Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria

Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria | Infant Car Seat Comparison

New product launches are always exciting, especially when it involves innovative baby gear. The excitement is heightened when two beloved brands consecutively unveil new car seats! Nuna introduces the latest addition to their car seat lineup, the Nuna PIPA aire RX infant car seat, while UPPAbaby raises the bar with their new UPPAbaby Aria infant car seat. If you're delving into the realm of baby gear, chances are you've come across the reputable names Nuna and UPPAbaby, both renowned for delivering high-quality, user-friendly products. The back-to-back release of these new infant car seats naturally raises the question: how do they compare against each other? Dive into a comparison of these highly anticipated new additions to the Nuna and UPPAbaby collections.

Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

Check out our video review comparing the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria:

Is the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria a safer infant car seat? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

While all US car seats must pass the same safety tests for sale in the market, not all car seats are created equal. Distinguished baby gear brands stand out by incorporating additional safety features that go beyond the standard US safety requirements. Nuna and UPPAbaby are two prominent brands that excel in integrating these enhanced safety features. In the case of a conventional infant car seat, it comprises two main components: the actual car seat and its accompanying car seat base. The base is where noteworthy safety features are housed. The Nuna PIPA aire RX comes equipped with Nuna's RELX base, while UPPAbaby provides the Aria base. Both of these bases boast industry-leading safety features, including a steel stability leg, an anti-rebound plate, and a user-friendly installation process, effectively minimizing the risks associated with installation errors.

What is a stability leg (load leg)?

A stability, or load leg, is a steel bar that connects to the car seat base and extends to the floor of the vehicle. It is designed to prevent upward rotation in the event of an impact. By stabilizing the seat, the stability leg ensures that the spine is evenly supported along the seat back during a collision. This mechanism enhances overall safety during an accident.

What is an anti-rebound panel?

In a crash, a car seat tends to move towards the point of impact. The role of an anti-rebound bar is to arrest this movement, known as the rebound, and assist the seat in coming to a stop sooner than it would if the bar were not in place.

Both the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria double up on anti-rebound protection with their integrated stability leg and anti-rebound plate.

What is rigid LATCH?

The RELX base is equipped with steel rigid LATCH, giving it a slight edge over the Aria. Rigid LATCH is an advanced safety enhancement designed to ensure maximum stability in the event of a crash. This feature involves a steel-to-steel connection from the car seat base to the vehicle frame, significantly minimizing side-to-side movement during a collision.

Is the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria easier to install? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

 The RELX base and the Aria base share the convenience of quick installation, taking only seconds. Furthermore, both bases are equipped with indicators that confirm to installers that the installation has been completed correctly.

The UPPAbaby Aria showcases the SMARTsecure system installation. This system includes LATCH installation and a red-to-green indicator that clearly signals when the base is correctly installed and has reached the required tension level. The base features two latches that are individually connected to the vehicle anchor points. Additionally, a four-position adjustable foot is incorporated to ensure the proper fit in any vehicle.

The installation of the Nuna PIPA aire RX's RELX base is a quick process involving the insertion of its two rigid latches into the vehicle anchor points, which are automatically connected simultaneously. The color-coded installation indicators provide visual confirmation of the correct connections to the vehicle. Furthermore, the RELX base offers four adjustable recline positions, tailored to the baby's weight and developmental stage. This adjustable angle feature ensures a proper fit in any vehicle.

Both the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria bases can also be installed with a vehicle seat belt when there is an absence of LATCH connectors. 


Can the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria be installed without a base? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

The Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria both come equipped with a European belt path. This feature comprises a 3-point seat belt routing system, enabling secure installation of the car seat without its corresponding base. The baseless install function becomes particularly valuable for families relying on public transportation or those who frequently travel by airplane. This allows parents the convenience of leaving the base behind when flying. Both seats are FAA certified, ensuring a safe and comfortable flight for baby.


Are the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria flame retardant free? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

The Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria both feature naturally flame-resistant materials eliminating the need for chemical flame retardants. In alignment with the broader trend among premium baby gear brands both of these infant car seats are completely flame retardant free. Nuna and UPPAbaby go the extra mile in their material choices and manufacturing processes. Notably, both the PIPA aire RX and  Aria proudly hold GREENGUARD Gold Certification, underscoring both Nuna and UPPAbaby's commitment to stringent standards for environmental and indoor air quality.

Is the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria lighter weight? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

In recent years, Nuna has gained recognition for manufacturing the lightest-weight infant car seats. However, UPPAbaby's introduction of the Aria shakes up the industry and solidifies their position as the current manufacturer of the lightest-weight infant car seat available in the US! Yes- it's true, the UPPAbaby Aria is lighter weight than the Nuna PIPA aire RX!

