Which Bugaboo is right for me?

Which Bugaboo is right for me

Since 1999, Bugaboo has been designing innovative strollers for the modern family! Although their original offering was limited to an all-terrain stroller designed for one child - called the Classic - which evolved to become the Frog and later the iconic Cameleon series stroller, Bugaboo now has a wide range of strollers for every lifestyle, and even an infant car seat option.

All named after creatures from the animal kingdom that reflect their traits, the Bugaboo stroller line ranges from the hearty Donkey convertible stroller to the ultra-lightweight Ant, with the Turtle infant car seat ready to "shell-ter" your baby from day one.


Which Bugaboo is right for me 

This is a stroller that grows with your family! The Donkey3 stroller is designed to easily expand from the single Mono model into the side-by-side Duo or Twin mode with three simple clicks, and has storage space equipped for all of your essentials. Whether strolling with one child or up to three, the Donkey3 features a light push, durable wheels with suspension, and sleek frame narrow enough to fit through any standard doorway, plus many color selections to build a stroller that is uniquely you!

With one little one, the Donkey3 Mono is ready from day one with an included bassinet (that can be used for overnight sleeping), a durable toddler seat that holds up to 50 pounds, and not one but two storage compartments - one underneath the seat, and one to the side that's close at hand. It can expand later to accommodate a second child with the Duo extension set.

In Duo mode, the Donkey3 can carry one toddler and a newborn or toddler. In this setting, you'll remove the side luggage basket to make space for the second seat, but can always convert the Donkey3 back to Mono mode when you're out with one child.

For Twins, you can transport your twins from birth until they no longer want to be in a stroller - both toddler seats hold up to 50 pounds each. Just like with the Duo setting, you can always switch to Mono mode when strolling with one child.

The Donkey3 supports your growing family in any of the above configurations, no adapters needed! If you have an older toddler who is active but may want a place to perch, the Donkey3 is compatible with the Bugaboo Universal Comfort Board using this adapter.


Which Bugaboo is right for me 

Sleek and strong, the Bugaboo Fox2 is a full featured stroller designed to comfortably transport your baby from day one, no matter where your day takes you. Although built will large, foam-filled rubber wheels, all wheel suspension, and a myriad of features typically seen in larger and heavier strollers, the Fox2 remains noticeably light weight at just under 22 pounds, with an easy push and steering thanks to a compact frame and smaller front wheels.

While it can't turn into a double stroller like the Donkey3, the Fox2 can accommodate an older child by attaching the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board directly to the frame - no adapters needed!


Which Bugaboo is right for me 

Bugaboo's new Lynx stroller is the minimalist counterpart to the Fox2, with front-wheel-only suspension and a bassinet sold separately. It transforms into an easy, one-click travel system with the addition of the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna infant car seat, which directly connects to the frame without car seat adapters, or you can attach four different infant car seat brands using adapters.

Ideal for parents that already have a bassinet for the home, and who want something slightly smaller and lighter than the Fox, the Lynx brings a lot to the table. Large rear wheels and front wheel suspension mean a smooth ride, and baby will stay shady and cool thanks to the extra-large sun canopy with built-in ventilation.

For a growing family, the Lynx can also carry an older toddler by attaching the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board without need of adapters.

Compare more differences between the Bugaboo Fox and Lynx strollers here!


Which Bugaboo is right for me

If you have the Bugaboo Fox2 or Lynx stroller and are looking for an infant car seat to create a travel system with your stroller, the Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna creates a seamless solution! Designed to work uniquely - and exclusively - with these two strollers, the Turtle will attach to the Lynx or Fox2 frame without any adapters.

If you plan to also use a smaller travel, jogging, or double stroller simultaneously with your Fox2 and Lynx - while connecting the same infant car seat to multiple strollers, the Turtle may not be for you, since adapters do not exist for other models or brands. But if the Lynx or Fox2 strollers are the best (and only) stroller you'll be putting an infant car seat on, it is the most seamless option available!


The Bugaboo Cameleon series was discontinued by Bugaboo in 2019 with the release of the Lynx stroller, and is no longer available.

If you are looking for a lightweight, full-sized single stroller, we would recommend the Bugaboo Fox2 or Lynx. For a more compact single stroller, you can consider the Bugaboo Bee5 or Ant below!


Which Bugaboo is right for me 

What's the buzz about the Bee5? While designed like a lightweight travel stroller, the Bee5 boasts features usually only seen in full-sized strollers, such as a reversible seat, compatibility with infant car seats or a bassinet, and all wheel suspension over the four foam-filled rubber wheels.

With an adapter, sold separately, you can attach the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board to accomodate an older toddler.

The Bee5 is a breeze to fold, and will take up less space in your home, trunk, or in store aisles - a great option for city lifestyles and the frequent traveler. However, if you really wanted to lighten up, the Ant is Bugaboo's tiniest, most travel-ready stroller!


Which Bugaboo is right for me

Small but mighty - the Bugaboo Ant boasts a 50-pound weight limit with an adjustable and supportive seat-back, storage that's accessible even when the stroller is folded, and suspension built into both the wheels and frame for easy, one-handed maneuverability. Although you can't attach a bassinet to the Ant, it is car seat compatible using adapters for use from birth, and no adapters are needed if you're looking to attach the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board.

While the Ant is ideal if you need a lightweight companion to your larger, all-terrain or full-sized stroller, the Ant is durable enough to be your only stroller.


Which Bugaboo is right for me

Although no longer available, for a time Bugaboo offered a jogging solution for their customers - unlike typical jogging strollers with seats built into the frame, the Bugaboo Runner jogging stroller frame made it possible to take the toddler seat from your everyday Bugaboo stroller and attach it to the Runner jogging stroller frame.

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