Silver Cross Wave vs. Silver Cross Wave 3

Silver Cross Wave vs. Silver Cross Wave 3 | Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross has been providing parents with luxury strollers for decades. They entered the US baby gear market in 2017 with the launch of their single-to-double "Wave" stroller. Since its initial debut, the Wave has seen some superficial changes, mainly in color options phasing in and out. In 2023, Silver Cross made a substantial change to the Wave by transitioning to sourcing sustainable materials and committing to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, introducing the "Sustainable Wave." Now, 2024 brings even more exciting changes for the beloved Wave stroller with the launch of the Wave 3. In true Silver Cross fashion, they continue to maintain their status as an industry leader. In this article, we introduce the new Silver Cross Wave 3 and compare it to its predecessor.

What is the Silver Cross Wave?

Silver Cross Wave

The Silver Cross Wave is a single to in-line double stroller. Several features make the Wave a standout choice among the vast offerings of single-to-double strollers:

  1. Integrated Upper Adapters: The Wave gets its name from the "Wave" technology integrated into the stroller chassis. The stroller frame features integrated upper adapters that can be rotated from a lower to upper position, eliminating the need for parents to purchase additional adapters when transitioning their stroller from single to double mode. When the stroller is prepared for two little riders, the adapters are rotated upward to create space below for a second seat.

  2. Included Accessories: While most brands offer accessories à la carte, Silver Cross includes the most important ones with the purchase of the stroller. Every Wave comes boxed with a cup holder, rain cover, bug shield, bumper bar, seat liner, sleep-rated bassinet, bassinet adapters, and lower adapters. The lower adapters can be used to house either the Wave tandem seat or bassinet on the lower part of the chassis.

  3. Performance and Quality: The Wave is crafted from premium materials and is not only beautiful but also sturdy and reliable, featuring large wheels that provide a smooth ride over a variety of terrains.

  4. Infant Car Seat Compatibility: Silver Cross offers infant car seat adapters (sold separately) that allow the Wave to pair with infant car seats from the most trusted brands in the US.

What's new with the Silver Cross Wave 3Silver Cross Wave vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Silver Cross Wave 3

Silver Cross is breaking the mold of single-to-double strollers! For the first time in convertible strollers, all conversion pieces will be included in one purchase. The Silver Cross Wave 3 differs from previous Wave models because it now comes boxed with its tandem seat. The Wave 3 offers 12 single-to-double configurations straight out of the box! From the box it can achieve the most desired double configuration consisting of the bassinet housed on the top of the stroller with the tandem seat on the bottom in a forward-facing orientation. The Wave 3 also features a larger storage basket! One of the most exciting features of the Wave 3 is its weight capacity- each seat can hold up to 55lbs!

Full list of Silver Cross Wave 3 Features:

Silver Cross Wave 3 Features


  • Patented two height riding positions
  • Elevated position brings baby closer
  • Four-way dynamic suspension
  • Smooth, easy fold
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Strong and durable magnesium aluminum alloy frame


  • Holds riders up to 55lbs
  • Reversible
  • Magnetic Genius buckle harness clicks together easily and child proof
  • One handed, multi-position recline
  • Adjustable calf rest and integrated footrest
  • UPF 50+ extendable canopy with pop out sun visor and peek-a-boo window


  • Perfect for newborns stroller
  • Suitable for overnight sleep
  • Ventilated UPF 50+ extendable hood with pop out sun visor and peek-a-boo window
  • Bamboo fabric liner
  • Removable, washable mattress
  • Included apron for added warmth
  • Compatible with Silver Cross Wave Bassinet Stand


What is included with the purchase of a Silver Cross Wave 3Silver Cross Wave  vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

What's in the box:

  • Chassis
  • Overnight sleep approved bassinet (stand sold separately)
  • Main seat unit
  • Tandem seat unit (not included on previous models)
  • Two bumper bars
  • Two rain covers
  • One universal bug net
  • Bassinet adapters
  • Tandem adapters
  • Cup holder

Why does the Silver Cross Wave 3 come with the tandem seat? Silver Cross Wave  vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

The Silver Cross Wave 3's inclusion of the second seat adds a layer of convenience for parents. The Wave 3 retains all the great features of the original Wave but is now a one-and-done buy. This is significantly advantageous for families planning for the future while expecting their first child. Manufacturers, including Silver Cross, often phase fashions in and out, which can present an issue when purchasing a convertible stroller as a single stroller with the intent of buying conversion pieces later. It has been an unfortunately common and unforeseen challenge for parents to discover that their stroller's second seat has been discontinued in the color they need before they have had the opportunity to purchase it. The inclusion of the second seat guarantees a cohesive double stroller when the time comes to transition.

Infant car seats compatible with the  Silver Cross Wave 3:

Silver Cross Wave 3 with Nuna PIPA infant car seat

The Silver Cross Wave 3 can be paired with one, or even two infant car seats to create either a single or twin travel system. The Wave 3 shares the same infant car seat compatibility as the original Wave, infant car seat adapters are sold separately.

For a full list of infant car seat compatible with the Silver Cross Wave 3 refer >>>here


What accessories are available for the Silver Cross Wave 3Silver Cross Wave  vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Silver Cross Wave 3 with Ride-on-board

The same accessories compatible with the original Wave will remain compatible with the Wave 3. An additional bassinet will still be sold separately, allowing the Wave 3 to be used as a twin stroller from birth. The Silver Cross Wave Toddler Ride-On-Board will also still be offered, enabling the Wave 3 to tote 3 children! With the additional bassinet and ride on board compatibility the  Wave 3 is capable of 30 total configurations.

Silver Cross Wave 3 Accessories:

Is the Silver Cross Wave 3 worth it? Silver Cross Wave  vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Silver Cross Wave 3

Parents who are keen on planning beyond their first child will find the future-proof Wave 3  to be the smartest investment! The Wave 3's one-and-done purchase is both convenient and economical. Parents no longer need to worry about the possibility of needed parts being discontinued. The Wave 3  comes with everything families need for happy strolling for years to come!


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