Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller Comparison

From the city to the suburbs to the strand, your everyday stroller should be ready for anything.

UPPAbaby, an American company known for their innovations and stylish design, and Silver Cross, the British company known for crafting the "Rolls-Royce of prams”, both offer parents a sleek stroller solution to everyday needs.

Given an all-terrain upgrade in 2020, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 stroller is versatile, lightweight, and packed with helpful features.

Launched in 2022, the all-new Silver Cross Reef is a sustainably-made yet luxurious multi-terrain stroller designed with beauty and practicality in mind.

Both the Cruz V2 and Reef offer similar design features, like a reversible seat, bassinet and car seat capabilities, large and durable tires, and lots of storage space, but differ in price, size and materials used.

Let's compare the Silver Cross Reef and UPPAbaby Cruz V2 in more detail!

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Comparison Video

See how the Reef and Cruz V2 look and feel side-by-side in this Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller Comparison video that explores how each stroller folds, pricing, seat features, colors, and more:

Silver Cross Reef Stroller

Launched in summer 2022, the Silver Cross Reef is one of Silver Cross's two newest strollers in the U.S. - the Reef is an all-terrain model that's available alongside a lighter weight counterpart, the Silver Cross Dune.

It's the ultimate multi-terrain, 5-in-1 system: suburban and stylish, yet sustainably made. Enhanced suspension keeps you strolling smoothly, while a host of features that let parents adjust the stroller with just one hand make multi-tasking look oh-so stylish.

Learn more about the Silver Cross Reef and how it compares to the Dune model in this video:

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

Recently updated in 2020, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is UPPAbaby's full-featured single stroller geared towards parents who want it all, but in a more compact size than the convertible UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller.

Learn more about the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 from when it was first launched in this video:

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Price

Though both strollers are built to a high standard of quality, there is a notable difference in price as the Silver Cross Reef costs just over $350 more than the UPPAbaby Cruz V2. A bundle price of the Silver Cross Reef and First Bed Bassinet offers a $50 savings.

Since both strollers come with virtually the same included items right out of the box - chassis, toddler seat, and two weather-shielding accessories, we'll explore more about what details affect this difference in pricing in the section about Features.

Stroller Price

Stroller Price with Bassinet

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Weight and Specifications

Though both strollers are lightweight and weigh less than 30 pounds, the Silver Cross Reef weighs 2 pounds more than the UPPAbaby Cruz because of additional components to the seat like the Genius harness system and a heavier chassis. It also has a slightly higher weight capacity of 55 pounds, one of the highest weight capacities in the category.

However, when in use and when folded the Reef has a smaller footprint including a shorter chassis and a fold that's around 35% more compact.

Stroller Weight

  • Silver Cross Reef: 27.5 pounds
  • UPPAbaby Cruz V2: 25.5 pounds

Weight Capacity

  • Silver Cross Reef: 55 pounds
  • UPPAbaby Cruz V2: 50 pounds


  • Silver Cross Reef: 33"L x 24"W x 39-44"H
  • UPPAbaby Cruz V2: 37"L x 22.8"W x 40"H

Folded Dimensions

  • Silver Cross Reef: 28"L x 24"W x 12"H
  • UPPAbaby Cruz V2: 16.5"L x 22.8"W x 33"H

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Features

Both strollers are built to function as efficient, comfortable strollers packed with features that make everyday outings a little nicer. Shared features include large, all-terrain tires, accessible storage baskets, telescoping handlebars for parents of different heights, and reversible toddler seats that are removable to attach an infant car seat or bassinet for those first months.

We'll explore the features of each stroller component - from the basket to the seat to the canopy - in this section to see what differentiates the Silver Cross Reef from the UPPAbaby Cruz V2.

Stroller Seat Features

Since the toddler seat is what your child will be sitting in the most while you're using your stroller (for a few years!), it is important to pick a stroller with a seat that is adjustable as your child grows, supports them well at every stage of development, and is ready to handle all four seasons and the weather they'll bring. While both the Cruz V2 and Reef seats are highly adjustable and comfortable, the Reef stands out with several additions that you won't see on the Cruz, like a magnetic harness buckle, single-motion harness adjustment, memory buttons, and more that add a surprising touch of luxury found on just a few strollers.

