Ride of the Week - Cybex Priam4 and Cybex e-Priam2!

Cybex Priam on a stage

It’s Ride of the Week time! This week we will explore the Cybex Priam4 - plus e-Priam2 - and their features in greater detail! 

3 different colors of Cybex Priam4

The Cybex Priam4 is Cybex top of the line single stroller. It’s beautiful design combines timeless luxury styling and smart German engineering for a stroller that can do it all! The Priam4 may look pretty, but it’s a workhorse! All models include all-terrain wheels to help you get where you’re going with ease. However, the e-Priam is the first electric-powered stroller, combining the luxurious design of the Cybex Priam4 stroller with the smart technology and convenience of an e-bike!

The Cybex e-Priam has a battery integrated into the rear axle that can be charged on or off the stroller and runs for 5 to 28 miles depending on conditions. The stroller can be powered off manually, and the motor automatically turns off when you release the handlebar. The e-Priam is a breeze to maneuver over hills and surfaces like cobblestones, snow or gravel, while functioning like a regular stroller when the strolling is smooth. The e-Priam can handle hills with a grade of up to 25 percent—steeper than the famous Lombard Street in San Francisco!

Besides the additional motor, the e-Priam is essentially the same as the Priam4. Let’s take a look at their features from the top down:

  • Adjustable leather-look handlebar that can be raised taller than most (up to 43”) for tall parents
  • One-handed recline for 3 different recline positions
  • Oversized, extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection and ventilation window offers complete sun coverage
  • Reversible seat with generous padding is durable and luxurious
  • Height of seat is perfect height for stroller to be used as a high chair at a restaurant
  • One-pull harness helps you secure your child in seconds with just one hand
  • Leather-look bumper bar opens on both sides for easy access
  • Leg rest can be adjusted to three positions and is easy to clean
  • Generous shopping basket with magnetic closure can be extended to fit a diaper bag
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Easy to use brake
  • Battery integrated rear axle (on the e-Priam only)
e-Priam2 on a hill with they carrycot

The Cybex Priam4 and e-Priam2 have some unique, lesser known features and tricks too!

  1. The e-Priam features a rocking mode that let’s you choose between 3 rocking settings and set the duration to gently soothe your child! Perfect for when parked at a restaurant or a park!
  2. The e-Priam has Smart Uphill Assist integrated sensors in the handle bar to detect pushing pressure and adjust the support accordingly!
  3. Likewise, the e-Priam also has Smart Downhill Assist integrated sensors in the handle bar to detect the pulling pressure and adjust the support accordingly!
  4. Smart Uneven Surface Assist on the e-Priam makes smart adjustments to ensure a smooth ride when traveling over surfaces such as cobblestone, sand, snow, or gravel.
  5. Both models have a one-handed, compact, and self-standing fold!
  6. Both models feature a convenient two-wheel mode for strolling over loose terrain like sand and up staircases!
  7. Both models have the option for replacing the wheels with skis in winter climates.
  8. The strollers are customizable and allow you to not only select the fabric color, but also the frame color!
  9. Both models can be paired with a Cybex car seat for a seamless travel system. Plus Cybex makes car seats that can recline completely flat when placed on the stroller making being out all day a dream! Or if you’d rather, a carry cot is available for the Priam models.
  10. There is a stroller board available for an older sibling!
Woman with Cloud G Lux car seat reclined fully on Priam4

The Cybex Priam4 and e-Priam2 are strollers designed to turn heads, but also to last! They offer premium features in a beautiful package. The e-Priam is the first electric-powered stroller, and is an amazing option for those that live in hilly or uneven surfaced neighborhoods. Somewhat less well known than other strollers, the Cybex Priam models should definitely be considered!

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