2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Car Seat Comparison

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Car Seat Comparison

The Nuna RAVA convertible car seat earns rave reviews for both its safety and its convenience. The RAVA's steel frame and industry-leading rear-facing weight limit keep your child safe, while its quick installation, washable fabrics and easy adjustability keep life simple for parents.

For 2019, the Nuna RAVA is further cementing itself as a market leader by becoming one of the first convertible car seats to be free of any added flame retardant chemicals. Plus, the RAVA's new bamboo/polyester fabrics help regulate your child's body temperature while being super-soft, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

The 2019 RAVA is available to order at Strolleria now. We'll explain what's new in this 2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA car seat comparison.

2019 Nuna RAVA Release Date

The 2019 Nuna RAVA is now available to order at Strolleria!

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Colors

For 2019, the Nuna RAVA is available in six colors, some of which are colors used throughout the Nuna line of strollers, car seats and in-home gear.

  • Caviar, a solid black
  • Frost, a lighter gray
  • Granite, a darker gray
  • Verona, a special-edition version with black fabric and gray tweed herringbone accents
  • Lake, a dark blue
  • Rose, a purple/pink

2019 Nuna RAVA Color Options 

2019 Nuna RAVA Color Options Continued

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Fabrics

Starting with the 2019 version, the Nuna RAVA is one of the only convertible car seats on the market without any added flame retardant chemicals (joining the merino wool versions of the Clek Foonf and Fllo and the UPPAbaby Knox, debuting in summer 2019).

The 2019 Nuna RAVA is made with fabrics blended with polyester and bamboo, a natural, moisture-wicking fiber that helps keep your child cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Additionally, bamboo has the added benefits of being antibacterial, hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly—all while being super-soft and comfortable for your child.

The new fabrics are naturally fire-resistant, unlike the majority of car seats that are treated with flame-retardant chemicals in order to meet federal flammability regulations.

According to a 2018 study by the nonprofit Ecology Center's Healthy Stuff program, 80 percent of the car seats tested contained chemical additives that have been associated with a range of health effects and environmental concerns.

While exposure to flame retardants has not been directly correlated with health conditions, some experts are concerned that chemicals in car seats can break down and allow children to touch or inhale harmful toxins.  

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Car Seat Comparison

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Price

For the 2019 model, Nuna is not increasing the price of the RAVA, which remains at $449.95.

The Verona version of the RAVA costs $50 more, at $499.95, because of its premium herringbone tweed fabrics.

2019 Nuna RAVA vs. 2018 Nuna RAVA Car Seat Comparison


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