Seat features shared by Reef and Cruz V2:

  • Reversible to face forward or face parent
  • Multiple recline positions adjustable with one hand
  • Adjustable calf support angles
  • Included, swing-out bumper bar
  • No-rethread harness
  • Zip out canopy extension

Seat features unique to the Reef:

  • Genius harness system raises and lowers harness in one motion with one hand at the back of the seat
  • Magnetic harness buckle
  • Memory buttons for reversing seat to allow one-handed removal
  • Hinging seat back allows for full-flat recline
  • Additional seat and harness padding with built-in head support
  • Flip-out eyeshade further extends canopy
  • Included sun sail attaches to provide more coverage when parent-facing
  • Built-in, padded carry handle on underside of seat when folded
  • Sustainable, recycled outer fabrics

Seat features unique to the Cruz V2:

  • Adjustable-height canopy
  • Longer calf support with integrated footrest

Stroller Frame Features

The frame is the foundation to your stroller - it's where most of the suspension is found that shields your child from bumps and makes the stroller easy to push, and needs to be both sturdy and light so your stroller can withstand the demands of everyday use for years to come. UPPAbaby and Silver Cross have built their strollers with the highest quality materials and engineering.

Frame features shared by Reef and Cruz V2:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • One-handed telescoping handlebar to multiple height settings
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • Stands upright when folded
  • Easy to access storage basket

Frame features unique to the Reef:

  • Tone-on-tone matte and gloss details coordinate with stroller fabrics
  • Centered, one-touch foot brake
  • Vegan leather handlebar
  • One-handed fold keeps your other hand free

Frame features unique to the Cruz V2:

  • Oversized storage basket holds up to 30 pounds
  • Organizing pockets built into basket for drinks, weather covers, and more
  • Flexible bar at back of storage basket makes space for larger items
  • Separate, color-coded foot brakes for locking (red) and unlocking (green)
  • Genuine leather handlebar

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Bassinets

Packaged and sold separately, both the Silver Cross Reef First Bed Bassinet and the UPPAbaby Bassinet (which fits the Vista, Cruz, Ridge, and Minu strollers) are overnight sleep approved. Ideal for parents who travel often or live in walkable cities, these bassinets add a lay flat space that gives a newborn proper positioning for their developing head and neck.

The Silver Cross Reef stroller and bassinet can be purchased as a bundle for a savings of $50!

When using the Reef or Cruz bassinets in-home, consider adding the corresponding bassinet stand so it is easy to reach and interact with baby while they're in their bassinet. Both the UPPAbaby and Silver Cross bassinet stands are sold separately for $159.99 each.

UPPAbaby makes a wooden x-frame bassinet stand that comes with a choice of three neutral colors to coordinate with your home. The stand is foldable for storage, though it is not compact enough to transport easily with the bassinet, and it features a flat shelf at the bottom for storing nursery necessities. Plus, when the bassinet is no longer needed, the stand can convert to a hamper with the addition of two fabric hamper inserts that help extend the lifespan of this purchase.

Silver Cross makes a stand for the Reef bassinet that also fits the Dune compact bassinet designed with a lightweight, foldable A-frame design that can stow away compactly for storage or travel. Designed with a sleek black frame and fabrics, the Silver Cross Dune / Reef bassinet stand complements any color of the Reef or Dune. A soft fabric basket underneath is helpful for storage of items you'll need close at hand.

Unique to the Reef, parents also have the option to purchase a bassinet designed for the Reef's sister model, the Silver Cross Dune. Learn more about the Silver Cross Reef vs. the Silver Cross Dune in this article. The Dune Compact Bassinet is not designed for overnight sleep use due to its shallow siding, but is easier to fold down and more compact once folded. Both the Reef and Dune bassinets are foldable for travel.

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

How to fold the Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2

Thanks to their compact frames, both the Reef and Cruz V2 fold to sizes small enough to fit in the trunk of most vehicles or store out-of-site in a coat closet or entry way. Folding in few steps and designed to stand upright once folded, the Reef and Cruz help you set up and pack up quickly.

While the Silver Cross Reef can be folded with the toddler seat facing either direction, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 can only fold with the toddler seat facing forward. Additionally, the Reef can be folded with just one hand, whereas two hands are required to fold the Cruz frame.

How to fold the Silver Cross Reef

To fold the Silver Cross Reef, you'll need to fold the seat in half, then fold up the frame. First, raise the seat recline up to a 90-degree angle, then push down on the glossy button at the top so you can fold the seat over on itself. Next, lower the handlebar, press the centered safety tab to the right and lower the handlebar toward your feet until it locks at the side.

It's easy to lift the Reef once folded thanks to its padded carry handle integrated into the underside of the seat, and it also stands upright when folded. Because the Reef balances on all four wheels when it is folded, the handlebar will stay clean and avoid scratching because it does not rest on the ground.

To unfold, push the locking tab inwards and lift up on the frame, then raise the stroller seat.

How to fold the UPPAbaby Cruz V2

To fold the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, first lock the brake to stabilize the rear wheels and make sure the seat is facing forward (or has been removed from the frame if not). Lower the handlebar to its shortest setting, then lift up on the grey tabs at the right and lefthand sides of the handlebar and lower it toward your feet.

The Cruz V2 automatically locks when folded and stands upright, resting on the two rear wheels and two small rubber bumpers in the middle of the handlebar.

