Why Is A Rotating Car Seat Worth It?

 Nuna REVV rotated towards the door with a baby in it

One baby gear trend that has exploded recently is the rotating car seat! Designed either to rotate in a full 360° motion from rear to forward facing and back, or designed to swivel so the seat pivots from rear or forward-facing toward the vehicle door, it's safe to say the rotating design is parent and grandparent friendly and a way to improve your child's safety in a number of ways.

We think rotating car seats are worth the investment! Their primary advantage lies in the ease of use, as the rotating feature simplifies the process of getting your squirmy little one in the seat and buckling them easily. They also cater to parents and caregivers with varying physical abilities, and save your back!

Todder in Cybex Sirona swiveled towards the door

Furthermore, rotating car seats can promote extended rear-facing. Research shows more and more that keeping your child rear-facing until at least the age of two or longer helps minimize the risk or severity of spinal injuries in event of a crash. A rotating convertible car seat makes it easier to buckle your child into their car seat, then turn it rear-facing, incentivizing caregivers to keep the child rear-facing for longer.

Let us know if you need help finding the best rotating convertible car seat for your family! Each one varies in size, has different features, and varying weight/height limits.

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