Cybex AVI Jogging Stroller vs. Cybex ZENO Multisport

Cybex AVI Jogging Stroller vs. Cybex ZENO Multisport

The Cybex AVI Jogging Stroller and Cybex ZENO Multisport are two jogging strollers designed to support active parents who want to take their baby on adventures! The ZENO Multisport actually goes beyond the trail as its unique 4-in-1 multisport feature lets you enjoy being active in any season—whether you’re jogging in the park, cycling in the city, or skiing through the snow.

Let’s take a closer look at these two strollers!

AVI vs. ZENO Video

Here is a visual comparison between the Cybex AVI Jogging Stroller and the Cybex ZENO Multisport, comparing the similarities and differences between the maneuverability, features, and more. 

AVI vs. ZENO Price

The Cybex AVI Jogging Stroller is $579.95 while the Cybex ZENO Multisport is $899.95. The ZENO comes with a rain cover, while the AVI does not come with any accessories.

AVI vs. ZENO Weight and Specifications

Both the AVI and ZENO strollers are approximately the same size when in use, but do differ when folded. The AVI is going to be more compact when folded in length and height. The AVI is also over 4 pounds lighter than the ZENO, and is one of the lightest jogging strollers on the market!


Weight Limit

  • AVI: 49 pounds
  • ZENO: 49 pounds (max cargo load of 75 pounds)


  • AVI: 59”L x 27”W x 46”H
  • ZENO: 61”L x 27”W x 48”H

Folded Dimensions

  • AVI: 35”L x 23”W x 10”H
  • ZENO: 39”L x 23”W x 14”H

Seat Back Height

Seat Depth

Calf Support

  • AVI: 5.5”
  • ZENO: 9.5” - more like full leg support since it is fully enclosed on the ZENO

Wheel Size

  • AVI: 15” front; 19” back
  • ZENO: 15” front; 19” back

AVI vs. ZENO Configurations

Only the Cybex AVI is able to be used from birth with use of a Cybex infant car seat model (adapter sold separately).

The Cybex ZENO are not intended to be used with infants under 6 months old. Once your baby is 6 months old, you can use the AVI and ZENO seat at a normal walking pace until you can safely jog with your baby at about 9 months old. The AVI and ZENO only allow the child to face out and will not work with any bassinets. Forward-facing stroller seats are built into the frame to create an aerodynamic design, and the AVI provides the option to recline to several adjustable settings when your child wants to rest.

The Cybex ZENO is unique in that there are four ways to use the stroller (with the purchase of accessories). You can walk/jog the traditional way straight out of the box, or you can purchase attachments to run with the stroller attached to you pulling it with your body, attach it to a bicycle, or even attach it to skis for cross-country skiing.

AVI vs. ZENO Features

Both the Cybex AVI and Cybex ZENO are running strollers with air filled tires, as well a fixed front wheel for the more serious runner and for handling uneven terrain better. It is recommended to always run with a fixed front wheel for safety and more stability even on jogging strollers that have the option for swivel or locked front wheel. It may seem intimidating to use a fixed wheel, however, once you get used to it, it becomes easier! To turn these strollers you simply press down on the handlebar and slightly lift the front wheel, and then turn the stroller using the rear wheels.

The Cybex AVI is lightweight and streamlined for excellent running performance whether that’s in the street, grass, or dirt. It’s only 23.4 pounds, which is super light for a jogging stroller. For example, the Thule Urban Glide 2 is 25.3 pounds, while the Bob Alterrain Pro is 32.3 pounds. The AVI folds very compactly (when taking the wheels off), and offers a smooth ride with rear suspension and air filled tires, has a one-hand recline, a handbrake for speed control, and an ergonomic, adjustable handlebar. The AVI also has ventilation and reflective details to keep you safe on your run! The seat does recline and offers a nice, comfortable ride for your napping child. The stroller also offers a nice storage basket underneath, as well as generous pockets on the back of the seat for smaller items like your phone or wallet.

In comparison, the Cybex ZENO is a bit heavier at 27.6 pounds (still light in the jogger world), and designed for sport. It has all of the same features as the AVI like a compact fold (with the wheels removed), rear suspension, ergonomic, adjustable handlebar, and handbrake. However, the ZENO Multisport trailer gives you the revolutionary freedom to exercise in four different ways. Its unique 4-in-1 multisport feature lets you enjoy being active in any season—whether you’re jogging in the park, cycling in the city, or skiing through the snow. It has attachments to attach it to your body to offer hands-free running, to attach it to the back of your bicycle, or to attach ski's to the frame and attach it to your body for winter sports.

