by Amy Venzke September 19, 2018 3 min read

For years, the Baby Jogger City Select has remained one of the most popular strollers on the block, thanks to its pioneering ability to convert into a double stroller as your family expands.

In fact, the City Select has been so popular that the look of the stroller hasn't changed in the last eight years.

That's why Baby Jogger gave the stroller a makeover with the 2019 City Select, now available at Strolleria.

The stroller did not undergo any functional changes, so the 2019 model has the same features, configurations and car seat compatibility as the 2018 model.

But for 2019, Baby Jogger upgraded the fabrics of the City Select and discontinued its formerly bright color palette in favor of sophisticated neutral colors.

In this post, we'll explain the differences between the 2019 City Select and the 2018 City Select.

2019 City Select Release Date

The 2019 City Select is now available at Strolleria!

2019 City Select vs. 2018 City Select Price

With its sleek, new look, the 2019 City Select costs just $10 more than the previous model, with a price point of $539.99.

2019 City Select vs. 2018 City Select Colors and Fabrics

For 2019, Baby Jogger modernized the look of the City Select by upgrading the stroller's fabrics to a more premium material and releasing a simplified line of five elegant colors, all with a silver frame. 

The fabrics on the 2018 City Select have more of a vinyl feel that is not as soft or luxurious as the new fabric. 

The 2019 City Select is available in these colors:

  • Moonlight Blue
  • Jet Black
  • Slate Gray
  • Carbon Gray
  • Lagoon Teal
  • Paloma Beige

2019 City Select vs. 2018 City Select Stroller Comparison

2019 City Select vs. 2018 City Select Stroller Comparison

The 2018 City Select features brighter, bolder colors—some of which have a black frame and some with a silver frame. If you like these colors, shop now before they're discontinued:

  • Onyx Black (with silver frame)
  • Black (with black frame)
  • Quartz Tan (with silver frame)
  • Red (with black frame)
  • Ruby Red (with silver frame)
  • Amethyst Purple (with silver frame)
  • Silver Gray (with black frame)
  • Teal Blue (with black frame)
  • Titanium Gray (with silver frame)

2019 baby jogger city select vs 2018 baby jogger city select

2019 City Select vs. City Select LUX

While the 2019 fabric upgrades elevate the quality of the City Select, the City Select LUX remains Baby Jogger's more premium stroller.

The City Select LUX is not undergoing any changes in 2019. Compared with the City Select, the LUX version features a 30 percent smaller fold, improved maneuverability with all-wheel suspension, more configurations and more accessory options such as a bench seat for an older child.

See our City Select vs. City Select LUX post for a full comparison of the two models.


After eight years on the market, it's time for the City Select to grow up. The 2019 City Select sports a more sophisticated look, with upgraded fabrics and a neutral color palette that's more in line with today's trends.

Baby Jogger did not make any functional changes to the 2019 City Select. The stroller has all the same great features as the 2018 model, such as the ability to convert into a double stroller, a simple one-step fold, a roomy storage basket, and compatibility with numerous infant car seats.


Strolleria is a family-owned and operated retailer dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. If you have more questions about the City Select, feel free to contact us at 480-442-9433 or 

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Amy Venzke
Amy Venzke

Amy Venzke is the co-owner of Strolleria, along with her husband. Together, they have a mission to make the gear-buying experience easier on parents. Contact the Strolleria team with questions at or 480-442-9433.