Nuna Demi Next with Pipa Rx and Sibling Seat vs. Silver Cross Wave Double Stroller

Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3 | Stroller Comparison

If you're in search of a stroller, chances are you've encountered the renowned brands Nuna and Silver Cross. These brands are synonymous with premium baby gear crafted from top-notch materials, exuding luxury. In this article, we'll be comparing the single-to-double convertible stroller models from both brands – the Nuna Demi Next and the Silver Cross Wave 3. Both of these strollers offer the flexibility of use as single, double, or twin strollers. Continue reading to explore the distinctions and ultimately find the model that best suits your family's needs.

What similarities do the Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave 3 share? Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

The Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave 3, both being premium, fully-featured strollers, share several common attributes. They both possess the capability to convert into twin and double strollers, catering to the needs of expanding families. However, the Wave 3 comes ready for two from the start! Both strollers include a reversible main seat that allows both parent-facing and world-facing positions, an easily adjustable magnetic harness, a multi-position recline feature, large foam-filled tires with advanced suspension for a smooth ride, and an expandable canopy offering UPF50+ protection along with ventilation panels.

What are the differences between the Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave 3? Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave Configurations

The primary distinction between the Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave 3 lies in their double stroller configurations. The Demi Next features a stacked configuration, with the second seat positioned under the top seat, while the Wave 3 adopts an inline configuration, placing the second seat at the front of the frame. Each configuration comes with its own advantages and drawbacks.

The stacked configuration of the Demi Next ensures both children are within arm's reach and in the immediate line of sight of the pusher, facilitating easy interaction with both kids during the stroll. This stacking also provides improved weight distribution, resulting in easier turning, steering, and overall maneuverability. However, the downside is that the second seat sits inside the Demi Next storage basket, significantly reducing the stroller's storage capacity when used as a double stroller.

On the other hand, the inline configuration of the Wave 3 positions one child in front of the frame, which may pose challenges for strolling interaction. The added weight at the front can make the Wave 3 feel more cumbersome when turning and steering. However, this configuration does not impede on any storage space, allowing parents full utility of the storage basket when using the Wave 3 as a double stroller.

Additional noteworthy difference:

  • The  Wave 3 comes packaged with the tandem seat (sibling seat) so it is ready for two riders out of the box! The second seat for the  Demi Next is sold separately.
  • The Demi Next can hold 50lbs per seat with a 22lb weight limit for the storage basket, the Wave 3 can hold 55lbs per seat with a 33lb weight limit for the storage basket. 
  • The Demi Next comes with a ride on board included, it does not come with a bassinet but Nuna does offer a bassinet sold separately. The Wave 3 comes with a sleep rated bassinet, it does not come with a ride on board but Silver Cross does offer one sold separately. 
  • The Demi Next comes to a standing fold. The Wave 3 folds to the ground. 
  • The Wave 3 can hold 3 children with the addition of the tandem seat and ride-on-board. The Demi Next can only hold two children at a time. (The ride-on-board can not be used at the same time as the Sibling Seat).


Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3
Nuna Demi Next Double vs. Silver Cross Wave 3 double

What infant car seats are compatible with the Nuna Demi Next and Silver Cross Wave 3? Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

The Demi Next and Wave 3 can both be paired with an infant car seat for use as a travel system. Both strollers also have the ability to hold two infant car seats, making for great twin options too! 

The Demi Next comes with two sets of car seat adapters, one ring adapter and one set of post adapters. These adapters accommodate seamless pairing with Nuna Pipa infant car seats. For a list of compatible car seats click >>>here.

While the Wave 3 does not come with infant car seat adapters included, they are offered by Silver Cross and sold separately. Silver Cross has an upper car seat adapter and a lower car seat adapter depending where you wish to put the car seat. They offer one set of infant car seat adapters that allows the Wave 3 to be paired with a variety of infant car seat brands. For a list of compatible car seats click >>>here

Woman pushing Demi Next with PIPA car seat / Wave 3 with PIPA car seat

What stroller has better features? Nuna Demi Next vs.  Silver Cross Wave 3:

Both the Demi Next and the Wave 3 showcase distinctive brand touches that set each model apart in its own unique way. The Demi Next's all-season seat caters to families frequently on the go in warmer weather. Its removable seat liner, attached with Velcro, can be taken off to reveal a mesh seat, offering premium airflow during the summer months. Additionally, the Demi Next includes a napping shade and a mosquito net integrated into its canopy.