Can the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria be used longer? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

Infant car seats are generally suitable for use from birth until baby is around one year old. Although these seats have both height and weight restrictions, usage is discontinued once either of these limits is exceeded, not both. In most cases, infants tend to outgrow the height restrictions long before reaching the weight limits. Notably, both the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria share identical height and weight restrictions, giving neither an edge over the other in this category.

Can the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria be used with the same strollers? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

Nuna and UPPAbaby stand out not only as industry-leading car seat manufacturers but also as creators of some of the most popular stroller models nationwide. Each brand offers a comprehensive line of strollers, ensuring that parents can find one that perfectly suits their lifestyle needs within their respective collections. Both the PIPA aire RX and Aria are designed to seamlessly connect with their brand's strollers, forming cohesive travel systems for added convenience.

Stroller compatibility is a key point of differentiation between these two infant car seats. The Aria offers convenience by directly integrating with the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista strollers, eliminating the need for parents to manage and keep track of infant car seat adapters. Adapters are required for pairing with the UPPAbaby Ridge and UPPAbaby Minu, these adapters are sold separately, resulting in an additional expense for parents.

It's worth noting that the Aria has limited compatibility with strollers from other brands. While a few brands provide adapters that can accommodate the Aria, such options are relatively scarce.

For a full list of strollers compatible with UPPAbaby Aria refer >>>here 

The PIPA aire RX provides direct compatibility with two Nuna brand strollers, namely the Nuna TAVO Next and the Nuna TRVL. Adapters are required for the Nuna DEMI Next, Nuna MIXX Next and Nuna Triv Next, but the notable advantage is that both of these strollers come with the necessary adapters included. In contrast to the Aria, the PIPA aire RX is engineered for universal connection, offering a wide range of stroller compatibility. The PIPA aire RX is generally compatible with any brand that provides Maxi-Cosi style adapters, including UPPAbaby strollers. This versatility gives the PIPA aire RX an edge over the Aria in the stroller compatibility category.

 For a full list of strollers compatible with Nuna PIPA aire RX refer >>>here 


Does the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria offer better features? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

Both the Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria excel in providing features expected from premium baby gear brands. However, the PIPA aire RX stands out with some distinctive features, which, in turn, contribute to its slightly higher weight compared to the lighter Aria. While both infant car seats offer UPF protection, the PIPA aire RX provides 50+ protection, surpassing the Aria's 25+ protection. Both car seats feature extendable canopies with generous coverage and breathable mesh for maximum airflow. However, the PIPA aire RX includes Nuna's renowned SKY Drape, extending from the main canopy to provide complete coverage and privacy.

The Aria has a notable advantage in terms of ease of use with its no-rethread harness, making adjustments for baby's growth more convenient. In contrast, the PIPA aire RX requires re-threading of the harness for height adjustments. It's important to emphasize that adjusting the harness height is not a frequent task and is not a highly involved process, but the no-rethread function on the Aria adds a no-fuss touch to the overall user experience.

In terms of design details, the Aria incorporates built-in pockets to hold the harness for easy baby loading. On the other hand, Nuna's design is a bit more luxurious, featuring magnetic harness holders that provide the same utility in a more refined manner. These nuanced features contribute to the individual character and appeal of each car seat.

Refer below for a full list of each infant car seats features.

Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria

    Nuna PIPA aire RX features:

