Oilo vs. Monte Rockers and Gliders

Oilo vs. Monte Rockers and Gliders | Nursery Chair Comparison

Designing a nursery marks an essential step into parenthood. The traditional essentials usually comprise a crib, dresser, changing table, and, naturally, a bookcase. While many picture the classic wooden rocking chair in the corner, the evolution of nursery chairs now offers parents unparalleled comfort. A cozy nursing chair is a necessity that parents should indulge in. With the abundance of options available, it can be challenging to narrow down the choice to one brand and, ultimately, to one preferred model. This article will compare two brands, Olio and Monte, providing parents with top nursery chair options. A nursery chair can be a significant investment, often becoming the most utilized item over the years, offering comfort long after the baby has outgrown their crib and the nursery has transitioned to a big kid room. Considering how this cherished piece of furniture can seamlessly fit into not only a nursery but also an older child's room or even a living room is prudent. Continue reading to delve into Oilo and Monte, and how both brands excel in quality, durability, and comfort!


What is Olio?

Oilo Glider

Oilo was founded by Annalisa Thomas in 2009 as she embarked on her journey into motherhood. Since then, Oilo has curated an extensive collection aimed at helping parents design the nursery of their dreams. Their collection encompasses soft goods such as bedding, bibs, burp cloths, and swaddle blankets, alongside offering fine art perfectly suited to adorn nursery walls. However, the highlight of their line is undoubtedly their glider collection. Renowned for their comfort, Oilo Gliders have emerged as a favored choice in celebrity nurseries. Notably, these gliders are lovingly handmade in the USA!

Oilo derives from the Hawaiian words "lio" (small sprout) and "ho'oilo" (the cool, rainy season). In Hawaii, the rainy season provides an opportunity to seek comfort indoors, to slow down, and to pause from the hustle and bustle of life. As a brand, Oilo offers pieces crafted to establish a "safe place" where parents can find solace and comfort within their nurseries, allowing them to savor every precious moment with their newborns at a leisurely pace.


What is Monte?

Monte Luca Glider

Monte was established in 2005 by new parents Ralph and Michelle Montemurro as they embarked on their own nursery design journey. Over the years, Monte has evolved into a reputable design group offering a wide range of furniture, including bassinets, child beds, sofas, child chairs, and, of course, gliders and rockers! Their mission is to provide comfortable and durable modern furniture while maintaining a commitment to responsible manufacturing practices. All of their products are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and crafted from sustainable materials; even their packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. Notably, Monte products are all custom-made in Canada! Monte is a brand parents can trust and feel confident inviting into their home.

*GREENGUARD Gold Certified: Means that Monte furniture has been rigorously tested for thousands of chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and have passed strict criteria and are scientifically proven to have low VOCs resulting in cleaner and healthier air.

Does Oilo or Monte offer quicker shipping? Oilo vs. Monte:

Neither of these brands offers next-day delivery for their nursing chairs. Both Oilo and Monte create custom-made chairs, meaning that regardless of your choice, you may have to wait for up to 10 weeks for your chair to ship, with an additional transit time of up to 2 weeks. However, it's important to remember that babies typically take 9 months before they're ready to enter the world! Most families start planning their nurseries well in advance, allowing plenty of time for an Oilo or Monte chair to arrive ahead of when it's needed. The extended production window is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship invested in each individual chair. Both Oilo and Monte provide numerous customizable features for each model, ensuring that parents get precisely what they desire. These aren't one-size-fits-all products designed to be sold off the shelf. However, for parents with time constraints, both Oilo and Monte offer quick-ship options that are stocked and ready to go!

Does Oilo or Monte offer more customization options? Oilo vs. Monte:

Both Oilo and Monte provide extensive customization options for their glider models. They offer choices for manual or motorized reclines, as well as various options for the chair base. Each brand offers multiple fabric choices, including stain-resistant performance fabrics. Oilo's fabrics are mostly polyester, either 100% or in a polyester blend, while Monte incorporates a range of materials into their fabrics, predominantly polyester with some blends including cotton, wool, and linen. Oilo exclusively offers swivel gliders, while Monte's selection includes standard gliders, swivel gliders, and rockers. Both brands also offer matching ottomans that can be added for a coordinated look. Monte goes the extra mile by including a lumbar pillow with each chair (excluding one model), and parents can further personalize their chair by selecting the color of the included lumbar pillow! 

