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Buying a stroller is a very special purchase that requires a lot of considerations. It's something that you will use most every day and rely on to help you get through the day. It requires research and advice in selecting the stroller that is the best fit for your lifestyle. The location you'll use the stroller in, the activities you partake in, whether you'll put your stroller in a trunk and the size of a trunk, the amount of space you have to store your stroller, your budget and your style are all considerations that come up when deciding what type of stroller to purchase. 

Types and Sizes

Strollers come in multiple sizes: full size, medium, lightweight.

They also come in different types: convertible (converting from a single to a double for an additional child), jogging, infant car seat frames, travel systems, doubles, triple etc.


Features vary from stroller to stroller: removable and multi-directional facing seats, fabrics with sun protection, ventilation, wheel filling types, suspension types, locking wheels, wheel trim functions, a standing fold to name a few.

Help Making a Decision

We created Strolleria, a store dedicated to strollers, to guide you through the decision making process, making the experience both educational and enjoyable. You can rest easy knowing that we helped you consider everything you should when choosing the best stroller for your needs.