Ride of the Week: Veer Switchback Switch&Roll!

Woman pushing double &Roll while crossing the street

It’s Ride of the Week time! This week we will explore the Veer Switchback Switch&Roll Complete Stroller and its features in greater detail!

&Roll as a single, folded, and as a double

The &Roll is Veer’s first stroller! Using the innovative Veer Switchback seat, the &Roll is a versatile stroller that can tackle any terrain—and even convert from single to double as your family grows. The &Roll still has Veer’s signature rugged look, and allows you to simply hose it off when it gets dirty.

The Veer Switch&Roll features never-flat wheels, as well as unique built in adjustable suspension for optimal performance on varied terrain! In single mode it will hold an infant car seat (with adapter), bassinet, or the included Switchback seat. The &Roll frame is part of the Veer Switchback system, featuring the versatile Switchback seat with six uses for all your family's outdoor adventures. The Switchback seat can be mounted onto two types of stroller frames, the back of your bike, the Veer wagons, a camp chair stand, and a highchair booster seat!

Veer Switchback seat shown all different ways - on a bike, on the &Jog, on the Cruiser, on the &Roll, and as a camping chair

Let’s take a look at its many features starting from the top down:

  • Adjustable height handle with moisture-resistant, performance rubber grip
  • Knobs on side of frame to add a cup holder or two (sold separately)
  • High canopy with peekaboo window and pop out extension
  • One-click, 4 position recline on the back of the seat
  • Bumper bar included
  • One-click, 3 position calf support
  • Dual seat dampeners and exoskeleton seat bottom and back absorb impact
  • Turnable rear shocks on the back of the frame
  • Extra large storage basket with zipper pouches
  • Easy one touch foot brake
  • All-terrain never flat tires

The Veer Switchback Switch&Roll has some unique, lesser known features and tricks too!

  1. The &Roll comes with the gray fabric for the seat. These are easily removable, washable, and customizable as other colors are available to order!
  2. Just like their wagons, the &Roll is made for the dirt - the whole stroller can be hosed off! It couldn’t be easier to clean after an adventure!
  3. One of the only strollers on the market that has adjustable suspension - so easy to use too! Just adjust the blue knobs to the desired position. Once you find the right setting for your child, you'll probably only need to adjust it every couple of months as they grow, or more frequently if you're often on rugged and smooth terrain.
  4. The &Roll can stand when folded - with or without the Switchback seat!
  5. The Switchback seat is so versatile! It can be used as a bike seat, an eating booster, a camping chair, a seat for the &Jog stroller frame, or a seat for your Cruiser or City Wagon! 
  6. The &Roll can hold two identical Switchback seats, however, the top seat holds up to 50 pounds whereas the bottom seat holds up to 40 pounds.
  7. Unlike other convertible strollers, the bassinet can be on top with the Switchback seat on the bottom! Great for when your baby is so new.

 Mom with &Roll with bassinet on top with child in the bottom seat and two other children playing

The Veer Switchback Switch&Roll is so exciting because Veer took their beloved wagon and made a stroller with the same look and feel. It’s perfect for families that love adventuring and being outdoors. You can’t mess up this stroller - it’s indestructible! The best part is the &Roll can grow and adapt as your family dynamics change. It’s ready for adventure, are you?

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