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Stroller Accessories Every New Parent Should Consider

Selecting the right stroller for your family can feel overwhelming. At Strolleria, we are committed to assisting parents in finding the perfect fit for their lifestyle needs. We provide a wealth of articles, including stroller comparisons, to empower parents to make well-informed decisions. In this article we switch gears and focus on stroller accessories. While some parents are well-versed in the accessories that can simplify their lives, others may feel overwhelmed by the stroller selection process, relegating accessories to an afterthought. It's advisable to consider accessories before finalizing your top-pick stroller to ensure that all the necessary add-ons are available for the model you choose. Keep reading to explore must-have stroller accessories!

Babyzen YOYO2 with Parasol

What are car seat adapters?

If you're purchasing a stroller for immediate use upon your baby's arrival, car seat adapters may be a crucial consideration. These adapters facilitate the creation of a travel system, combining a stroller with an infant car seat. Some brands provide direct compatibility between their infant car seats and strollers, eliminating the need for adapters. On the other hand, some brands may include car seat adapters with the stroller purchase, designed for use with infant car seats of the same brand. However, very often parents land on an infant car seat and stroller that are not products of the same brand.

This choice can present a dilemma, leaving parents to weigh the trade-offs between brands. Fortunately, this doesn't have to be the case. Parents can find solace in discovering that they need not make an either-or decision. Among the most popular stroller brands in our selection, separate car seat adapters are available for purchase. These adapters allow infant car seats from different brands to seamlessly pair with their strollers, providing a flexible and accommodating solution.

Babyzen YOYO2 with infant car seat


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What accessories will make my stroller newborn friendly?

You might decide on your ideal stroller only to realize it's not suitable for a newborn right out of the box. If a stroller seat lacks a fully flat recline, it isn't approved for use from birth. This is crucial because a lay-flat position ensures an open airway and supports proper spine development. Strollers without a full recline are typically designed for use from 6 months and up. A common workaround in this scenario is to pair your stroller with an infant car seat. While infant car seat compatibility is convenient for transitions in and out of the car, it's advisable to opt for a lay-flat option for more extended periods of stroller use.

If your stroller lacks a flat recline, there are two options that should be considered: a stroller bassinet or an infant insert. An infant insert fills in the seat, creating a lay-flat position within the stroller seat itself. It also includes a head support and is made of soft, comforting materials. 

Many brands offer bassinets sold separately, some come with an included stand, or  in other cases a stand can be purchased separately. Investing in a stroller bassinet is a wise choice for parents planning on extensive walking. Bassinets provide an ideal environment for newborns, offering a safe and protected space that shields baby from sun, weather, and unwanted attention. If a stand is available, the bassinet can also serve as baby's primary bedside sleep system. This is particularly appealing to families seeking to minimize the number of items they need to purchase and accommodate in their home.

Nuna Bassinet and Stand

Popular Sleep Rated Bassinets:

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What stroller accessories do parents love for everyday stroller use?

Nuna MIXX Series Cup Holder

Many premium stroller brands choose not to include key accessories in the stroller box but rather offer them as separate purchases. This approach acknowledges the diverse needs of every family. Selling accessories separately enables parents to customize their ideal system by adding only the extras that cater to their specific requirements.

Two accessories universally loved by parents are cup holders and stroller organizers. Cup holders are usually brand specific, fitting either a single model or an entire brand line of strollers. These cup holders are crafted with parents in mind. Typically, they clip onto the side of the stroller frame, conveniently within direct reach of caregivers, offering a designated space to store beverages during strolls. Let's be honest, for new parents, coffee is often a necessity, and having a dedicated holder for their caffeine while out and about is essential!

Stroller organizers typically have a universal design and are not specific to any particular brand. Although many premium stroller brands offer their unique versions of stroller organizers, parents have the flexibility to choose a style that suits their preferences. These organizers are essentially storage pouches that attach to the stroller's handlebar, providing parents with easy and quick access to their essentials such as cell phones, keys, wallets, small toys, pacifiers, and more. This small add-on offers ultimate convenience for parents on the go!

Popular Cup Holders:

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Popular Stroller Organizers:

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What accessories do toddlers love?

Accessories for enhancing a child's stroller experience include bumper bars and snack trays. While many popular strollers come with a bumper bar included, there are instances where this item is sold separately. Inquisitive toddlers often enjoy leaning forward to explore the world, and padded bumper bars provide them with a comfortable place to rest their hands. The primary function of a bumper bar is to keep children contained and protected. Even the most careful parents may unintentionally navigate their strollers into shelves or fixtures while in shops. The presence of a bumper bar serves as a protective barrier, preventing little passengers from getting bumped! Bumper bars are also a great place to hang stroller toys!