Hinge the lock inwards and lift the handlebar up to open the stroller.

How to fold the Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Fabrics and Materials

Silver Cross joins other planet-conscious brands like Bumbleride and Joolz by utilizing sustainable fabrics - and vegan leather - on the Silver Cross Reef stroller.

Premium outer fabrics on the Reef stroller are made exclusively with yarn woven from 35 recycled plastic bottles to reduce waste and create fabrics that are durable and weather resistant. Vegan leather detailing on the canopy, handlebar, and bumper bar adds a contemporary look, in colors that coordinate with whichever stroller fashion you select.

Three fashions are available for the Silver Cross Reef:

  • Orbit Black
  • Neptune Blue
  • Earth Brown

UPPAbaby uses durable, soft, and easy-to-clean polyester blend fabrics for the Cruz V2 stroller seat, canopy, and basket, plus genuine, full-grain leather handlebars and bumper bars with an elegant perforated pattern.

There are two frame colors, a silver aluminum with grey touch points, and carbon matte black with black touch points, both scratch-resistant and easy to care for, plus three leather colors (black, chestnut brown, and saddle brown) depending on which fashion you select.

With selections updated each year, UPPAbaby currently offers eight fashions for the UPPAbaby Cruz V2:

  • Anthony White and Grey Chenille
  • Stella Brushed Grey Melange
  • Greyson Grey Melange
  • Noa Navy Blue
  • Gwen Green Melange
  • Alice Dusty Pink
  • Gregory Blue Melange
  • Jake Charcoal Black

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Car Seat Compatibility

Both the Cruz V2 and Reef frames can accommodate an infant car seat to create your own travel system.

While UPPAbaby offers more than one infant car seat model that's compatible with the Cruz without purchase of adapters, Silver Cross does not make an infant car seat in the United States. To attach any of the compatible infant car seats to the Reef, and to attach an infant car seat that is not made by UPPAbaby to the Cruz, adapters must be purchased separately.

The UPPAbaby MESA V2 and MESA Max infant car seats both fit the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 without adapters. Learn more about these two car seats in this comparison video:

In addition to the MESA V2 and MESA Max, there are several other popular car seat models from other brands that fit the Cruz V2 with purchase of adapters.

Car Seats Compatible with UPPAbaby Cruz V2

  • Chicco KeyFit 35, KeyFit 30, KeyFit 30 Zip, KeyFit 30 Zip Air, Fit2, Fit2 LE, Fit2 Air
  • Clek Liing and Liingo
  • Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, and Cloud Q
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico 30, Mico Max, and Coral XP
  • Nuna PIPA, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite LX, and PIPA Lite RX
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35, 4-35 Nido, and 4-35 Lounge
  • UPPAbaby MESA, MESA V2, MESA Max

With purchase of car seat adapters, turn your Silver Cross Reef stroller frame into a travel system with purchase of one of the infant car seats listed below.

Car Seats Compatible with Silver Cross Reef

  • Clek Liing
  • Cybex Aton, Aton Q, and Cloud Q
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico 30, Mico Max, and Coral XP
  • Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite LX, and PIPA RX 

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Pros and Cons

So which stroller is better: the Silver Cross Reef or the UPPAbaby Cruz V2? Let's highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Silver Cross Reef

For an ultra-luxurious experience that combines beautiful detailing, convenient design features, and easy handling over varied terrain, the Silver Cross Reef has it all but comes at a premium price.


  • One-handed fold with the stroller seat rear or forward facing
  • Around 35% smaller fold since the stroller seat folds in half
  • Choice between two bassinets, an ultra compact bassinet or larger overnight-approved model
  • Outer fabrics are sustainably made with recycled water bottles
  • Harness adjusts with one hand and is magnetic for fuss-free buckling
  • Memory buttons to reverse or remove seat with one hand


  • Costs $360 more than Cruz V2
  • Just over 1" wider footprint and 2 pounds heavier with toddler seat attached
  • Smaller selection of colors
  • Compatible with fewer car seat brands

Silver Cross Reef vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 Stroller Comparison

    UPPAbaby Cruz

    The Cruz V2 is UPPAbaby's best-selling full-featured single stroller, ideal for parents that value convenience and quality without breaking the bank.


    • Narrower footprint by just over 1", and 2 pounds lighter with seat attached
    • Costs $360 less than the Silver Cross Reef
    • Higher storage basket capacity of 30 pounds
    • Compatible with additional car seat brands including UPPAbaby, Chicco, and Peg Perego
    • Longer calf support with built in footrest


    • Only folds with seat facing forward
    • Larger when folded
    • Can't adjust harness straps in one motion with one hand like the Reef can
    • No additional sun coverage when rear-facing

    UPPAbaby VISTA vs. UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Comparison


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