Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Stroller Comparison

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Stroller Comparison

Looking for a single stroller that is simple, functional, and visually appealing? Look no further than Nuna's range of products, which perfectly blend practicality and beauty. The Nuna TRIV Next and Nuna TAVO Next strollers exemplify these qualities, offering parents precisely what they desire in an elegant package. These strollers are lightweight, effortless to fold, and convenient to transport, all while maintaining exceptional quality and smooth maneuverability.

Redesigned in late 2022, the Nuna TRIV Next weighs less than 19 pounds, but has all the full-size features everyone wants—like a reversible seat, simple recline, adjustable footrest, as well as a one-handed fold! 

Redesigned in 2021, the Nuna TAVO Next is a sleek medium weight single stroller that is simple and easy, and requires no adapters to turn it into a travel system. It’s user-friendly, has a one-handed, one-step compact fold, and is ready to be used from birth to 50 pounds!

Both the TRIV Next and TAVO Next have a lot of similarities, but they are also quite different. Let’s compare the Nuna TRIV Next and Nuna TAVO Next in more detail!


Nuna TRIV Next Stroller

The Nuna TRIV Next came out in late 2022 as an upgrade to the popular Nuna TRIV. The TRIV Next is in a unique class of its own - it's both a great lighter weight travel option but also a full-size feature stroller! It's a perfect solution for parents who want one stroller that does it all, instead of having both a travel stroller and a full-size stroller.

Updates to the seat include an updated magnetic harness buckle and zip-off sun canopy. A modernized stroller frame has larger, foam-filled rubber tires with a wider wheel base and built-in foot rest for tall toddlers. Parents will enjoy updated comfort features like an ergonomic rounded handlebar and a sandal-friendly one-touch brake mechanism.

Learn more about the TRIV Next here:


TAVO Next Stroller

Updated in 2021, the Nuna TAVO Next is known for it’s easy one-handed, one-step compact fold, two wheel trolly mode when folded, and the fact that it needs no adapters to attach a Nuna PIPA infant car seat (any model) to it! Also, at its price point, it remains one of the few strollers that provide a newborn-friendly seat, which is particularly significant for a stroller that lacks a bassinet option.

The Tavo Next is well-suited for various terrains, thanks to its rubber wheels and four-wheel suspension. Additionally, it comes equipped with features parents want: an extra-large canopy with peek-a-boo windows and ventilation, an adjustable footrest, an all-season seat with breathable mesh, a flip-flop-friendly brake, and a generously-sized storage basket with zipper compartments. The TAVO Next seat is also one of the larger stroller seats on the market and comfortably fits a bigger child!

Learn more about the TAVO Next here:


Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Price

For current pricing of the Nuna TRIV Next and Nuna TAVO Next, please see their respective product pages. 

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Weight and Specifications

Though both strollers are considered lightweight for full-size strollers, the Nuna TRIV Next weighs about 5 pounds less than the Nuna TAVO Next. It also takes up less space when folded. It's a great option for those parents who want a full-size stroller with great wheels in a lighter package or who need a smaller fold for their vehicle or home!

As far as the stroller seat, the TAVO Next is suitable for newborns, and is going to be a bit larger seat for your child to grow into! 

Stroller Weight

  • TRIV Next: 18.5 pounds (excluding seat insert, bumper bar and canopy)
  • TAVO Next: 23.2 pounds (excluding seat insert, bumper bar and canopy) 

Weight Capacity

  • TRIV Next: 50 pounds
  • TAVO Next: 50 pounds


  • TRIV Next: 37"L x 22.5"W x 42-43.5”H
  • TAVO Next: 28.4”L x 22.4 x 43.7"H

Folded Dimensions

  • TRIV Next: 24”L x 22.5"W x 15"H
  • TAVO Next: 28.4”L x 22.4”W x20.9”H

Seat Back Height

  • TRIV Next:19”
  • TAVO Next: 18"

Seat to Canopy Height

  • TRIV Next: 21”
  • TAVO Next: 22.5"

Seat Depth

  • TRIV Next: 10” 
  • TAVO Next: 10"

Calf Support Length

  • TRIV Next: ?
  • TAVO Next: 7.5"

Wheel Size

  • TRIV Next: 7” front wheels, 9" rear wheels 
  • TAVO Next: 7.5” front wheels, 9.8” rear wheels

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Features

Both strollers are built to function as simple, lightweight, comfortable single strollers packed with features that make everyday outings a little nicer. Shared features include a telescoping vegan leather handlebar, magnetic seat buckles, removable seat fabric to reveal a summer mesh seat, and large extendable canopies.

We'll explore the features of each stroller in this section to see what differentiates the Nuna TRIV Next from the Nuna TAVO Next.

