Why are convertible car seats so heavy?

Kids sitting in Nuna RAVA

The next stage car seat after the infant car seat is the convertible car seat. Many convertible car seats can also be used from birth, but most parents choose to use an infant car seat first because of its portability and convenience. Convertible seats are significantly heavier than infant car seats because they do not have a separate base. They are all one piece, need to have a strong frame and are larger to provide safety for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Convertible car seats also generally have multiple recline positions for rear-facing and forward-facing installations, requiring mechanisms that add to the weight. 

Convertible car seats are larger, heavier, and take longer to install. They do not fit on strollers. Most parents find it necessary to have a convertible car seat in each car the child regularly rides in as moving them between cars often isn't that quick and easy. Since you aren't moving them around like infant car seats, the weight doesn't really matter! 

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