When can you tell if your child is ready for a booster seat?

Child getting buckled in a Nuna EXEC in booster mode

The general recommendation is to keep your child in a forward-facing harness seat until they outgrow it, typically around age 5 or 6. Once they have outgrown the forward-facing seat, it's time to switch to a booster seat to ensure proper fitting of the vehicle's seat belt. Children must be at least 40 pounds to ride in a booster.

Booster readiness is more about maturity than age/weight (as long as they meet the minimum requirements). Most kids are not ready for a booster until 5 or 6 years old when they can be mature enough to sit the correct way in the seat the entire ride without leaning forward, slouching, playing with the shoulder belt, goofing off, etc. They should be able to stay awake, and if they do need to fall asleep, they should know how to fall asleep without slouching over.

Child getting help buckling in a Clek Oobr booster

Is your child booster ready? If you can answer YES to these three statements, then your child may be ready! 

  1. Your child is mature enough to sit properly the entire ride and keep the vehicle seat belt on properly.
  2. Your child is at least 40 pounds and at least 35 inches.
  3. Your child is at least 5 years old.

Remember when your child is in a harnessed seat, it’s your job to keep them safe, but when they are in a booster seat, it’s their responsibility to keep themselves safe! Moving to a booster seat is not a milestone you should rush. If your child still fits in a harnessed seat, use it.

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