Not every stroller has a corresponding snack tray, but it's an accessory parents often seek when their infants reach around 6 months of age, and it remains useful throughout the stroller-riding years. Snack trays are excellent for serving treats during strolls. If you anticipate needing a snack tray, ensure that one is available for your desired stroller before making your final decision.

UPPAbaby Snack Tray on Vista V2

Popular Snack Trays:

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How can I protect my stroller seat?

Bumbleride Organic Cotton Seat Liner in Indie Twin Stroller

A seat liner is an excellent solution to maintain the cleanliness and pristine appearance of your stroller seat. By using seat liners, you can effortlessly catch any mess, alleviating the stress of cleaning the stroller seat fabric directly. Plus, these liners can be easily removed and machine washed for convenient upkeep!

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How do I weather proof my stroller?

Nuna Rain Cover

While it might initially seem unlikely that you'd find yourself strolling in extreme weather conditions with your baby, every family's needs are unique, and you can never predict what Mother Nature has in store. For urban families relying on their strollers as their primary mode of transportation, facing the elements such as rain, snow, sun, heat, and bugs may be inevitable. The good news is that there are various ways parents can weatherproof their strollers.

Many stroller brands include rain covers with their strollers right out of the box. Additionally, some brands offer premium rain covers and insect shields that are sold separately. For cold weather, footmuffs are a necessity!

Footmuffs essentially resemble toddler-sized sleeping bags that attach to a stroller seat, providing a warm and cozy environment for little ones during cold weather. Typically water-resistant, the best footmuffs are often rated for temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees and may even include a hood for full coverage. Most footmuffs are universal, ensuring that even if your stroller brand doesn't manufacture a specific footmuff, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your stroller.

Bugaboo Donkey Duo with Footmuff

Popular Stroller Footmuffs:

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How can I use a ride-on-board with my stroller?

Ride-on boards are another favorite stroller accessory among parents. Resembling a skateboard, these boards can be attached to the back of the lower stroller axle for older siblings to hitch a ride. Many strollers now come with integrated adapters for their corresponding ride-on boards. Sticking with the same brand and choosing the stroller's dedicated board is beneficial, as this pairing offers the easiest user experience. These boards attach quickly to their corresponding strollers and can typically be pushed upward for storage when not in use; in some cases, they can also be folded with the stroller.

Some boards even come with a bike seat attachment that can be removed, allowing for either a sitting or standing ride. A ride-on board can be added to a single stroller, enabling the stroller to accommodate two children or to a double stroller to handle three children. If your stroller brand doesn't offer a ride-on board, there are universal options available. Universal options are also ideal for families with multiple strollers, allowing parents to interchange one board between all of their strollers.

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+

Popular Ride-On-Board:

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What do I need when traveling with my stroller?

Investing in a stroller is a significant purchase, and it's wise to protect your investment, especially during travel. Strollers often face damage when flying, and realizing your stroller is no longer functional upon reaching your destination can quickly ruin your trip. While universal travel bags are available, it's preferable to stick with the same brand when possible. If there's a dedicated travel bag for your specific stroller, it undoubtedly offers the best protection, as it's designed specifically to fit your stroller.

While the price point of premium brand travel bags may seem hefty, it's a more cost-effective option than having to replace your stroller. Leading baby gear brands provide padded bags made from high-quality materials. If you plan on frequent travel with your stroller, it's worth considering a brand that offers travel insurance with the purchase of your travel bag. In such cases, if your stroller is damaged in flight while stored in the appropriate brand bag, the brand will provide a replacement stroller or the necessary parts.

Nuna Universal Transport Wheeled Bag

Travel Bags with Travel Insurance:

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Fashion-forward parents who appreciate a brand-loyal and cohesive aesthetic, complete with matching baby swag, will be thrilled to discover changing bags and backpacks that coordinate seamlessly with their stroller.

Stokke Xplory with Changing Bag

Popular Changing Bags/Backpacks:

UPPAbaby Minu with Changing Backpack


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UPPAbaby Vista with Footmuff

Accessorizing your stroller can be an exciting endeavor, especially when exploring brands that provide a diverse array of options such as cell phone holders, cup holders, snack trays, footmuffs, and even stroller fans! These accessories contribute to the functionality, making the strolling experience more enjoyable for both you and your baby. For those planning ahead, consider adding these items to your baby registry. If you're personally purchasing stroller accessories, it's a fantastic opportunity to make use of your Strolleria rewards points!

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