Bugaboo Turtle One vs. Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat Comparison

Bugaboo Turtle One vs. Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat Comparison

The Bugaboo Turtle created the first official Bugaboo travel system when it debuted in 2018. After years of mixing and matching brands, parents finally had the option to pair a Bugaboo car seat with a Bugaboo stroller—no car seat adapters required.

The problem: The Turtle fit only some Bugaboo strollers, not all of them. While the Turtle is convenient to use with the Bugaboo Fox and Lynx strollers, it left parents without a compatible car seat when switching to another type of stroller, like the double Bugaboo Donkey or compact Bugaboo Bee.

In late 2020, Bugaboo discontinued the Turtle and introduced another option, the Bugaboo Turtle One.

Through the use of car seat adapters, the Turtle One can be used on any full-sized Bugaboo stroller, including all models of the Fox, Lynx, Bee or Donkey. (Bugaboo hasn’t approved the Turtle One for the Bugaboo Ant travel stroller.)

Stroller compatibility aside, the Turtle and Turtle One have all of the same features, and both are manufactured for Bugaboo by Nuna, the brand behind some of the safest and most popular car seats on the market.

Both Turtle models share many characteristics of the best-selling Nuna PIPA, like top safety ratings, a base with a steel load leg that minimizes movement in a crash, and a magnetic cover that gives your baby shade and privacy. See our Bugaboo Turtle vs. Nuna PIPA comparison for an in-depth look at the differences between models.

The Bugaboo Turtle One is now available at Strolleria, while the original Bugaboo Turtle has been discontinued. Let’s take a look at the Bugaboo Turtle and the Bugaboo Turtle One in more detail.

Bugaboo Turtle One vs. Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat Comparison


If you’re set on the Bugaboo Fox or Lynx stroller, the Bugaboo Turtle is the most convenient car seat option, as it’s the only one that doesn’t require car seat adapters.

But if you think you’ll ever get another type of stroller—like a travel stroller or a double stroller—you won’t be able to attach the Bugaboo Turtle. No car seat adapters fit the Turtle, as the adapters are built-in to the seat itself.

The Turtle One doesn’t have any built-in adapters, allowing it to fit a variety of strollers. These strollers have been approved by Bugaboo for use with the Turtle One:

Bugaboo Turtle One vs. Bugaboo Turtle Car Seat Comparison


At $339, the Bugaboo Turtle One costs $10 less than the original Turtle.

You’ll need to purchase car seat adapters when using the Bugaboo Turtle One with any Bugaboo stroller except for the Bugaboo Bee6. New for the Bee6 model released in 2020, the stroller now includes a set of adapters with purchase. 

  • Turtle: $349
  • Turtle One: $339


    There are no differences in size or weight between the Bugaboo Turtle and Bugaboo Turtle One, which can be used for the same length of time. Here are the specifications for both car seats.

    • Capacity: 4 to 32 pounds or up to 32" in height
    • Product weight: 8.8 pounds (excluding canopy and pads)
    • Dimensions: 22.6"H x 17"W x 26.5"L
    • Warranty: 2 years


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