Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Infant Car Seat Comparison

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Infant Car Seat Comparison

For the jet setters and city dwellers, traveling with an infant car seat presents the challenge of how to travel with (or without) the base.

Parents in metropolitan cities that rely on taxis and ride shares for daily commutes may end up leaving the car seat base that came with baby's car seat at home and find that it's rarely - if ever - used in a personal vehicle.

Both Clek and Nuna offer a solution for parents who want a base-free infant car seat!

The Clek Liingo was launched in 2020, as the base-free sibling to a car seat rated #1 by Consumer Reports, the Clek Liing. It features integrated, flexible LATCH connectors that tuck out of the way into a built in storage space when not in use.

Launched at the end of 2022, the Nuna PIPA urbn is the first infant car seat model to have integrated rigid LATCH connectors that are ultra-sturdy with steel reinforcement and require no tensioning unlike the Liingo's flexible LATCH style.

In this article, we'll compare their price, weight, usage limitations, installation, colors, and stroller models they are compatible with. That way, you can be confident in which of these two baseless car seats will best suit your family's needs.

 Clek Liingo vs Nun Pipa urbn car seats

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Video Comparison


Clek Liingo

The Clek Liingo is the sister seat to the Clek Liing. Where traditional infant car seats are sold with a base to provide a LATCH installation option, the Liingo is engineered with the LATCH connectors directly onto the car seat carrier, eliminating the need for the car seat base. The Liingo is compatible with all the same strollers as the Liing with a one handed release, and features an SPF 100+ adjustable canopy with a mesh peekaboo window. If you decide you prefer or want a base, you can always purchase a Clek base down the road! The Liingo will work with the Liing base. 

Clek Liingo

Nuna PIPA urbn

New for 2023, the Nuna PIPA urbn is the only baseless infant car seat with pipaFIX rigid latch built in, that can install in 2 seconds, all while weighing in at an ultralight 7 pounds. This groundbreaking baseless installation feature is integrated into the car seat, allowing for super secure installs in seconds. It features a one-handed, quick release from stroller and vehicle, as well as Nuna's iconic Sky Drape for ultimate privacy. Unlike the Liingo, which can be used with a base if wanted, the PIPA urbn will not work with any base. 

The PIPA urbn is sold only as a one box travel system - you can purchase it with the Nuna MIXX Next, Nuna TRIV Next, or Nuna TRVL. 

Learn about the differences between the PIPA urbn and six other PIPA models in this Nuna PIPA comparison. 

Nuna PIPA urbn baseless infant car seat

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Price

For current pricing, please see the respective product pages: 

*Note that the purchase of the PIPA urbn is over 3-4 times the price of the Clek Liingo because it also comes with a stroller in the same box. 

Nuna PIPA urbn and TRVL Travel System

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Weight

Nuna is known for its lightweight infant car seats, and the PIPA urbn is no different. The Clek Liingo weighs two pounds more than the Nuna PIPA urbn. 


Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA Urbn Weight and Height Limit

The Clek Liingo may last your baby a bit longer as the overall height and weight limits are higher than the Nuna PIPA urbn. Most infant car seats are outgrown around one-year-old, however, it is very dependent on the size of the child. The car seat is outgrown when one of the three limits are met - overall height limit, overall weight limit, or head within 1" of the top of the seat. As soon as one limit is outgrown, the seat is no longer safe to use and it's time to transition to a convertible car seat!

Most babies never get close to the weight limit of the infant car seat and rather outgrow it in terms of head/torso height or overall height first. However, with the PIPA urbn, you may see your baby outgrowing the weight limit at the same time as the height or head height limits. The average one year old weighs about 20 pounds, and is about 29-29.75" tall.  


  • Clek Liingo: 4 to 35 pounds; 32" height limit; head within 1" of top of seat
  • PIPA urbn: 4 to 22 pounds; 29" height limit; head within 1" of top of seat

Nuna PIPA urbn vs Clek Liingo infant car seats

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Installation Without Base

Both the Clek Liingo and Nuna PIPA urbn are baseless infant car seats that are installed using their integrated LATCH systems. The PIPA urbn is a faster, easier install than the Clek Liingo because it uses rigid latch and there is no need for any tightening. Also the latch easily swing out from underneath the car seat.

Clek Liingo

Position the Liingo on vehicle seat with child facing the rear of the vehicle, and rotate carrier so that the blue Recline Reference Line is parallel with the ground. Open the LATCH Bin Door. Press and hold the red release button on each LATCH Connector and pull out to remove from the bin. Rotate LATCH Bin Door up and push to close. 

