Nuna Jett Collection vs. Nuna Suited Collection Comparison

Nuna Jett Collection vs. Nuna Suited Collection Comparison

In 2017, Nuna offered  two special editions of its popular MIXX2 stroller, the Jett Collection and the Suited Collection. Both collections featured one-box stroller and bassinet sets in dark gray tones, as well as a matching Nuna PIPA infant car seat.

So what were the differences between the two collections? The Suited Collection featured upgrades not seen on any other MIXX2 stroller, while the Jett Collection—which premiered before any MIXX2—had a few minor features that have since been changed on subsequent models.

We'll explain all the differences in this Nuna Jett Collection vs. Nuna Suited Collection comparison.

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection

Nuna Jett Collection Price vs. Nuna Suited Collection Price

The Nuna Jett Collection MIXX2 bundle was sold for $729.95.

The Suited Collection MIXX2 bundle was priced at $799.95.

Both the Jett and Suited versions of the Nuna PIPA car seats were $299.95.

Colors and Fabrics

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection

While the core color of both the Jett and Suited Collections was gray, the colors and fabrics for each collection were different.

The Jett Collection had a dark gray with lighter gray interior fabrics and black leather-like details. The fabric was the same canvas material seen on the other MIXX2 strollers, and the frame color was matte black.

The Suited Collection featured a gray tweed material with more textured, thicker and higher-quality than the canvas fabric, accounting for the price difference. The leather-like details were dark brown, and the frame and wheel accents take on a subtle rose gold hue.

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection


Like the other MIXX2 strollers, the Jett stroller had an open basket that allows you to toss your bag inside.

The Suited was the only MIXX2 stroller that features a basket with a fabric cover on top, which keeps your belongings safely zipped inside.

On both versions, the basket color matched the stroller color.

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection

Seat Back

The Jett Collection was released before any other MIXX2 stroller, debuting as a special-edition. As a result, Nuna has since changed a few details for the other colors of MIXX2, including the Suited.

On the back of the stroller seat, the Jett version includes printed safety information that has since been removed from other MIXX2 strollers such as Suited. The back pocket is also smaller, though still big enough to hold a phone.

There is no printed information on the back of the Suited stroller, and the back pocket is larger to hold more essentials.

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection

Sides of Seat Fabric

The Jett stroller does not have fabric on the sides of the seat, near the buttons used to remove the seat from the frame. 

On the Suited stroller, that portion of the seat is covered in fabric for a cleaner look.

nuna jett collection vs nuna suited collection

Included Accessories

Both the Jett and Suited Collection stroller/bassinet sets come with a rain cover and the adapters needed to attach the matching PIPA infant car seat to the stroller.

The Suited stroller also includes a dual seat liner/footmuff accessory in the same color.

Nuna Suited Collection Stroller


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