Price Matching Policy

Strolleria aims to offer high-quality baby gear at the best available prices. Although we follow the pricing policies set by manufacturers for all retailers, you may occasionally find the same item advertised at a lower price elsewhere.

In these cases, Strolleria will match prices on items that meet the following price matching conditions.  

Products must be identical

The competitor's product, including the product model number and color, must be identical to our product. For example, a 2019 model has a different model number than a 2018 model.

Price matching does not apply to rewards programs

Strolleria can offer a match on a listed price. We cannot match competitors offering promotions such as cash back or gift cards with purchase.

Products must be unused and sold by an authorized retailer

Strolleria does not offer price matching on used products (including floor models and open-box products) or merchandise sold through auction sites such as eBay. We honor prices only from authorized retailers in the United States and do not match prices from international vendors.

Pricing must appear in print

Strolleria cannot match a verbal price offer from another retailer.

Price matching must occur before purchase

Our price matching policy does not apply to items that have already been purchased from Strolleria.

Other policies may apply

Strolleria reserves the right to decline a price match request, such as in cases where a discount may violate our agreements with manufacturers.