On the other hand, the Wave 3 bassinet is overnight sleep safe approved. It comes with a bamboo lining, contributing to the regulation of the baby's temperature, as well as, an included apron for warmth plus a ventilated UPF 50+ extended hood with pop-put sun visor and peek-a-boo window! The bassinet mattress is also washable. For a comprehensive list of features for each stroller, please refer below.

close up of Demi Next seat and Wave 3 bassinet

Nuna Demi Next features:

Toddler Seat + Frame

  • Forward and rear-facing seat options
  • One-touch rear-wheel braking system for scuff-free shoe control
  • Custom dual suspension™ provides a nice, smooth ride
  • Wide, swivel-lock front wheels make it a master of smooth riding motion
  • One-hand adjustable calf support and footrest to accommodate growth
  • Self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles automatically lock into place
  • Quick-release 3 to 5-point harness makes it easy to fasten them in
  • Fenders and built-in hub caps protect from dirt and debris
  • Easily removable premium Merino wool insert provides ultra-soft comfort
  • Eye-to-eye connection is easier with the elevated seat level
  • Rotating and removable armbar fits kids of all sizes
  • Water-repellent UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy™ protects from the elements
  • Built-in privacy drape and ventilation panels in the canopy for ideal airflow
  • All-season seat keeps baby cozy in winter and easily converts to mesh in summer
  • Tires are tough, foam-filled, and ready for any terrain
  • No-rethread harness makes it easy to adjust for comfort and growth
  • Large basket with 22 lb capacity holds everything you need for the journey
  • Adjustable pushbar with luxe leatherette accents to accommodate varying heights
  • Included rain cover for when the weather doesn't cooperate
  • Compatible with the Demi next sibling seat and Demi next bassinet


  • Two swivel wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Holds up to 50 lbs
  • Flips into the stroller basket when not in use
  • Folds with stroller

Silver Cross Wave 3 features:

  • Main seat, Bassinet & Tandem seat included
  • 12 single-to-double modes, straight out of the box
  • Bassinet facing parent while tandem seat faces world mode, straight out of the box
  • 5-point Genius harness system with magnetic buckle
  • Patented two height riding positions elevate and bring baby closer to you
  • One-handed, 3-position reclining seat is roomy and robust
  • Adjustable calf rest and integrated footrest for added comfort
  • Reversible seat allows baby to face you or face forward
  • Magnesium alloy frame provides maximum strength and durability
  • All-wheel suspension with puncture-proof tires with deeper tread for the smoothest, sturdiest ride
  • Ventilated canopy includes pop-out UPF 50+ fabric for additional sun protection, ventilation panel and peek-a-boo window
  • Leatherette details, including handlebar, bumper bar and trim
  • Hard-shell large underseat basket protects your belongings
  • Bassinet approved for overnight sleeping features hard-shell base, washable mattress, ventilated canopy and two independent ventilation points
  • Bamboo fabric lining in bassinet has natural anti-bacterial qualities and helps regulate baby's temperature
  • Zip-on bassinet apron

Dimensions and Specs: Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Open Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:

 Stroller Weight:

  • Demi Next: 26lbs
  • Wave 3: Chassis: 23.5lbs, Main Seat: 5.8lbs, Bassinet: 8.5lbs, Tandem Seat: 5.3lbs.

Recommended Use:

  • Demi Next: From birth (with infant car seat or bassinet) to 50lbs
  • Wave 3: From birth (with infant car seat or bassinet) to 55lbs (main seat)

Storage Basket Weight Capacity:


What's in the box:

  • Demi Next: Stoller frame, seat, ring adapter, post adapters (1 set), ride-on-board, fenders, rain cover.
  • Wave 3: Stroller frame, main seat, tandem seat, bassinet, two rain covers for seats, one universal bug, two bumper bars, bassinet adaptors, tandem adapters, cup holder. 

What brand offers better accessories Nuna or Silver Cross? Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Both Nuna and Silver Cross provide a range of accessories to enhance the functionality of each stroller. It's worth noting that the Wave 3 comes with a more extensive set of included accessories. Explore the accessory assortments for each brand below.

Woman pushing Demi Next with child on the rider board / Wave 3 with two seats and riding board

Demi Next Accessories:

Wave 3 Accessories:

What stroller is better for my family? Nuna Demi Next vs. Silver Cross Wave 3:

Close up of harness on Demi Next and Wave 3

Both the Demi Next and the Silver Cross Wave 3 stand out as high-quality options, designed for comfortable extended walks and offering convenience as travel systems with infant car seats. They excel as best-in-class double and twin stroller options, boasting impressive 50 and 55 pound seat weight limits, among the highest in the single-to-double category.

For families that need to carry a lot of "stuff", the Wave 3 may be a preferable choice, as its storage basket can hold an additional 10 pounds of cargo. The Wave 3 also allows the use of the basket in double mode. Plus the Wave 3 comes with both seats, and can be a double straight out of the box including utilizing using the bassinet on the top and the tandem seat on the bottom! Families with three or more children will find an advantage in the Wave 3's ability to accommodate a third child on its ride-on board too.

On the other hand, for families prioritizing maneuverability and performance, the Demi Next may be the ideal fit. It stands out as the best choice for families residing in warmer climates year-round. Ultimately, both models offer exceptional features, and the choice between them depends on the specific preferences and needs of each family.


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