What happens if my package is lost or damaged?

In the rare event that a package is lost, Strolleria will work with the shipping company to conduct a lost package search. 

Lost or damaged packages must be reported to Strolleria within 24 hours of the carrier-reported delivery date. Unfortunately, package theft is increasingly common, and Strolleria is not responsible for items stolen from residences or businesses.

In most cases of damaged packages, Strolleria will need to inspect the damaged product before sending a replacement. In cases in which the shipping company confirms it damaged the package, a replacement can be sent once the carrier has taken possession of the damaged product.

Once a tracking number shows the product as delivered to the customer, Strolleria has fulfilled its obligation to deliver the package. Strolleria is not responsible for property theft.

If your package was lost or damaged, please e-mail us if your package so that we can investigate the delivery with the package carrier.