Ride of the Week: UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2!

Woman pushing UPPAbaby G-LUXE V2

It’s Ride of the Week time! This week we will explore the UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2 and its features in greater detail!

UPPAbaby G-LUXE V2 stroller in GreysonThe UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2 is an affordable, light-weight, umbrella style stroller that’s often overlooked because of the longer fold. However, it's an amazing option weighing in at only 13.8 pounds (3 pounds less than the Minu V2!) and is ideal for traveling and running quick errands. While the G-Luxe V2 does not fit in overhead bins, it’s still compact and fits in tight spaces like in a corner at a restaurant or closet!  The G-Luxe V2 offers a generous seat for growing toddlers, as well as other features for comfort and ease!

Let’s take a look at its many features starting from the top down:

  • Ergonomic, PVC handles for comfort and easier pushing
  • Large canopy with extendable UPF 50+ canopy
  • Removable, washable fabrics
  • Removable cup holder included with purchase!
  • Generous seat back height of 19.5” (Minu V2 is 18”)
  • One-handed recline
  • Convenient carry strap
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Large, easy-access basket that holds up to 10 pounds
  • Easy to use, flip-flop friendly brake - two separate and color coded (red means stop, green means go) foot pedals
  • All-wheel suspension with 5.75” diameter wheels

UPPAbaby G-LUXE V2 being carried, pushed, and stored 

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2 has some unique, lesser known features too!

  1. Holds up to 55 pounds - 5 more pounds than most other travel strollers including the UPPAbaby Minu V2
  2. The fabric is removable and washable!
  3. Stands when folded and latches closed
  4. If you’re flying, UPPAbaby makes a dedicated travel bag for the G-Luxe V2. It’s amazing because it comes with the UPPAbaby TravelSafe program. Basically if the stroller is broken or damaged in any way while in the bag when flying, UPPAbaby will replace or repair it! Such a great program!

 Woman pushing UPPAbaby G-LUXE V2 in Jake Black

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2 is a great option for families wanting to spend less on a compact stroller, and for those that don’t need a stroller that fits in an overhead bin! It’s easy to throw in the trunk and works well for small spaces and storing in closets. Don’t overlook the G-Luxe V2!

Shop the UPPAbaby G-Luxe V2 here!

If you have any questions regarding the G-Luxe V2 chat with us today or email us at customercare@strolleria.com!