What are the three types of car seats?

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Car seats can be very confusing and overwhelming! There are so many brands and types. Each type is designed to meet the unique needs of children at different stages of development. In this guide, we'll explore the three primary types of car seats that you'll go thru as your child grows: infant, convertible, and booster. Understanding the distinctions between these seats is essential for ensuring your child's safety and comfort on the road.

Infant Car Seats

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Infant car seats are designed for newborns and babies. They provide a secure, rear-facing position, cradling your baby in a snug and protective environment. These seats are typically outgrown around a year old, but refer to your specific car seat manual to get the exact height and weight capacities. Infant car seats typically come with a base that stays installed in the car. The detachable carrier can be easily moved in and out of the car and attach to compatible strollers, making it convenient for parents to transport their infant on the go without disturbing them.

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Convertible Car Seats

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Once your child grows out of the infant car seat, it's time to upgrade to a convertible car seat. Many parents also choose to skip over the infant car seat and go straight to a convertible car seat - just make sure you purchase one that is approved for newborns and remember convertible car seats do not attach to strollers. They are meant to stay installed in the car and are harder and heavier to move.

Convertible car seats last a much longer time than infant car seats. Each seat will vary, again refer to your specific manual for height and weight capacities, but most will last until your child is 5-6 years old and ready for a booster seat. Convertible car seats start out rear-facing and eventually can be installed forward-facing as your child grows. Remember, the goal is to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible as it's the safest for them. Many of the convertible car seats we sell are great choices for those that want to practice extended rear-facing. 

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Booster Car Seats

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Booster seats are designed for older children who have outgrown their convertible car seats. Kids are typically ready for booster seats around age 5-6 years old. Not only do they need to be at least 40 pounds, but they also need to be mature enough to stay seated properly at all times since they do not have the harness any longer to keep them in the correct position. Booster seats use the vehicle seat belt and help to elevate the child to the correct height, ensuring the seat belt fits properly and provides adequate protection.

Booster seats can be bought with a full back or backless. A full back booster is great to start with as it offers additional support and helps the child stay seated properly. Many full back booster seats can turn into backless when your child is ready. Children need to stay in a booster seat until the regular seat belts fit correctly. Typically this happens when children reach about 4 feet 9 inches in height - or around age 10-12. 

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Each type of car seat plays a crucial role in keeping your child safe while traveling in a car, and the choice between them depends on your child's age, size, and specific needs.

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