Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Bugaboo Donkey5 | Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Bugaboo Donkey5 | Stroller Comparison

If you are looking for a luxury full-size stroller, the brand Bugaboo may be on your radar. At first glance parents are drawn to Bugaboo’s stylish designs and distinctive aesthetic. While the price tag of Bugaboo strollers may be intimidating they are worth every penny! Bugaboo is known for delivering on quality, performance and versatility. Each stroller within the Bugaboo line is built with components that can be individually replaced, making any needed refresh and repairs quick and easy. It is very common to see families stay loyal to their day one Bugaboo stroller through multiple children over the span of many years. Bugaboo strollers are built to last! 

Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Donkey5 Stroller Comparison

In this article we will compare the two full-size, all terrain models offered by Bugaboo: the Bugaboo Fox5 and the Bugaboo Donkey5. These two premium strollers share many of the same core features and design elements with a few differences that may lead your family to lean one way over the other. If you are stuck deciding between the Fox5 and Donkey5, read on to determine which Bugaboo stroller will be the best addition to your family!

See our video reviews of the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 strollers!

Bugaboo Donkey5 Review

Bugaboo Fox5 Review

What common features do the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 share?

Bugaboo Donkey5 vs Bugaboo Fox5 comparison

Straight out of the box the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 can both be used from birth, no need to purchase additional accessories to accommodate a newborn. Each stroller comes boxed with one bassinet/seat frame, one seat fabric and one bassinet fabric. To minimize the amount of “stuff” parents need to keep track of and store, Bugaboo’s smart design allows the same frame to be used for both the bassinet and toddler seat. The bassinet fabric is first assembled onto the seat/bassinet frame, and used from birth to 6 months. At 6 months, the bassinet fabric is easily removed and the toddler seat fabric can then be added onto the bassinet/seat frame.

Both Bugaboo bassinets are sleep rated when paired with the Bugaboo Universal Bassinet Stand.This stand allows the strollers’ included bassinets to also be used as a primary overnight sleep system, or a living room napping station. 

Bugaboo bassinets with stand

A bassinet is the ideal strolling configuration to opt for from birth to 6 months. Babies should be in a lay flat position as much as possible to promote proper spine development. For longer walks and longer periods of stroller use, the bassinet is the best environment for new babies. 

Convenience is also important! Both the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 are infant car seat compatible. For quick trips in and out of the car, car seat adapters are available to allow each stroller to be used as a “travel system.” 

As expected from a premium full-size stroller, both the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 module designs allow toddlers to parent or world face. Each stroller's extendable canopy offers UPF 50+ protection and a peek-a-boo window. 


Are the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 all-terrain strollers?

Let’s talk push! As previously mentioned Bugaboo strollers are known for their unparalleled performance, and are built to handle rough terrain with ease. Both strollers feature all wheel suspension and puncture free tires. Bugaboo’s unique sand and snow mode, make the Fox5 and Donkey5 smart choices for beach use or families that stroll through the worst of weather. Both strollers have the ability to be trollied on their larger back wheels and pulled through sand and snow! 


What are the differences between the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5?

A few differences set these Bugaboo strollers apart. The most noticeable difference is in size. The Fox5, overall has a smaller footprint, making it a bit more nimble and maneuverable. The Donkey5 is wider, with a larger footprint, this is because it is built to accommodate two children. The Donkey5 is the only single to double convertible stroller that expands horizontally. The Donkey5 features integrated connection points to attach a second seat of the same size and weight capacity as the main seat. While in its, “mono,”single configuration, the Donkey5 totes its side luggage basket on the same integrated adapters built in for the second seat. This side luggage basket allows for easy access to essentials and adds another 22lbs to the overall storage weight capacity of the stroller. 

 Bugaboo Donkey5 vs Fox5 stroller comparison

What's so great about the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5?