Olio models and fabric options:

Oilo offers 8 glider models:

Oilo Drew Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner
  • Drew Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner: Olio's highest back chair is offered with either a manual or motorized recline, features a pop-out footrest and glides and swivels. (Dimensions: 30w x 35d x 40h")
Oilo Flynn Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner
  • Flynn Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner: Built for comfort, featuring plush seat and back cushions and a pop out footrest. It swivels and glides and is offered with either a manual or motorized recline. (Dimensions: 30w x 36d x 39h")
  • Harlow Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner: Features contoured arms and a pop out footrest. Swivels, Glides and reclines. (Dimensions: 30w x 36d x 39h")
  • Harper Swivel Nursery Glider: Features contoured arms, glides and swivel 360 degrees. (Dimensions: 30w x 36d x 39h")
Oilo Milo Swivel Glider
  • Milo Swivel Nursery Glider: "A chair and a half" Olio's widest chair features removable side pillows and adjustable back pillow and glides and swivels 360 degrees. (Dimensions: 35.5w x 35d x 37h")
Oilo Nola Swivel Glider
  • Nola Swivel Nursery Glider: Ultimate comfort! Featuring removable seat and back cushions that are filled with luxurious down alternative. Glides and swivels 360 degrees. (Dimensions: 30w x 34d x 37h")
  • Orly Gliding Swivel Nursery Recliner:  Olio's most plush chair; glides, swivels and reclines, and features rounded arms and a pop-out footrest. Offered in manual and motorized recline. (Dimensions: 37w x 36d x 42h")
Oilo Zoey Swivel Glider
  • Zoey Swivel Nursery Glider:  Olio's skirted chair glides and swivels 360 degrees and features removable seat and back cushions that are filled with luxurious down alternative. (Dimensions: 30w x 34d x 37h")

Add on one of Oilo's matching Ottomans:

Oilo Glider with Ottoman

Oilo Fabrics:

Oilo will ship swatches directly to consumers - the first 5 ship free!

  • Sheepskin: 100%  Polyester
  • High Performance Alabaster: 60% Recycled Polyester / 40% Polyester, High Performance Crypton. Stain, odor, and moisture resistant. High durability, eco- friendly, Greenguard Gold Certified.
  • High Performance Tweed100% Polyester- Stain resist, high durability. Dry clean - spot clean mild soap, or mild dry cleaning solvent
  • High Performance Breeze:  90% Polyester / 10% Linen. High-Performance Crypton. Stain, odor, and moisture resistant. High durability, eco-friendly and Greenguard Gold Certified.
  • High Performance Basket:  100% Polyester. Stain and water resistant. High durability, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous. PFC & PFAS Free. OEKO-TEX Certified.
  • High Performance100% Polyester- stain & water resist, high durability. Dry clean - spot clean mild soap.
  • Dream: 100% Polyester - Washable with cold water only with mild soap - Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. 
  • Boucle: This tightly woven fabric brings subtle depth and texture to your space. Woven of pure polyester for lasting comfort, durability and beauty.


Monte models and fabric options:

Monte offers 7 Glider models and 4 Rockers.