The ZENO seat is very comfortable and padded while being fully enclosed with mesh to protect your child from the elements. Your child has their own little safe space on wheels that can house their drinks, snacks, and little toys that they don’t want to lose on their adventure! However, the ZENO seat does not recline. It does have the same pockets on the back of the seat, which are perfect for storing smaller items like keys, phone, and wallet.

The ZENO also offers an adjustable cabin height, meaning it allows you to lower the center of gravity to get the best performance and safety out of all towing modes. When you want to switch to push-running the cabin can easily be raised again for comfort and easy access to your child.

How to Fold AVI vs. ZENO 

Folding and Unfolding the AVI

Folding the Cybex AVI is pretty simple. The seat cannot be removed, so you always fold it with the seat attached. Make sure the seat is in the upright position and that the canopy is folded back. Fold the handlebar back down, making sure it’s flat against the seat back. Lift up the flap by the footrest, squeeze the two buttons there, and the stroller will fold into place. There is a clip on the side that will keep it locked when in the folded position. To get the most compact fold, remove all three wheels and place them on top of the frame and seat. The rear wheels pop off easily with the touch a button, however, the front wheel takes a bit longer to remove.

To unfold the AVI, unclip the locking clip. Then simply unfold the stroller until it clicks into place. Lastly, adjust the handlebar to your preferred position.

Folding and Unfolding the ZENO

In order to fold the Cybex ZENO, first put the brake on. Then slide the white plastic piece between the back two wheels to the left with your foot and lower the chassis until it clicks. Lift the white handle on the handlebar and fold the handlebar back down, making sure it’s flat against the seat back. Push the white buttons on both side of the stroller seat, then push it forward to collapse the frame.

For a more compact fold, remove the wheels. To remove the front wheel: lift the white handle on top of it, take out the arm which attaches underneath the chassis, lift the lever on the side of the arm and twist until it loosens, then pull out the wheel. The back wheels release by pushing the white button on the center of each one.

To unfold the ZENO, make sure all the wheels are attached. Then unhook the white handle at the back of the stroller above the left wheel. Then the frame will unfold and lock into place. Lift the handle to your desired position, and click the white handle into place. Using your foot, slide the white plastic piece between the back two wheels to the left and lift the whole stroller until it clicks into the higher position for regular push-running.

AVI vs. ZENO Colors and Materials

Both the Cybex AVI and ZENO are offered in five different color ways with reflective accents. As previously mentioned, the ZENO is fully enclosed - although you can leave the mesh open on the front if you wish.

The Cybex AVI and ZENO come in five colors:

  • Black
  • Black / Maliblue
  • Black + Pink / Silver Pink 
  • Cream + Orange / Medal Grey
  • Cream + Orange / Bleached Sand

Car Seats Compatible with AVI vs. ZENO

Only the AVI is compatible with Cybex infant car seats with adapter (sold separately).

There are no car seats currently compatible with the ZENO. Both stroller seats can be used for walking once your child is six months old. You can begin jogging once your child is about nine months old, and biking once they hit a year old. But, be sure to talk to your pediatrician as each child's developments can vary.

AVI vs. ZENO Pros and Cons

So which stroller is better: the Cybex AVI or Cybex ZENO? Only you can decide which stroller is best for your family, but here are the benefits and drawbacks we see.



  • Stroller seat can recline for naps on the go
  • Stroller has an under storage basket
  • Costs $320 less than the ZENO
  • The fold is less steps than the ZENO
  • One of the lightest jogging strollers on the market at 23.4 pounds
  • Compatible with Cybex infant car seats (adapter sold separate)


  • Smaller seat
  • Only a jogging stroller
  • Have to remove the wheels to get a compact fold



  • Seat is roomier for a bigger child
  • Child cannot throw things out of the stroller because they are completely enclosed
  • Better sun coverage
  • Can add attachments to work as a pull stroller, bike trailer, and ski trailer
  • Stroller has an adjustable cabin height


  • Costs $320 more than the AVI and extra attachment accessories cost more
  • Stroller seat cannot recline
  • No under storage basket for your things
  • Almost 4 pounds heavier than the AVI
  • Larger fold than the AVI
  • Have to remove the wheels to get a compact fold 


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