Then lengthen the LATCH belt by pressing and holding the adjuster release button while pulling belt to extend the length. Grasp the LATCH connector that is furthest from the LATCH belt adjuster and align with the LATCH lower anchor located on the child’s right. Then attach the LATCH Connector to the lower anchor until you hear a click. Route the LATCH belt through both LATCH/Lap belt guides and check that the LATCH Belt is flat with no twists and properly positioned in both belt guides. Align the LATCH Connector closest to LATCH Belt adjuster with the lower anchor located on the child’s left. Then attach the second LATCH Connector to the lower anchor until you hear a click. Lastly, tighten the LATCH belt by using your body to press the carrier into the vehicle seat back while pulling free end of LATCH belt to tighten.

Watch how to install the Clek Liingo in the video below.


Nuna PIPA urbn

The PIPA urbn can be installed in a matter of seconds, with helpful indicators to signal a safe installation.

The PIPA urbn is installed using the steel-reinforced pipaFIX™ rigid latches that are built into the car seat. There is no base required for the urbn, and it is not compatible with PIPA™ series base or RELX™ base.

You simply hinge the attached pipaFIX™ rigid latches forward from under the car seat, find the latch in your vehicle, line them up and click them on to attach. You can then adjust the angle of the seat if needed using the indicator line on the side of the car seat. That’s it!

You can also install the PIPA urbn using the European-style installation method. You can choose to do both install methods at the same time as well - a feature not seen on most seats. This style of installation mimics the use of a load leg and makes the rebound much less.

Watch how to install the Nuna PIPA urbn in the video below.


Strollers Compatible with Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn

The great thing about both the Clek Liingo and Nuna PIPA urbn is that they are both compatible with a wide variety of strollers. They generally use the same adapters as well! Note that the Clek Liingo is not compatible with Nuna strollers. 

Strollers Compatible with Clek Liingo

The Clek Liingo infant car seat shares a design with Maxi-Cosi, Nuna and Cybex car seats that enables it to be used with car seat adapters for these brands.

Strollers Compatible with Nuna PIPA urbn

Right out of the box, you'll get a Nuna MIXX Next, TRIV Next, or TRVL stroller with the PIPA urbn car seat. However, if you nanny share or plan to use additional strollers that fit other purposes, like a double or jogging stroller, the PIPA urbn will still work on any stroller that is compatible with the other Nuna PIPA models. 

Clek Liing vs Nuna PIPA urbn

Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn Colors

For current available colors, please view the product pages of the Clek Liingo and Nuna PIPA urbn.

The Clek Liingo comes in one of Clek's Essential Fabrics, and is free of any additional flame retardant chemicals. It's a soft-to-the-touch wool blend fabric that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, which means every part that makes this car seat is free of harmful substances. 

The Nuna PIPA urbn travel systems comes in select colors depending on which stroller it's paired with:

Benefits and Drawbacks

So which infant car seat is better: the Clek Liingo or the Nuna PIPA urbn? Only you can decide which is best for your family, but here are the potential benefits and drawbacks we see.

Considering one of the other six Nuna PIPA versions that include a base? See our Nuna PIPA series comparison.

Clek Liingo


  • Has a 13 pound higher weight limit of 35 pounds and additional 3" of height capacity at 32" max
  • Can work with the Liing base if you ever did want to purchase or use a base
  • $620-920 cheaper than one of the PIPA urbn travel systems
  • You can choose whatever stroller you want that has Clek adapters - travel stroller, jogger, double, full size single, etc.
  • Made in Canada 
  • Fabric is free of added flame retardants with a wool blend fabric that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified


  • 2 pounds heavier than the PIPA urbn
  • Uses flexible LATCH instead of the PIPA Urbn's steel reinforced rigid LATCH so install will take a little longer 

Clek Liingo

Nuna PIPA urbn


  • 2 second installation with steel reinforced rigid LATCH connectors
  • No base used or needed, just the car seat
  • Weighs only 7 pounds
  • Greenguard Gold certified and fr-free fabrics are planet and baby-friendly
  • Built-in Sky Drape in the canopy provides additional sun coverage
  • Magnetic harness buckle holders keep the harness out of the way for easy ins and outs


  • Lower weight capacity of 22lbs and heigh capacity of 29" 
  • Costs at least $620 more because it's sold and packaged with a complete, toddler-ready stroller as well
  • Can't purchase on its own if you already have your stroller

Nuna PIPA urbn


The Clek Liingo and Nuna PIPA urbn both are great baseless options for the more urban parents that are often traveling or taking ride shares. They are both well-regarded for their safety features and comfortable, premium materials. The PIPA urbn comes boxed with one of three strollers, whereas the cheaper Liingo comes by itself, allowing you to choose what stroller you'd like to pair with it. However, both will work with a multitude of strollers as your needs change! 


Strolleria is an authorized retailer of Clek and Nuna products, dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. If you have more questions about the Clek Liingo vs. Nuna PIPA urbn, please contact our team at 480-442-9433 or