 300 pounds!), the Veer Cruiser XL and WonderFold W4 LUXE wagons are a little heavier than your average double stroller. There is also a big weight difference between the Veer and the WonderFold. The Veer Cruiser XL comes in 26.3 pounds less than the WonderFold W4 LUXE! Do keep in mind that the WonderFold has more included in that weight - canopy, 5-point harness seats, and storage basket. Once you add those things to the Veer Cruiser XL the weight difference isn't as drastic, however, if weight is a big concern for you, the Veer may be more manageable.

    Both stroller wagons hold up to 300 pounds of cargo, but less weight in terms of children - the Veer Cruiser XL holds 55 pounds per seat (220 pounds total) and the WonderFold W4 LUXE holds 99 pounds per 2 seat bench (198 pounds total). Not only does the WonderFold W4 LUXE weigh a significant amount more, it is also a lot larger than the Veer Cruiser XL when both opened and folded. The W4 will allow the children to sit much higher up off the ground, whereas they could easily climb in and out of the Veer. However, the WonderFold does have a very cool feature that allows children to easily crawl into their seat thru a front zipper door! 

      Wagon Weight

        Wagon Weight Capacity

        Wagon Cargo Capacity

        Wagon Open Dimensions

        Wagon Folded Dimensions

        Seating Surface Width (for 2 children on each side)


          Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Features

          Even though both the Veer Cruiser XL and the WonderFold W4 LUXE are wagons designed to hold 4 children, they are actually quite different. The Veer is more of a traditional pull wagon that can also be pushed. However, the push is very different than a stroller as the bigger wheels are in the front when pushing - you actually steer with the front wheels much like pushing a flatbed cart. You can also walk along side it and easily push it while walking! In comparison, the WonderFold W4 LUXE pushes like a traditional stroller. It is not made to pull like the Veer, however, you can attach the included pull strap if you wish to use it more as a traditional wagon.

          Both wagons are very solid and well built - and they can both hold up to 300 pounds of cargo! They also both have footwells, meaning the children's legs will be comfortably bent out of the way, and their dirty shoes won't be on the seat where they sit. The WonderFold W4 Luxe does allow you to remove the hanging seats if needed though, versus the Veer's are built-in. Below are the features that make them similar and different! 

          Features shared by Veer Cruiser XL and WonderFold W4 LUXE:

          • Holds up to 4 children
          • Holds up to 300 pounds of cargo weight
          • Adjustable-height handlebars
          • Footwells for comfort 
          • Large all-terrain tires 
          • All-terrain suspension
          • Some storage built into the wagon - on the Veer this is seen with mesh interior pockets; on the WonderFold this is seen on the outside and backs of seats 

          Features unique to the Veer Cruiser XL:

          • One of the lightest full-size wagons on the market
          • Offers newborn configurations with a car seat or bassinet-like nap system
          • Removable snack / drink tray included with purchase 
          • Two parent cup holders included with purchase
          • Lockable handle over lockable swivel wheels can be adjusted to push like a stroller, pull like a wagon, or pull beside depending on environment
          • Offers many accessories sold separately such as sidewall kits to customize the color of your wagon, travel bag, weather cover, and shearling seat cover
          • Wagon can be hosed off outside to clean
          • Footwells are collapsible for extra compact folding 

          Features unique to the WonderFold W4 LUXE:

          • 5-point magnetic harness seats included
          • Storage underneath the seats 
          • Raised, removable and reclining seats
          • A zippered door that allows kids to climb in and gives parents easy access to storage
          • Numerous storage pockets on the sides and back of the wagon
          • Vegan leather handlebar 
          • Removable storage basket on the back of the wagon
          • UV protected removable canopy can slide up and down to adjust for the sun angle and taller children
          • Steers like a traditional stroller
          • Removable washable fabric 
          • Detachable rear basket with external storage pockets (extra on the Veer Cruiser XL)
          • Wagon can be used without the bench seats if needed for more cargo room 

            Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Accessories 

            The Veer Cruiser XL comes with the Cruiser wagon with 4 seats, two parent cup holders, gray sidewalls, and a child drink / snack tray. Veer does offer a multitude of accessories to customize your wagon, but they are all sold separate. The WonderFold W4 LUXE comes with the stroller wagon, canopy, detachable basket, pull strap, and removable seats with 5-point harnesses. You may not need to purchase any additional accessories, but WonderFold offers a wide array of add-ons if you desire! 

