How to Choose Fun and Developmental Gear

Whether you're designing a nursery, establishing your initial baby registry, or curating a first birthday wishlist, it's crucial to prioritize beautifully crafted, high-quality items. The allure of evolving technology, featuring child-friendly handheld devices, may make it tempting to entertain babies and toddlers with electronics, ensuring the emergence of a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs. However, it is equally important for child development to embrace traditional play, fostering creativity, imagination, and encouraging movement to enhance motor skills, balance, and instill healthy, active habits! This article will concentrate on fun and developmental essentials that should form the cornerstone of your nursery or playroom.

First, let's acquaint ourselves with some of our favorite brands redirecting children from screen time and encouraging a return to play!

What brands should I consider for my nursery and playroom?

Charlie Crane:

Charlie Crane originated in Paris, founded by a father with the aim of creating both beautiful and practical furniture and baby gear pieces. Charlie Crane's products are designed for children but with parents in mind, intentionally crafted to seamlessly match any home decor.

 Charlie Crane

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Gathre is a lifestyle brand founded by two best friend moms dedicated to balancing daily life and parenthood. The Gathre lifestyle promotes slowing down, gathering, and savoring special moments. Gathre products are crafted for functionality while reflecting a distinct personal style, enhancing home aesthetics. The Gathre line, featuring vegan leather, includes water-resistant, wipe-to-clean pieces that are free of toxins, PVC, phthalates, and lead.


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Lorna Canels:

Lorena Canals, the founder and designer of this premium brand, brings forth high-quality handmade rugs and accessories. Drawing inspiration from nature, Lorena Canals rugs are unique, offering practical solutions for parents. Acknowledging the inevitability of messes in a life with kids, Lorena Canals rugs are conveniently machine washable. This brand is completely hands-on in every step of production, from design to manufacturing and distribution. Lorena Canals products are colored using non-toxic dyes and are environmentally friendly, demonstrating a commitment to zero waste and water conservation.

Lorena Canals

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Milton & Goose

Milton & Goose was founded by a determined mom in search of the perfect birthday gift for her child, particularly a toy kitchen. Disappointed by the low-quality and underwhelming options in the market, she took matters into her own hands, designing and building her own, giving rise to Milton & Goose. Today, Milton & Goose has become a go-to choice for parents seeking high-quality, handmade designs for their playrooms and nurseries. All Milton & Goose products are made in the USA, crafted with durable materials, and built to be passed down from generation to generation. Each piece is manufactured using solid wood and non-toxic materials.

Milton & Goose

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Piccalio originated in Venice, CA, with a mission to design pieces that break away from the typical plastic eyesores. The brand aims to provide parents with modern and unique products that complement their home while encouraging children to actively engage in play and foster independent thinking. Piccalio is dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials, and all of their products are crafted with non-toxic materials; the ones listed below are also GREENGUARD Gold Certified!


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Wonder & Wise:

Wonder & Wise specializes in baby and child toys, bedding, and decor. Their motto, "Play is an important part of life which is why we take play so seriously," should undoubtedly catch the attention of every parent. Wonder & Wise toys are purposefully crafted to cultivate imagination through play, providing a meaningful break from technology.

Wonder & Wise

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Which nursery pieces will ignite imagination and contribute to developmental growth?

Whether you're designing a baby's nursery or revamping a child's bedroom, we absolutely adore Lorena Canals' Vintage Map Rug and World Map Pouf! Introducing children to geography and offering a glimpse of the world will unlock doors to imagination and inspire thoughts of all the places they can explore!

Lorena Canals

A bookcase should serve as a focal point in every nursery, bedroom, or playroom. Conveying the significance of reading from an early age and fostering an interest in books leaves an impression that can last a lifetime. Even for the youngest book lovers who can't yet decipher written words, flipping through pages filled with captivating illustrations lays the foundation for a lifelong love of reading. 
We love the Milton & Goose bookshelf, crafted from solid maple wood with non-toxic finishes, ensuring its durability to hold your child's books through many years and every room transformation.

 Milton & Goose Bookcase

What are the best toys for infant motor skills development?

From the day your baby is welcomed into your home, they require engagement and stimulation. While their first year will pass by swiftly, their needs will also rapidly evolve. Let's go through a few essentials to support your infant's development during their first year!

Activity Gyms:

Newborns may not be very mobile and are not yet ready to play with toys independently, activity gyms are excellent for floor and tummy time. Facilitating tummy time is crucial for a baby's neck control development. Placing baby under activity gyms provides an incentive for them to look up and engage. Even while lying on their back beneath these gyms, they will start to reach up and interact with the fun and captivating hanging toys!

Charlie Crane

Explore our top picks for activity gyms designed to stimulate curiosity and enhance motor skills

Stacking and Sorting Toys:

Stacking and sorting toys are essential for a baby's first year. These toys play a crucial role in developing fine motor skills and fostering a basic level of organizational skills. 


Check out our favorite stacking and sorting toys:

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Activity Table:

Before infants even start to stand and walk, they'll be pulling themselves up to explore activity tables! "Cruising" around these tables builds their confidence, paving the way for those first unsupported steps. Activity tables offer various ways to play and engage, promoting movement and facilitating the development of both gross and fine motor skills. 

Wonder & Wise

The Wonder & Wise Awesome Activity Table offers hours of entertainment and stimulation, featuring key developmental elements such as stacking animals, a shape sorter, and even a train set!


What is the best gear for toddler motor skills development? 


The modern indoor gym options are extensive, ensuring that even rainy days can be filled with active play. Our carefully curated list includes products that contribute to the development of balance, coordination, gross motor skills, and imagination. Engaging in indoor active play keeps toddlers occupied without resorting to screen time, fostering healthy habits of movement!


Indoor Active Play:

Building toys not only enhance motor skills but also foster imaginative play. Explore Gathre's oversized blocks and Arc Set, providing toddlers with opportunities to climb, slide, and build. Freshly Picked magnetic blocks serve as a perfect introduction to building and basic architecture, eliminating concerns about small pieces that could pose choking hazards. Each block features strong magnets, allowing these large-sized blocks to easily connect.


Building Play:

Freshly Picked


      What gear is best for developing imagination and independence? 

      Gear designed to nurture pretend play is crucial for toddler development. As children transition into toddlerhood and beyond, they relish the opportunity to imitate the tasks they observe their parents doing daily. While moms and dads may grow tired of the mealtime routine, toddlers thoroughly enjoy spending hours "cooking" with their play kitchens! A toy kitchen is a must-have, and, of course, your little one will also need toy food to serve up to the family.

      Milton & Goose

      Tents, teepees, and playhouses are also favorites among toddlers and children. These cozy nooks provide the perfect spot for endless pretend play or quiet moments spent turning the pages of beloved books! 

      Pretend Play:


        Learning towers are another must-have item to foster independence and cater to curious toddlers. These towers enable toddlers to assist parents as sous chefs by being pulled up directly to kitchen counters. They also promote independence by helping children reach bathroom sinks for teeth brushing and hand washing! 


        Learning Towers:

         Wonder & Wise


        Selecting the right infant and toddler play gear is as significant as deciding on a stroller and car seat. The developmental toys and gear used during these critical stages lay the foundation for healthy habits in the years to come. Choosing toys and gear that contribute to the development of fine and gross motor skills, creativity, imagination, and independence is of utmost importance. While every parent may occasionally turn to screen time to pacify sleepy or cranky infants and toddlers, it is essential to take technology breaks and engage in traditional play.


        Strolleria is dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. If you have more questions about the best fun and developmental gear for infants and toddlers feel free to chat us or email us at customercare@strolleria.com.