Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby Remi Playard Comparison

Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby Remi Playard Comparison

Shopping for a great travel crib for your next trip? Leading stroller and car seat brands Nuna and UPPAbaby both make a full-sized playard.

In addition to other home gear such as a high chair and lounger, Nuna has offered the Aire series playards for many years, designing a range of choice for parents from the full-sized SENA Aire Playard to its mini version that has been phased out, plus a narrow bedside version called the COVE Aire GO.

Known for their versatile stroller line, the Remi Playard is UPPAbaby's first venture into home gear, making a splash with a wide range of helpful accessories for travel and for the nursery.

Both the UPPAbaby Remi and Nuna SENA Aire playards offer a bassinet option, changing accessory, and fold compactly for easy transport to grandparents house or air travel. They're both also GREENGUARD Gold certified to have met rigorous testing and standards for quality and safety to ensure a healthy environment for your little one.

With so many similarities, it can be hard to choose! We'll help explore more about features, dimensions, ease of use, and more further in this article.

Let's see how the SENA Aire and Remi compare.

Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison

UPPAbaby Remi Video

See more details and features of the UPPAbaby Remi Playard in this review video:


    Overall, the Remi is slightly smaller and lighter weight than the SENA Aire - that's helpful for frequent travel and storage. However, you may prefer a slightly roomier playard like the SENA Aire if you plan to keep the playard in one home much of the time.

    SENA Aire vs Remi Weight (without Bassinet)

    • SENA Aire: 22 pounds
    • Remi: 20 pounds

    SENA Aire vs Remi Dimensions Open

    • SENA Aire: 41.3" L x 30" W x 29" H
    • Remi: 40.5" L x 26" W x 28.5" H

    SENA Aire vs Remi Dimensions Folded

    • SENA Aire: 11" L x 13" W x 31.5" H
    • Remi: 11" L x 10" W x 28.5" H

    SENA Aire vs Remi Playard Capacity

    • SENA Aire: up to 30 pounds and 35" tall
    • Remi: up to 35" tall

    SENA Aire vs Remi Bassinet Weight Capacity

    • SENA Aire: birth to 15 pounds
    • Remi: birth to 20 pounds

    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison


    Both the Nuna SENA Aire and UPPAbaby Remi are quick to fold, compact for travel, and built to the highest standard for you and your child's health.

    With GREENGUARD Gold Certification, both the SENA Aire and now the Remi are two of the most natural playard options you can choose from, being scientifically proven to reduce VOCs by meeting rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards.

    Use the SENA Aire or Remi from birth with the included bassinet attachments, which each attach overtop the playard for an elevated position that is easier for parents or caregivers to reach. The SENA Aire has a larger bassinet mattress than the Remi because the SENA Aire mattress stays the same size from bassinet to playard mode - reaching to all four sides of the playard. With the Remi bassinet, you'll adjust the included mattress to its smaller size for use in the bassinet setting, which has sloped mesh sides surrounding the inset mattress.

    Nuna designed the SENA Aire playard to allow for 360° ventilation; v-shaped supports extend from the lower corners to upper sides, which means baby has mesh windows on all four sides but also all four corners.

    UPPAbaby designed the Remi playard with mesh windows at all four sides, with vertical posts at each corner for support. Unique to the Remi, a zip out window at the side lets you easily access your child at their level. Just unzip the window and tuck the surplus mesh out of the way for ins and out and interaction during playtime or soothing a fussy child at nap-time.

    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison


    The Nuna SENA Aire Playard is available in three colors:

    • Caviar black
    • Granite grey
    • Champagne beige
    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison

    The UPPAbaby Remi Playard features 100% full grain leather accents and is available in four colors:

    • Jake charcoal black
    • Stella brushed grey melange
    • Charlie sand melange
    • Noa navy melange
    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison


    Both Nuna and UPPAbaby offer similar accessories for their playards, including a changing station and spare mattress covers.

    Nuna already includes one organic cotton sheet with purchase of the SENA Aire, as well as a lightweight travel bag that uniquely fits the SENA Aire for easy transport on the go. A Changer to match is sold separately, handy to have when you're not at home or for grandparents to keep on hand for visits.

    UPPAbaby typically offers a diverse range of accessories for their products and the Remi is no exception, offering a few more accessory options that offer unique benefits.

    For additional shade during nap time at your hotel room or family gathering, the UPPAbaby Remi Canopy accessory attaches overtop with a mesh window for air flow and visibility. Choose between an organic cotton mattress cover (already included with purchase) or waterproof mattress cover for added protection. With the Changing Station - designed to easily collapse and fold out of the way when not in use - you can also get a handy organizer for diapers and wipes that attaches to the side of your Remi.

    Nuna SENA Aire Accessories

    UPPAbaby Remi Accessories:

    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison


    So which is better, the Nuna SENA Aire or the UPPAbaby Remi?

    Nuna SENA Aire


    • Mesh panels at all four corners and sides
    • Larger mattress area for bassinet mode
    • Folds with bassinet attached


    • Bassinet attaches and removes with 4 buckles and 4 snaps at the sides and corners, which takes longer to attach and remove
    • Two pounds heavier
    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison

    UPPAbaby Remi


    • Side panel zips open for easy access to baby
    • Zip-on mesh bassinet is quick to attach and remove
    • Two pounds lighter weight, more compact


    • Smaller bassinet mattress area
    • Bassinet must be removed to fold
    Nuna Sena Aire vs. UPPAbaby REMI Playard Comparison


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