            Accessories available for purchase for the Veer Cruiser XL:

            • Car seat adapters for various brands including Nuna, Cybex, Maxi Cosi, UPPAbaby, Peg Perego, Chicco, and Graco 
            • Comfort seat for toddler with 5 point harness 
            • Retractable Canopy - each Veer Cruiser XL can hold one or two (comes with WonderFold W4 LUXE)
            • Foldable storage basket (comes with WonderFold W4 LUXE)
            • Sidewall kit to customize color of Veer XL
            • Travel bag
            • Nap System (makes the wagon like a bassinet)
            • Weather cover 
            • Additional parent cup holders 

            Accessories available for the WonderFold W4 LUXE:

            • Snack tray
            • Parent console 
            • Cargo net for the side of the wagon
            • Rain cover 
            • Mosquito net 
            • Wind cover 
            • Winter cover
            • Dust cover
            • Travel cover
            • Floor mat
            • Shopping basket 
            • and more!  

            Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Fold

            Folding the Veer Cruiser XL

            The Veer Cruiser XL can be folded compactly with just one hand, and can stand upright when folded for easier storage. The Veer Cruiser XL folds in four steps:

            First, park and lock the wagon with the foot brake. Next, you will fold all four walls inwards in a couple easy stops: fold the front and back walls by pressing up on the button at either end and fold inwards. The long side walls will then fold inwards overtop.

            Finally, fold the handlebar by lifting up on the two levers that also adjust the handlebar angle, and rest the handlebar overtop the folded sidewalls.

            Stand your Veer Cruiser XL upright towards the larger rear tires, and repeat the folding steps in reverse to assemble your wagon. For a more compact fold, the wheels have a quick release mechanism that's handy for travel, tiny trunks, and small spaces.

            Folding the WonderFold W4 LUXE

            Despite its large frame, the WonderFold W4 LUXE wagon folds compactly with relative ease. It can be folded with the seats and canopy attached.

            First, fold the handlebar down, and unlock the canopy rods at each of the four corners. Then, lower the canopy rods down into the frame.

            Hidden under a storage pocket flap at the center sides of the wagon is a latch; push down on the latch so it slips over the locking tab and lift up on the frame with both hands to fold. To secure, attach the lock at the bottom of the wagon.


            Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Colors

            Veer Cruiser XL Colors

            With purchase of custom sidewalls and canopies, the Veer Cruiser XL can make a statement - or blend into your environment - with a rainbow of colors and camouflage prints. If keeping it simple is your thing, neutral heathered grey sidewalls are included with purchase of the wagon.

            It is quick to install a new canopy or a set of sidewalls. Plus, if you already have a Cruiser 2-seat model and upgrade to the 4-seat Cruiser XL, the sidewalls are interchangeable between models.

            Sidewall colors:

            • Gray
            • Joshua Green
            • Sienna Orange
            • Kai Blue
            • Pele Red
            • Pink Agate
            • Savanna White
            • Camo
            • Ice Camo
            • Blue Camo

            WonderFold W4 LUXE Colors

            The WonderFold W4 LUXE wagon comes in three beautiful neutrals plus two attractive camo colors. There are two frame colors - black for all colorways except the Charcoal Gray with white frame. All colors include a beautiful brown vegan leather handlebar.

            There is also a new special edition W4 LUXE inspired by the vintage VW bus! The new special edition stroller wagon will fulfill your nostalgic fantasies with all those classic WonderFold elements. It includes features like the classic VW bumper, functioning headlights, and retro all-terrain XL wheels!

            WonderFold W4 LUXE colors:

            • Charcoal Gray with Black Frame
            • Volcanic Black
            • Shadow Green Camo
            • Charcoal Gray with White Frame
            • Elite Black Camo
            • Volkswagon Special Edition - offered in Bondi Blue and Sage Green - complete with wheel caps and working headlights ($1599)

            WonderFold W Series vs. X Series Stroller Wagon Comparison

            Veer Cruiser XL Vs. WonderFold W4 LUXE Pros and Cons

            So which is better, the Veer Cruiser XL or the WonderFold W4 LUXE? While only you can decide which one is just right for your lifestyle and family, here are some benefits and drawbacks that we see between these models.

            Veer Cruiser XL Wagon 


            • Can push, pull, or walk along side while steering 
            • 26.3 pounds lighter making it easier to lift in and out of your vehicle
            • Wheels come off for slimmer fold / storage 
            • Customization options available 
            • Can be easily hosed off; great all-terrain option and for getting dirty
            • Comes with removable child snack/drink tray plus two parent cup holders
            • Lower side profile allows children an easier time getting in and out on their own 


            • Only 3-point straps included - have to purchase comfort seats if you want more padding plus the 5-point harness straps 
            • Most accessories sold separately - the add-ons can get expensive
            • Does not fold with canopies or snack tray attached
            • Only folds with one comfort seat attached  

            WonderFold W4 LUXE Wagon


            • Higher seat profile brings children closer to parents
            • Footwell adds storage space under seats
            • Zip open door for easy access for children to crawl in
            • More additional storage space and pockets
            • Folds with canopy attached
            • Adjustable canopy positioning for sun or taller children


            • Pull handle sold separately, only a lightweight strap included
            • 26.3 pounds heavier
            • Larger frame takes more effort to fold or lift plus have to have a bigger trunk to fit it


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