Features shared by TRIV Next and TAVO Next:

  • Lightweight frame
  • One-handed telescoping handlebar to multiple height settings
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • Stands upright when folded
  • Magnetic buckles and no-rethread harness
  • Quick, easy one-handed fold
  • One-touch foot brake for easy stop and go
  • Vegan leather handlebar and bumper bar
  • Oversized, UPF 50+ canopy with extendable eyeshade and mesh ventilation panels
  • Seat fabric snaps out to reveal an all-mesh seat that keeps baby comfortable in warm weather

Features unique to the TRIV Next:

  • Removable, reversible seat
  • Folds no matter which way the seat is facing
  • Ring adapter folds with the stroller
  • Easier to access basket
  • Durable footrest for a more comfortable ride

Features unique to the TAVO Next:

  • Organizing pockets built into basket for drinks, weather covers, and more
  • Reclines to four positions, including near-flat sleeping position
  • Easy, one-click connection with the Nuna PIPA car seats for a travel system
  • Ability to adjust the calf support up like a bassinet
  • Back of the stroller unzips to reveal more mesh and ventilation

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Bassinets

The Nuna TAVO Next does not have a bassinet option, however, the seat does have a near-flat recline and has an infant insert that provides extra support for your newborn.

The Nuna TRIV Next will have a bassinet, and the tentative release date from Nuna is Summer 2023. The bassinet will come with the bassinet stand for use in your bedroom or home. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleep, and can be used as your baby’s first bed!


How to fold the Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next

Thanks to their compact frames, both the TRIV Next and TAVO Next fold to sizes small enough to fit in the trunk of most vehicles or store out-of-site in a coat closet or entry way. Both strollers are easy to fold and stand upright once folded. 

The Nuna TRIV Next can be folded with the toddler seat facing either direction, or with just the car seat adapter connected - it folds in half!

How to fold the Nuna TRIV Next 

To fold the Nuna TRIV Next with the toddler seat attached, you'll need to fold the seat in half, then fold up the frame. First, lower the handlebar to the lowest position. Then raise the seat recline up to a 90-degree angle by using the lever on the back of the seat. Using that same lever, pull it up and push the button on top of it, and the seat will fold down over itself. Next, simply grab the strap on the back of the seat and pull up! The TRIV Next can stand when folded, but you may need to find its sweet spot on the wheels for that to happen.

It's easy to carry the TRIV Next once it's folded due to the leatherette padded carry strap.

To fold the TRIV Next with the included infant car seat adapter attached, you simply lower the handlebar to the lowest position and then pull up on the strap located in the center of the adapter. That's it! The adapter folds in half! 

To unfold, just grab a hold of the handlebars, lift it up, flip up the seat and you're ready to stroll!

How to fold the Nuna TAVO Next

To fold the Nuna TAVO Next, first lock the stroller and collapse the canopy. Then put the handlebar in the lowest position. Next, squeeze the bottom folding button in the center of the handlebar and the stroller will accordion fold down.

The TAVO Next automatically locks when folded and stands upright. You can even trolly it behind you!

To open, just unlock the stroller, and pull up on the handle until the stroller locks back in place. 

Nuna Triv Next fold vs Tavo Next fold 

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Fabrics and Materials

The TRIV Next and TAVO Next seat inserts are made with a merino wool and Tencel blend, natural fabrics that are sustainable and help to keep your child stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Merino wool also has bonus properties, like being soft, hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly.

Both the TRIV Next and TAVO Next have soft fabrics and generous extendable canopies, plus they offer plenty of ventilation to keep kids comfortable in warm weather and have the option of removing the seat insert for an all mesh summer seat. They both have a luxe leatherette handlebar and bumper bar.

To see current color options for the TRIV Next, click here.

To see current color options for the TAVO Next, click here.

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Car Seat Compatibility

Both the TRIV Next and TAVO Next are only compatible with Nuna car seats - specifically the PIPA line of infant car seats. Any Nuna PIPA model will fit on both strollers.

The TRIV Next comes with a foldable ring adapter that you click in place instead of the stroller seat - the car seat easily clicks in. The TAVO Next does not need an adapter and instead uses the included bumper bar to lock the car seat on - just recline the seat all the way first!



 Nuna Triv Next and Nuna Tavo Next with Nuna Pipa infant car seats

Nuna TRIV Next vs. Nuna TAVO Next Pros and Cons

So which stroller is better: the Nuna TRIV Next or the Nuna TAVO Next? Let's highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Nuna TRIV Next

If you're looking for a stroller that's super easy to use and fold, a breeze to push, and lightweight, yet also full of features, the Nuna TRIV Next may be your answer! 


  • Reversible, removable seat
  • One-handed fold with the stroller seat rear or forward facing
  • One-handed fold with the included car seat adapter attached (the adapter folds in half!)
  • Smaller fold since the seat folds in half
  • All-season seat keeps baby cozy in the winter and easily converts to a mesh seat in the warmer months   
  • Removable, washable seat insert 
  • Lighter weight at under 19 pounds 
  • Will be offering a bassinet and stand option
  • Parent cup holder offered


  • Not many accessories offered, such as no snack tray
  • Small selection of colors
  • More expensive than the TAVO Next

 nuna triv next stroller

Nuna TAVO Next

The Nuna TAVO Next is a great option for parents who want a simple and easy to use system. It’s lightweight for a full size stroller, and has an easy, one-click connection with the Nuna PIPA car seats - no adapters required!


  • Lower price point than the TRIV Next
  • No adapter needed for any of the PIPA seats
  • Stroller can trolley behind you when folded
  • All-season seat keeps baby cozy in the winter and easily converts to a mesh seat in the warmer months
  • Stroller has a near flat position for newborns
  • Snack tray offered


  • Non-removable seat - plus baby cannot face you except in the car seat
  • Larger when folded
  • Nearly 5 pounds heavier
  • No parent cup holder offered

 nuna tavo next stroller


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