Features: Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Donkey5


Bugaboo Fox5 Features:

  • One-hand fold with a self-standing design makes storage and transport super easy
  • Reversible seat can extend by 3.9 in (in total) as your child grows
  • Highest seat in our range (23.2 inches from floor to seat)
  • Large puncture-proof wheels & advanced suspension for smooth strolls on all terrains
  • Sturdy yet lightweight, easy to push and steer with one hand
  • Sustainably built to last with bio-based material, reducing CO2 footprint by 20%
  • Spacious bassinet with breezy panel and aerated mattress for first-class comfort
  • Large extendable sun canopy with UPF 50+ and peek-a-boo panel
  • Underseat basket carries 22 lbs (10.3 gal) for all you need
  • Car seat compatibility with dedicated adapters (sold separately)

Bugaboo Donkey5 Features:

  • Easily converts to double stroller for two children with Duo extension sets
  • Fits through most standard doorways and elevators in all three configurations
  • New and improved self-standing one-piece fold makes storage easier than ever
  • Large, puncture-proof wheels for smooth strolls on all terrains
  • Underseat basket holds 22 lbs; add 22 lbs with side basket in Mono mode
  • Easy to maneuver with one hand, even when carrying two children and groceries
  • Independently reversible and reclinable seat(s) for maximum flexibility
  • Padded bassinet with breezy mesh panel and aerated mattress keeps your baby comfy
  • Integrated attachment points for your favorite accessories
  • Car seat compatibility with dedicated adapters (sold separately)

What materials are the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 made of?

Bugaboo is committed to offering products free of PFAS and sourcing eco-friendly materials. 

Bugaboo Fox5 Materials:

Fabrics and filling: 100% polyester

Handlebar grips: 100% PU leather-look

Mattress: 100% polyester

Bugaboo Donkey5 Materials:

Inner and outer fabric: 100% polyester

Handlebar grips: 100% PU faux leather material

Mattress cover: 100% polyamide

How are the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 cleaned?

All fabrics are machine washable at 86°F. The faux leather grips can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Always consult the washing label for the exact instructions.

Size and dimensions: Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Bugaboo Donkey5

Bugaboo Fox5 vs Donkey5 fold

Stroller Weight


Folded Dimensions

Compact two-piece fold: 35 x 20.9 x 13.4”

One-piece self-standing fold:17.3 x 23.6 x 35.4”

Compact two-piece fold: 35 x 23.6 x 13.8”

One-piece self-standing fold: 20.5 x 29 x 35.4”

Basket Weight Capacity

Seat Back Height

Seat to Canopy

Seat Depth

Wheel size

Warranty Period

Bugaboo offers a standard 2 year manufacturer warranty. 

Recommended Use

Configurations and Car Seat Compatibility: Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Bugaboo Donkey5

Can the Bugaboo Fox5 or Donkey5 be used as a double stroller?

The Bugaboo Fox5 is only a single stroller and cannot be converted to a double stroller. The Bugaboo Donkey5 can be converted to a side-by-side double stroller. 

Both strollers feature built in adapters for the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+,  allowing an older sibling to hitch a ride. 

Bugaboo Donkey5 double stroller with wheeled comfort board

With the addition of the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ the Fox5 can accommodate up to two passengers while the Donkey5 can accommodate up to three. 

What car seats are compatible with the Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5?

The Bugaboo Fox5 and Donkey5 share the same car seat compatibility. The Bugaboo Donkey5 infant car seat adapters are sold separately. The Fox5 infant car seat adapters come included with the stroller. Bugaboo infant car seat adapters provide compatibility with the following brands: Bugaboo Turtle One or Turtle Air, Clek, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, and Nuna. 

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What accessories does Bugaboo offer for the Fox5 and Donkey5?

Bugaboo offers everything parents need to make the most of every stroll. Bugaboo accessories are universal and compatible across their stroller assortment. The Fox5 and Donkey5 share many of the same accessories. 

Shared Accessories:

Dedicated Accessories:

What's in the box? Bugaboo Fox5 Vs. Bugaboo Donkey5

Bugaboo Fox5

Chassis with wheels, bassinet/seat frame, bassinet and toddler seat fabrics, aerated bassinet mattress, sun canopy, under storage basket, rain cover

Bugaboo Donkey5

Chassis with wheels, bassinet/seat frame, bassinet and toddler seat fabrics, aerated bassinet mattress, sun canopy, side luggage basket, under storage basket, rain cover

What stroller is best for me? Bugaboo Fox5 vs. Bugaboo Donkey5

The Bugaboo Fox5 offers top of the line performance in a smaller package. The Fox5 is easily maneuvered through crowded city sidewalks and is a bit more manageable in and out of the car. For parents looking for an easy to use, single stroller that can handle sand, snow and rough terrain with ease the Bugaboo Fox5 is the cream of the crop!

The Bugaboo Donkey5 is the ultimate workhorse! The Donkey5 is a great investment for families who love to plan for the future. It’s convertibility makes it the perfect option for parents who need their stroller to grow with their family. While in its mono configuration, its side luggage basket is a parent favorite feature! 

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