    • Ideal for city living and taxis as it can be installed with a vehicle seat belt and no base
    • Integrated magnetic buckle holders keep straps out of the way when buckling baby in
    • Fabrics and inserts are conveniently machine washable
    • FAA certified for aircraft use with or without a base
    • Connects with all Nuna strollers to create a stylish travel system
    • 5-second steel-reinforced True lock™ installation makes set up swift, simple, and safe**
    • Side Impact Protection (SIP) for ultimate baby safekeeping
    • Features Aeroflex™ foam that is cleverly lightweight, resilient, and minimizes force transferred to baby
    • 3-position height-adjustable headrest and 5-point harness keep little ones in place
    • Removable infant head and body inserts nestle baby in comfort and security
    • Tailor tech™ memory foam seat panel and headrest provides a comfortable custom fit
    •  UPF 50+ canopy with 2 positions and a flip-out eyeshade protects from sun exposure
    • The iconic Sky drape™ provides baby with ultimate privacy for quiet moments
    • Soft yet durable micro-knit fabric for refined style and casual warmth
    • Super-resilient top-of-the-line plastics for a heavy-duty secure shell
    • Exposed aerospace aluminum handle adds a contemporary aesthetic and enhances the seat's intuitive functionality
    • Luxe leatherette carry handle for more secure gripping
    • From fabric to foam and beyond each element is smartly sourced to be both flame-resistant and contain no added fire-retardant chemicals making it safer for baby
    • Infant head and body inserts are made of environmentally friendly Merino wool and TENCEL™*** lyocell fiber blend that is soft, naturally controls moisture, and is environmentally friendly
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet some of the world's most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, and certified to not contribute to indoor air pollution or chemical exposure
    • Additional GOTS organic cotton infant insert and harness cover set
    • True lock™ rigid latch is 50% stronger than a typical belt latch
    • 4 bubble-free recline positions deliver customized comfort
    • Integrated anti-rebound panel provides an additional layer of rear-facing security
    • 4-position rigid latch adjusts to reduce or remove the gap between vehicle seat and base
    • Multi-position steel stability leg reduces forward rotation and telescopes for improved range of fit in more vehicles and middle seating positions
    • Crumple zone within the stability leg absorbs impact and minimizes force transferred to baby
    • Colored installation indicators confirm correct connections
    • Low profile base for super easy loading
    • Open belt path with lock off secures lap and shoulder belt
    • Easy vehicle seat belt install provides options
    • Latch and stability leg neatly store away when not in use
    • Anchor latch guides make it easy to locate and install on lower anchor bars
    UPPAbaby Aria features
    • Lightest infant car seat on the market weighing just under 6 lbs
    • Included base with load leg for additional stability and energy absorption
    • Infinite adjustable headrest for a more accurate and customized fit as baby grows
    • Extra-large UPF 25+ hideaway canopy with top ventilation and pop out extended sunshade
    • SmartSecure® System with red-to-green visual indicator accurately installs in seconds
    •  GREENGUARD® Gold Certified to support healthier air quality and low chemical emissions
    • Direct attachment for Vista and Cruz strollers + convenient adapters available for the Minu and Ridge
    • Two-piece robust infant insert ensures proper fit and body positioning for preemies from 4 lbs. with ability to fit babies up to 4 months
    • Ergonomic Aluminum Carry-Handle designed for added stability and optimum portability
    • Greater head containment to improve side impact protection
    • Simple one-crotch buckle position and no-rethread, adjustable harness makes buckling up a breeze
    •  5th anti-rebound handle position for increased safety in rebound and rear-impact collisions
    • European Routing for a more secure installation when installing without the base
    • Back panel ventilation for additional airflow keeping baby cool and comfortable
    • Removeable, machine-washable fabrics
    • All fashions are Fire Retardant Free through DualTech™ fabrics
    • FAA certified for aircraft use with or without base Base:
    • Narrow 17” wide footprint to allow three seats across comfortably
    • Anti-Rebound + Panel for increased safety in rebound and rear-impact collisions
    • Auto-Retracting LATCH for effortless installation
    • Built-in lock-off for secure seatbelt installation
    • Four-position adjustable foot for easy leveling and to accommodate various seat angles
    • Streamlined, low-profile base with finished bottom
    • Bubble Level indicators on both sides show when the base is in the correct level position for installation

    Specs and Dimensions: Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria





    • Nuna PIPA aire RX23"H x 27.25"L x 17.5" W
    • UPPAbaby AriaCarrier Only - 24.5” L x 17” W x 18.5” H
                                 Base Only - 23.9” L x 14” W x 15.2” H

    What's included:



    Is the Nuna PIPA aire RX or UPPAbaby Aria a better infant car seat? Nuna PIPA aire RX vs. UPPAbaby Aria:

    Nuna PIPA aire rx vs. UPPAbaby Aria


    If you've made it to the end of this article, it should be clear why either the Nuna Nuna PIPA aire RX and UPPAbaby Aria could be a top choice for your infant car seat needs. The decision between the two ultimately depends on recognizing which features are most important for your family and lifestyle.

    If you're leaning towards the UPPAbaby Aria but plan to use a non-UPPAbaby stroller, the potential lack of Aria compatibility may steer you in a different direction. However, if your heart is set on a UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista (which is likely, especially in the US), the Aria becomes an obvious choice. Its direct compatibility, ease of use, and impressive lightweight design make it a natural fit with your UPPAbaby stroller.

    On the other hand, if you value luxe features and are drawn to the advanced safety features of the RELX base with rigid LATCH, the Nuna PIPA aire RX won't disappoint. Its flexible stroller compatibility is an added bonus, providing you with more options to seamlessly integrate it into your chosen stroller system. Ultimately, both car seats offer a range of features, and your decision will come down to your personal preferences and specific needs.


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