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If you love the modern design of the Mima Xari but feel hesitant about its price and practicality, the new Mima Xari Sport may make for the perfect compromise.

Now available at Strolleria for $999, the Mima Xari Sport looks similar in style to the original Xari—without the $1,400+ price tag.

The Xari and Xari Sport share the same chassis, but the Xari Sport has a different seat with denim knit fabrics instead of the leatherette seen on the Xari. The Xari Sport also offers added practicality to the stroller, like a one-piece fold and a larger seat with a footrest to accommodate a growing toddler (also sold separately for the Xari).

In this post, we'll compare the Mima Xari and Mima Xari Sport.

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Price

At $999, Mima Xari Sport offers a significant discount over the original Xari.

The Xari, the only stroller made completely of leatherette fabrics, is priced at $1,400 to $2,000 depending on color. In addition to its luxurious materials, the Xari also warrants a higher price point because it comes with a carrycot/bassinet that zips inside the seat—a feature not seen on the Xari Sport.

Also included with the Xari is a "starter pack" of fabrics that add changeable style to the seat, bassinet mattress and bassinet apron. The starter pack is not offered for the Xari Sport.

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Colors and Fabrics

The original Mima Xari comes in practically every color of the rainbow, including a special-edition yellow version, a royal blue, a glitzy champagne, and a Harley-inspired Rebel version with black and orange details.

The Xari also comes in more neutral (and popular) colors, like Camel Brown, Argento Grey and Black.

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

The Mima Xari Sport comes in only two colors: Denim Blue or Black, both of which include a black frame with black wheels. Instead of the leatherette fabric, the Xari Sport is made with a knit fabric that's typical of most strollers.

In addition to its more athletic fabric, the Xari Sport has a large ventilation panel and a peek-a-boo window in the canopy—two features not seen on the fully-leatherette Xari.

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Seat and Bassinet

Inside the seat of the Xari is a hidden compartment of sorts: When you unzip the lower portion of the seat, you'll reveal the bottom of the carrycot inside.

See how the Xari seat transforms into a bassinet in the graphic below.

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

While unique, the dual-purpose design of the Xari seat means that it's a bit smaller than other stroller seats, and it lacks the adjustable footrest seen on most strollers.

The Xari Sport addresses those concerns by adding a larger, deeper seat that's roomier for an older child. Plus, an adjustable footrest on the Xari Sport adds leg support as your child grows. 

Love the look of the Mima Xari but wish it came with the Sport's larger seat? You're in luck: The Mima Xari XL Seat Box is also sold separately and can be paired with any Xari chassis.

While the Mima Xari Sport does not come with a bassinet like the Xari does, a 

Mima Xari vs. Mima Xari Sport Stroller Comparison

Car Seats Compatible with Mima Xari and Mima Xari Sport

The car seats below are compatible with the Mima Xari and Mima Xari Sport strollers. All car seats require an adapter to be used with the stroller.


Both the Mima Xari and the new Mima Xari Sport offer a uniquely modern look and high-quality Dutch design.

At $999, the Xari Sport is priced more competitively to other quality strollers in the market and adds the convenience factors many parents are looking for, like a one-piece fold, more practical fabrics, and a roomier seat for a larger child.

But as the only leather-look stroller, the Xari offers a striking appearance with hundreds of color combinations. The Xari may not be as practical as the Xari Sport, but for those who want the most unique stroller on the block, the original Xari still has no comparison.


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