  • Como Glider:  Ultimate comfort with extra soft seat and back cushions. Back cushion filled with down alternative, included lumbar pillow and removable and machine washable seat and back cushion covers. Choice of glide or glide and swivel base.(Dimensions: 30w x 33d x 40h")
Monte Como and Gem Gliders
  • Gem Glider: Compact, rounded chair. Features glide and swivel motions. (Dimensions: 31w x 30d x 32h")
  • Grano Glider Recliner: High seat back with included lumbar pillow and integrated pop-out footrest. Offered with manual or motorized recline and choice of glide or glide and swivel base. (Dimensions: 28w x 32d x 39h")
Monte Grano and Luca Gliders
  • Luca Glider: Monte's original design, crafted to provide ergonomic arm height for nursing, and high back for proper head rest. Included lumbar pillow and removable, machine washable seat cushion. Choice of glide or glide and swivel base (Dimensions: 30w x 32d x 38h")
  • Matera Glider Recliner: High seat back with plush back and seat cushions, included lumbar pillow and integrated pop-out footrest. Offered with manual or motorized recline and choice of glide or glide and swivel base. (Dimensions: 28w x 32d x 40h")
Monte Matera and Nessa Gliders
  • Nessa Glider: Curved silhouette with softer lines, rounded back and included lumbar pillow. Removable plush seat and back cushions. Back cushion filled with down alternative. Choice of glide or glide and swivel base.(Dimensions: 30w x 33d x 40h")
Monte Vera Glider
  • Vera Glider: Monte's largest, extra wide chair. Back cushion filled with down alternative, included lumbar pillow and removable and machine washable seat and back cushion covers. Choice of glide or glide and swivel base. (Dimensions: 33w x 36d x 40h")


  • Grand Jackson Rocker: Unique design with wing-back head rest and included lumbar pillow. Base combines solid walnut wood and steel. (Dimensions: 30w x 35d x 39h")
Monte Grand Jackson and Jackie Rockers
  • Jackie Rocker: Low back with classic design and included lumbar pillow. (Dimensions: 28w x 33d x 32h")
  • Jackson Rocker: High back. Base combines steel and solid walnut wood. Included lumbar pillow(Dimensions: 28w x 35d x 39h")
Monte Jackson and Joya Rockers
  • Joya Rocker: Iconic design with the smallest footprint from Monte's assortment yet offering a tall supportive backrest. Included lumbar pillow. (Dimensions: 26w x 31d x 36h")

Add on one of Monte's matching Ottomans:

Monte Glider with Ottoman


  • Como Ottoman: (Dimensions: 23w x 20d x 16h")
  • Cub Ottoman: (Dimensions: 20w x 23d x 16h")
  • Gem Pouf Ottoman: (Dimensions: 15w x 21d x 16h")
  • Grano Ottoman: (Dimensions: 23w x 20d x 16h")
  • Jackson Ottoman(Dimensions: 15w x 21d x 14h")
  • Joya Ottoman(Dimensions: 21w x 15d x 13h")
  • Luca Ottoman(Dimensions: 23w x 20d x 16h")
  • Nessa Ottoman: (Dimensions: 23w x 20d x 16h")
  • Vera Ottoman: (Dimensions: 23w x 20d x 16h")

Fabric options:

Monte will ship up to 8 complimentary fabric swatches directly to consumers!

  • Performance Heathered:  These polyester fabrics are very durable, stain resistant, and super easy to clean & maintain. Smooth to the touch, stain resistant & water repellant material offering subtle mixed colour variations that add depth and texture. 100% Polyester. Oeko-Tex.
  • Performance Weave: These polyester fabrics are very durable, stain resistant, and super easy to clean & maintain. High performing, richly textured with a subtle weave, offering exceptional durability and a high repellency to stains and spills. 100% Polyester. Oeko-Tex.
  • Performance Velvet: These polyester fabrics are very durable, stain resistant, and super easy to clean & maintain. A luxurious, velvety plush material that offers a matte finish with high performance against spills & stains. 100% Polyester. Oeko-Tex.
  • Performance BoucleFrench for "loop" or "curl", Boucle is a very soft fabric that has a sophisticated and distinct nubby texture, look, and feel. Made from 100% Polyester, our Boucle is very durable, stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Oeko-Tex
  • Performance Micorfiber: These polyester fabrics are very durable, stain resistant, and super easy to clean & maintain. Solid coloured, stain resistant and water repellant fabrics that are rich in colour and extremely durable. Oeko-Tex. White is 100% Polyester. Orange and yellow are 80% Polyester 20% Cotton.
  • Performance Italian Wool: Luxurious, cozy and all-natural premium Italian Wool sourced from a prestigious mill in Tuscany, Italy. 70% Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Recycled Fibers.
  • Brushed Cotton Linen: All-natural brushed cotton & Belgian linen made in Northern Italy using timeless traditions for over a century. These fabrics are ultra soft & comfortable. 63% Cotton, 37% Linen. Oeko-Tex
  • Enviroleather: Vegan leather that is easily wipeable with a buttery-soft feel, exhibiting commercial-grade durability and is resistant to peeling, cracking and delamination. 55% TPE, 35% Polyester, 10% Cotton.
  • Faux Sheepskin: A richly textured fabric with a thick and luxurious weave. This soft and plush polyester fabric is very durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean & maintain. 100% Polyester.


