What Are the Cons of a Jogging Stroller?

 Mom bent down talking to her toddler in UPPAbaby Ridge in a rural landscape

Jogging strollers offer active parents the opportunity to maintain their fitness routines while caring for their children, but they come with a few potential drawbacks. Firstly, their size and bulkiness can make them less convenient for everyday use, particularly in crowded spaces like stores or public transportation. Additionally, their weight, often heavier than standard strollers, can make them more challenging to transport and maneuver, especially when folding or lifting. 

The basket space of jogging strollers is typically smaller and harder to access as well. The stroller seat also does not generally come off to parent face, and most jogging strollers are not suitable for infants without adapters for a car seat or bassinet. Note that you cannot jog or run with an infant under the age of about 8 months old. Lastly, their specialized design means they may not be as suitable for everyday use, necessitating the purchase of a separate traditional stroller for daily activities. 

However, even with these cons, jogging strollers are one of the easiest strollers to handle and push. They navigate varied terrain effortlessly, and many parents find themselves choosing a jogging stroller as their one and only stroller or as their main stroller, especially if they lead an active life or live somewhere with varied terrain! 

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