What is the best nursing chair for taller parents? Oilo vs. Monte:

Oilo Drew vs. Monte Matera

There isn't a significant difference in the seat back dimensions of most Oilo and Monte Gliders. However, the Olio Drew and Monte Matera models feature slightly taller seat backs, catering to parents who require additional height!


What is the best nursing chair from smaller spaces? Oilo vs. Monte:

Olio Nola Glider vs. Monte Grano Glider Recliner

Although parents understand the importance of a nursing chair, they may have concerns about finding one that fits their space. However, both Oilo and Monte have addressed this issue by offering a wide range of models, ensuring that families with limited space are accommodated. Comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed either; some of the most comfortable models have the smallest footprints!

From the Oilo collection, the Nola and Zoey models will fit smaller spaces perfectly! Both are 30 inches wide and 34 inches deep.

Families limited on space and looking to Monte should consider the Grano, Matera and Joya models.

Both the Grano and Matera models are 28 inches wide and 32 inches deep. And Joya has the smallest footprint at 26 inches wide and 31 inches deep.

It's important to note that the NolaZoey and Joya models do not come with integrated footrests and will necessitate the addition of an ottoman for maximum relaxation. However, opting for an ottoman will occupy more floor space, which might not be ideal for smaller rooms. Families seeking ultimate comfort may find a reclining glider with an integrated footrest to be the best option. In this regard, the Grano and Matera models could be the top choices for smaller spaces!


What is better a Glider or a Rocker? Oilo vs. Monte:

Oilo Flynn Glider vs. Monte Grand Jackson Rocker

Parents who appreciate clean lines and minimalist furniture will be drawn to rockers. These options also tend to be a bit more budget-friendly and may transition into big kid rooms or even living rooms more seamlessly than gliding nursing chairs. However, the undeniable superior comfort offered by the gliding models featured in this article cannot be overlooked. The plush seat and back cushions are guaranteed to provide endless comfort and soothing for late nights and every moment in between! Ultimately, the choice comes down to comfort vs. style.

What is the best cost-efficient nursing chair? Oilo vs. Monte:

As mentioned earlier, rockers are typically more budget-friendly compared to gliders. Visit our Oilo and Monte Collection Pages to compare current prices. While Oilo gliders may have lower price tags initially, it's important to consider that all Oilo gliders require an additional $199 delivery fee. 

It's worth mentioning that although parents may initially be surprised by the prices of nursery chairs, these items are long-term investments. Opting for a high-quality, durable chair ensures it will withstand years of use, offering a comforting place to rest every day throughout the parenting journey and beyond.

What is better Oilo or Monte? Oilo vs. Monte:

Oilo vs. Monte

If you've reached the end of this article, it's evident that both Oilo and Monte offer a plethora of options to suit the needs of every family. Both brands provide performance fabrics with stain-resistant qualities, catering to parents who prioritize easy maintenance. Moreover, there is no shortage of plush and comfortable options available from either brand.

Monte's dedication to responsible manufacturing, utilizing eco-friendly sustainable materials, along with their GREENGUARD Gold Certification, sets an admirable standard for parents. On the other hand, Oilo's stunning modern designs speak for themselves and their gliders featuring motorized recline include USB ports for convenient device charging may be a game-changer for tech-savvy parents! Regardless of your preference, we can't speak highly enough of both of these brands and highly recommend all of the models featured here.


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